Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for Youth...

Cinderella, dressed in yellow
Went upstairs to kiss her fellow
Made a mistake,
And kissed a snake.
How many doctors
Did it take?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

Memories of Youth!  Jump rope was always one of my favorite past times of youth.  There were so many rhymes that we would sing.  And of course as we got older we graduated to Double Dutch jump rope.  Fun Times! 

Youth is a magical time, a time of innocence, not a care in the world.  We lived on a farm in Roselle, IL during my early years of youth. What great memories I have.

There were cornfields all around us and oh at the lightening bugs, what fun we had. There was a big hill that we would roll down and see who could roll the farthest.  Funny thing is the hill is not quite as big in the pictures as I thought it was.  There was an orchard out behind the house, which was where we always had our secret hiding place.  There was a big barn, maybe that is where my love for barns started, but we used to play up in the hayloft all the time.  We would climb the ladder up to the loft and of course I was not supposed to jump off in the cornhusks because I was too little, but my brother would let me.  One particular time our cousin Butch was visiting and of course I was tagging along.  We jumped off and I was right behind Tom and he turned around real quick.  His elbow caught me in the mouth and knocked my loose front teeth out.  Of course they were lost in the shucks, but after I told him I was going to tell Dad that he was letting me jump, needless to say, they found both of them.  Yes, I was spoiled, I admit it!   

I loved being outside, my dog Penney and I would have races across the front lawn.  Every step I took he took.  When we would have the family over all of us cousins would play games and have relay races out front.  The older cousins had a secret club, and my cousin Debi and I thought we were so important.  They let us be toy soldiers, the guards at their door.  We would march back and forth with a play rifle slung over our shoulder chanting – We are toy soldiers, you can’t come in, you can’t come in.  We thought we were so important, not old enough to realize that was the way they kept us out.  I have so many memories of the farm and my youth!

This was the farmhouse. I loved that old house. It also had an upstairs and an attic.

See that hill behind me, it really was bigger than that when I was little.  lol.

until next time...nel


  1. I loved reading about your childhood memories! I loved jump rope, too, and my sister and I used to have races with our dog. Fun memories... :)

  2. Please, check out my shout out about you on my blog:
    I appreciate you!

  3. Wonderful youth memories!
    I like the opening rhymes and the way your memories are narrated.

  4. Jump Rope rhymes! Hadn't thought of those in years! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane : )