Saturday, April 30, 2016

Gone, But Not Forgotten...

Today my head wanted to pick up the phone and place a call or an email but my heart knew I couldn't do that anymore.  Today is Jane's Birthday and I always gave her a hard time because she had caught up with me...but I couldn't this year.  You know sometimes you meet someone and you just hit it off right away, and no matter what happens, and believe me stuff happens, you can always pick up where you left off.  That is a true friend, that is what Jane and I were.  I have so many memories flooding my mind today and yes I have wiped tears a time or two, but such good memories!
When we were in grade school I remember being sent home sick from school. I stayed after school at her house because my mom worked, so of course that is where I went when I was sick.  I was laying on the couch when she got home and she serenaded me with her black flute thing, you know the one all kids used to learn how to play.  That is true friendship!  :)
I also remember the day we moved to Northlake and left Schiller Park.  We were both so upset, I remember my Aunt Mae telling me if you are really friends you will always be friends no matter the distance between you, and she was right. Northlake was not that far but it seemed like the other side of the world.
We spent quite a bit of time together even after moving, she used to love spending the weekend at my house, or camping with the family.  
I remember being so excited for her when she married and when she had her kids, she always wanted a big family.

It is sad when you think about it we all get so busy with our own lives and we think, I need to call her tomorrow, but unfortunately tomorrow doesn't come as soon as it should.  Or you make plans, then something happens and you can't keep them.  
The week before she passed we chatted about my mom's chocolate gravy and how she loved it.  I told her I had a recipe, not mom's of course cause she never used a recipe, but it was close.  And I was supposed to send it to her, she wanted her kids and grandkids to experience one of her favorite things when she was growing up, but I did not get it sent in time...  
We do not know when it is our time...  Tomorrow is not promised us.  So make sure you tell your loved ones and friends, anyone special in your life how much they mean to you and how much you love them, because we never know...

Happy Birthday in Heaven Jane! R.I.P until we meet again!

until next time...nel

Monday, April 11, 2016

Who Do You Call On...

Do you ever wonder where time goes or how things happen so quickly?  I have experienced both of those things lately.  In fact one of them last Thursday.

My hubby and I love to go to Estate Sales.  We love looking at the houses while sifting through the items.  I always wonder about the people who had lived there, you can tell a lot about them by the items in the sale.  Last Thursday we went to one a couple miles from the house.  Oh my at the items, she was a baker, Wilton cake pans galore.  But I believe they also maybe set up tables somewhere like at a flea market.  The house was full!  We love going and finding things to resell on E bay.  Found some good deals at this one and a few little odds and ends for ourselves.

When we were ready to check out we had to go out the backdoor down the steps to the garage.  I had my hands full, 3 bundles of little metal and plastic cars and trucks (Silas only has girl stuff at the Appleton house to play with), and a salt and pepper shaker set in a flat box.  So I had that in my left hand and was holding on to the railing with my right hand, I could not see where I was going. I got to the end of the railing and just assumed the stairs were finished, but guess what? (And we all know what assuming does...) There was one more step and of course when I stepped out I caught the edge of the step and down I went. It happened so quickly, I remember saying: "Oh Lord, Help!"

I hit full force on my knees and my chest with those items in my hand.  It wasn't pretty. I hit hard, it knocked the breath out of me and I rolled over on my back.  Of course I scared everyone to death and they ran over and started asking me if I was ok and if they could help me up.  I told them I just needed to lie there a minute and catch my breath.  I should of told them what I really was doing.  I was praying "Lord, please do not let anything be broke! Please Lord!"  I sat up then got on my knees and raised myself up on a chair that they brought over.  I sat there for a few minutes, moving parts and seeing if I was hurting anywhere.  I am proud to say I did not break anything, not even the salt and pepper shaker.  Thank you Jesus!   Bruised, yes I have several bruises, my left hand and pinky is the worse.  Bruises on the knees and arms and a scrape on my chest from the metal truck.  A little sore here and there but I am okay!

The swelling has gone down considerably, my hand is pretty much a lite shade of purple, the pictures do not show all of it.  I am so glad that I thought to take my wedding rings off right away.  But I am so glad that nothing was broke.  Thank you Jesus!

I guess my real reason for sharing this is to reinforce how quickly things can happen.  I am so glad that I know Whom to cry out to when things happen!  He is there when we need Him! 

Think about it what is the first thing out of your mouth when you find yourself in a predicament?  Something to think about huh?

'God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.'   Psalm 46:1

until next time...nel