Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Imagination...

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According to the Webster’s College Dictionary imagination means: 1) the action or faculty of forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses. 2) creative talent or ability. 3) the product of imagining; a conception or mental creation. 4) ability to face and resolve difficulties; resourcefulness.

Imagination, I remember playing as a kid and having to use my imagination. From tea parties to cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians we were always coming up with something. I remember making mud pies and cakes and climbing up the side of the shed at my cousins to our bakery. There was a mulberry tree in the neighbor’s yard at the back of the shed and we would walk on top of the shed and gather mulberries to decorate our pies. We would then put them in our oven, which happened to be the awning over the patio in front of the shed. My point is we used our imaginations.

When I got a cassette tape recorder we used to make our own radio stations. One of us would be the disc jockey and introduce the singer or conduct an interview. We would play for hours.

I can remember once we called one of the boys that the other one liked and we played like we were taking a survey for Love’s Cosmetics and if they would participate their girlfriend would receive $20 worth of free merchandise. Of course one of the questions was who their girlfriend was. Sometimes we were disappointed, sometimes not so much. Lol.

We used our imaginations all the time from the time we were really small until we were grown. It worries me sometimes when I think about kids today, and I don’t want to sound like I am putting them down, because we have really smart kids, sometimes I think to smart. I am so afraid they are missing the best years of their life, the years that they should be using their imaginations, not playing games that everything is computerized, and the dolls can talk to you, or you have bankcards and no money in Monopoly. I bet if you asked kids if they have ever played Red Rover Red Rover, Red Light Green Light, Freeze Tag, or Sardines, the biggest percentage would probably not know what they were.

Isn’t that sad? Maybe us grandparents need to introduce our grandkids to the fun imaginative games we used to play. I see some mud pies in my future!

This is Annie Oakley at her finest, please check out the matching shirt and pants...lol.  What was my momma thinking?

Until next time… nel


  1. What a lovely post. I think imagination is still present but just used in different ways!


  2. You're so right about today's kids!
    They go completely digital and imagination has lost its place and importance in their lives. Pity!

  3. great post! I have 2 sons and I try to really make them use their own imaginations. So much better than TV and electronic games.

    Cute vintage pic by the way. :)

    Found you on the a to z and will be back to read more. I am following now.


  4. You are right, Nel, I don't think kids use their imagination these days in creative play. Seems like the younger they are, they are already getting started with technology. I think we had to use our imagination because there was nothing else for us to do, LOL, to occupy our days, not 24/7 TV stations or play stations, etc. Good theme for the letter I!