Saturday, October 30, 2010

Aren't You Glad He Came Looking For You...

It's music time again.  If you would like to join us click on the button above or her name and hop over to Amy's and link up so we can all enjoy you tunes.  I have two songs on my heart this week.  Hope you enjoy them!

Praise God I am so glad He Came Looking For Me!!

until next time... nel

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tricks or Treats Or Maybe Memories...

Flashback Friday is here again. This week we are remembering Halloween Celebrations. To get the complete prompt make your way over to Linda’s at Mocha with Linda and see what she is jogging our memories with this week. Then remember to link up so we can all enjoy them.

I cannot remember a lot about Halloween when I was real small. As I got a little older I remember dressing up. I was in 3rd grade and I can remember I wanted a homemade costume so bad, there was a little girl in my grade that always had the coolest costumes and mine were bought at the store and I was so jealous. I can remember at that time a friend and I would go around our neighborhood while it was still daylight. Things were so different back then.

After we moved to Northlake I would go with my cousins and we would walk until we could walk no more. We would have pillowcases full of candy. There really were no rules except we were to go in no ones house and we always had to be with someone.

As I got older one of my cousins would always have a Halloween party and everyone would dress up and have a good time or what we thought was a good time. You have to remember I was not raised in a Christian home, but I am happy to say I never ever seen my mom or dad drink alcohol.

As far as jack-o-lanterns, I cannot remember ever carving one. Now that I think about it I don't remember seeing any Halloween pictures when I was going through my mom's pictures.  That's kind of strange because she always took pictures. 

I do remember my mom always made homemade popcorn balls oh they were so good! And I remember a few years she sat by the front door like a scarecrow with a mask on and overalls, when the kids would knock on the door she would reach over and grab their hand or arm or make a noise. She would scare the kids half to death, but they loved it!

When my daughter was really little we always dressed up. Everyone dressed up at work and then I would dress her when I got home.   I always made her costumes; I wish I had time to find the pictures of all of her different costumes. It was funny she was real little probably about 3 years old and I had dropped her off at my mom’s before going to work, she was asleep. She did not see me in my costume and when I got home she would not have anything to do with me. I was dressed like Aunt Jemima; I have to say I looked pretty much like her. I had to wash the brown coloring off of my skin before Janice would even get close to me. It scared her, she cried. I felt so bad, but we laugh about it now.

After we started going to church and I started working with the kids, we started having Fall Festivals. We would have costume contests, at times you had to be a biblical character, other times it was open as long as it was not the devil or witches. My ex went as a hunter and I was a hunting dog and Janice was my puppy. We would do hay rides down a deserted dirt road back in the woods. We sometimes would decorate out there; sometimes we would have someone with a chainsaw revving it up scaring the kids. We had a lot of fun. We would always take Janice trick or treating to relatives and people we knew. And we always carved pumpkins.

I think my kid’s experiences were different than mine we were always doing something. She has a lot of good memories and that is what it is all about. And now she is making memories with Eden and Cain.

Candy Corn – love it now! Even better with dried roasted peanuts. Hated it when I was a kid.  Least favorite I think is Tootsie Rolls, we always used to get so many of them! I do like the flavored ones though!

Nowadays we do not have many trick or treaters, to many other activities going on, which is good.   I always make a care package for my grandkids Eden and Cain. They enjoy getting things in the mail.

Hope all of you have a fun safe Halloween!

until next time... nel

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What - Random Two...

It is Random Dozen time or should we say Random Two.  Our dear friend Lid from 2nd Cup Of Coffee is giving up the Post.  Just want to thank her for always having the most interesting, sometimes different questions for us to answer.  She will be missed.  Ok on with the questions before we have to bring out the hankies.
Here are the two questions for this week:

1.  What scares you the most  Physically and Emotionally?  Why does it scare you and how do you cope?

2.  What comes to mind when you read the phrase "Nothing gold can stay?"

PHYSICALLY: My dad had senile dementia and was in the nursing home for 8 years. That scares me, not the nursing home part, but the not knowing what is going on around you or even who you are sometimes. His was caused from the small blood vessels in his head not getting enough oxygen to his brain. The very small vessels can be hereditary. That scares me. My hubby and my daughter already know if the time came where I too had dementia, do not hesitate or feel guilty about a nursing home.

This scares me because as I said my dad was in the nursing home for 8 years, and I seen what it did to my mom and remember how it made me feel. It is so hard when there is nothing you can do to fix it. As far as coping, I try not to think about it a lot and I pray about it. I also go in for check ups every 6 months and have all the levels checked and the pacemaker checked.

EMOTIONALLY: Of course the normal hoping nothing happens to your kids or grandkids, but I have two other issues that scare me and make me want to have a run away at times. One is horses, it’s funny because we were at a parade a few years back and there were horses, and they were acting up, and sidestepping towards us on the side of the road. My daughter grabbed my arm and said Mom it’s ok. She said she seen the look of panic in my eyes.

Let me explain: I always loved horses, always loved to go riding, but back in 1980 that all changed. A friend and I were riding in our little town of Appleton. We had stopped and got a canned soda and were sitting on the horses under a shade tree. A kid came riding up behind us on his bicycle and my horse got spooked. I knew it was going to take off and I knew I had to grab those reigns, so I dropped my can on the ground well that is all it took. We were right by the road and when it got in the road it started rearing up then bucking. The second time it bucked I went over the front and it reared up when it came back down I was unconscious before I hit the pavement, and the horse took off. They called the ambulance out and I was in and out of consciousness. They were not sure what my injuries were and I was told they used a backboard and neck braces, scared everyone to death. In fact someone called my brother in Illinois that I had broke my back, he was trying to arrange airfare. You got to love small towns! We lived 20 miles from town so it took a while for them to get there and at that time we did not have 911 or first responders. The coroner even came with the ambulance because they were not sure if I was going to make it or not. When I arrived at the hospital at Russellville, they decided I needed to be transferred to Little Rock because I was not responding. So I was transferred to St Vincent and was there 3 days before I regained full consciousness, before that I was just in and out. I had to have stitches in several places on my face. The second day there I was awake and asked the nurses aid if I could see a mirror, and she did not know I had not seen myself. Oh my gosh, I screamed, it looked like I had been in a knock down drag out fight. You have to remember I was unconscious when I hit the ground, so I did not cover my face. I literally ate the pavement. It was awful, I cried. Needless to say at first when I would get near a horse the blood pressure would go up and the sweat would break out.

I think the reason it scares me is the unknown. I do not remember a lot about those 3 days, except what people have told me. I do remember on the way to the hospital the ambulance had stopped at Whatta Burger for the coroner to change ambulances because there was a fatality up north. And I also remember riding in the ambulance and they told me I was on the way to Little Rock. I have finally got to where if the horse is on the other side of the fence I can pet it. I am afraid that is as good as it’s going to get.

The 2nd emotional scare is curves at least on country roads. My heart comes up in my mouth and the blood pressure elevates a little. I better explain this one too. While Stan and I were dating he would come to Arkansas on weekends. And one particular one I was up really late on Sunday night and had to work the next day. I was so tired; I finally made it through the day and was on my way home. I had almost made it home, I should of pulled over but I didn’t. I felt myself nodding off but still I kept going. The next thing I knew I woke up when my head hit the gearshift and I looked up and seen trees flying by and I said, “Oh Lord Help.” And then it felt like it just parked. I sat there for a moment and got my bearings together and got out of the car. When I stepped out, I had to look up to the road, it was way over my head, and there were trees all around. I finally managed to climb up on the road and walked a little ways to a neighbor’s house to call my daughter, but she took one look at me and said no let me take you over there. I guess I looked pretty rough, probably in shock. Janice called my son-in-law and he met us over there. We had to look for the car Clint spotted it. It was dusky dark and for some reason the taillights were on. Jan and I went back to her house and Clint got our friend with the tow truck to pull it out. They said it was a wonder it did not flip because if he would of pulled it out the way it went in it would of rolled. They had to cut trees down to get it out.

So now curves on country roads scare me a little. It scares me because I still remember looking up and knowing that I was flying. I pray and that usually calms the nerves.

The first thing I thought of was life, friendships, and love. We are not promised tomorrow, we only have today. Life can be snuffed out before we realize it. That is why it is so important to remember to tell those around us how much they mean to us and how we love them, and why it is so important to be ready. Are you ready?

“In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump; for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.” 1 Corinthians 15:52

Looking over my answers it is a good thing we only had two questions.  lol.  I told all of you before I like to talk.  All kidding aside, I would like to take the time to tell all my followers and all those who read my blog Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to read a little bit about mine.  And a special thanks to all those special friends I have made because of Random Dozen, "Who would of thunk it?"  I think I am going to try and do a Random Post each week of what is going on in my life.  Check back you never know what you might read.  Have a good week!  And remember God loves you!

until next time... nel

Sunday, October 24, 2010

BOOK REVIEW - City On Our Knees...

TobyMac is a very talented Grammy Award winning artist, producer and songwriter. His single “City On Our Knees” which spent 13 weeks as Billboard’s No. 1 Christian Song was the inspiration for this book with the same title. In this book he has a vision of how much better the world would be if we were not divided, if we would just turn our attention to the only one that can unite us – our God.

Included in this book are many stories from across the world and from olden times along with modern day times. Stories that show what can happen when Jesus Christ is in control, the one who made the difference, but He did it using someone like you or me down on our knees. Here are a few examples:

Like the four-year old who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, which is a form of cancer, who through the simple start of a lemonade stand raised over one million dollars for cancer research. She wanted her doctors to find a cure, so other kids did not have to experience what she was going through.

Nadia Bloom who was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome taking a nature walk near her home in Florida became lost. Four days later after the search had been scaled back, James King refused to give up. When the sun rose on the fourth day he entered the swampy area in Florida determined to find Nadia. He had attended church with Nadia’s family and felt God’s calling to “Find Nadia.” While searching James was in constant prayer, he felt the Lord leading him to follow the rising sun. After two hours he called out to Nadia and the reply he heard was “What.” Nadia was rescued because King was in tune with God.

These are only two examples from this book of what can take place if we will just turn our hearts and minds over to God. TobyMac is challenging us to quit looking at the differences and focus on God. And we can do that in prayer and showing our love of Jesus Christ to others.

MY THOUGHTS: I highly recommend this book to everyone. It is very interesting and a very easy read. The stories included are compelling and make you realize God uses every one of us. You can make a difference; all it takes is being in tune with God and listening to Him. Grab the book and read it, you will not be sorry.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Bethany House a division of Baker Publishing Group as part of their Blogger Review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Below is the song that inspired the book:

until the next time... nel

Friday, October 22, 2010

TSMS Saturdays - I Can Only Imagine...

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Sometimes you just don't need to say anything....   Amen!

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Fifty-Eight Years Is A Long Time...

Boy I have totally lost track of time this week. Isn’t it funny how you get used to a certain schedule and if it changes it totally screws you up. lol  Maybe we are just not as adaptable as we get older. Anyway, it is hard to believe it is time for Flashback Friday already.  If you would like to join in the fun stop by Linda’s at Mocha with Linda and get the prompt for this week, then don’t forget to go back and link up.

This week we are discussing how our family was structured, and jobs around the house.

So here we go:

My mom and dad were married for 58 years when my dad passed away. The last 8 years he spent in the nursing home with Senile Dementia. So yes, I had both my parents most my life. They were very close, if you seen one, you seen the other except when they were working. They enjoyed life. I do not ever remember them fighting, if they did they hid it well.  I don't remember them showing a lot of affection in front of us kids, but once in awhile you would catch dad stealing a kiss when no one was looking, and they did hug quite a bit.

Mom did work outside the home, full-time. She worked hard in a tool and die factory. Dad was a cement laborer in construction. During the winter he was laid off, so he did the household chores, cooked supper, laundry and house cleaning. When he was working mom did it. I kept my room clean and after I was in my teens I did my laundry. Dad did the yard work; I usually mowed the yard for him. He kept the hedges trimmed.

I tried at times to help my mom with cooking and even cleaning but she was always in a hurry and said she could do it faster, so I quit asking. Dad was usually a fix it himself kind of person, he was pretty much a jack-of-all-trades. Very seldom did he pay anyone for repairs. They put paneling throughout the house in Illinois when we lived there and remodeled the bathroom. They also put paneling in the house in Arkansas themselves before they moved in.

My current marriage is somewhat like I was raised. Stan and I are together a lot. We are enjoying life to the fullest and my parents did too. As far as repairs, not so much. Stan worked for the government so he is not to mechanically inclined, so we pay for most of our repairs. But life is good!

Sorry not a lot to share this week. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

I just have to share: Janice, my daughter got a promotion this week. I am so happy for her. She will be the coordinator for the Underage Drinking Prevention Grant at her office, I am so proud of her!

until next time… nel

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Friend Lending A Helping Hand...

Random Dozen is that fun time each week that we answer these crazy questions. Lid had us all sitting on the edge of our chairs wondering if it was going to happen this week. Then Linda from Mocha with Linda saved the day. What a hero! Thanks Linda and Lid for this fun time. We owe it all to you! So if you would like to join in stop over at 2nd Cup of Coffee and get the questions and then link up after you post your answers. It's a lot of fun, and a great way to meet new friends.

Here are my answers:

1. Do you prefer to read the book or see the movie?

I guess I would have to say see the movie because if both are available I will always pick the movie.  But I do love to read.  I have read more in the last 4 years than ever!  I finally have time to do what I want.

2. What is your favorite holiday and why?

I think Easter.  Of course it reminds me of what Jesus did for us.  But it is also because it is refreshing.  New beginnings…

3. Which do you like better - the mountains or the beach?

I really would have to say the mountains. I love the ocean, but it is usually so crowded. The mountains are quieter; you can hear the sounds of nature.

4. If money were no consideration, what vehicle would you drive?

Probably a Cadillac Escalade. Those look pretty cool and caddys are good cars.  We have 179,000 + on ours.  My dream car has always been an old VW Bug restored.

5. What is your favorite cold-weather beverage?

I am pretty much a diet coke drinker year round or sweet iced tea.  Every once in awhile during the winter I will drink hot chocolate.

6. How do you communicate most often with your friends: phone, email, text, face-to-face, or Facebook?

Since most of my friends and family are in Arkansas, usually email or Facebook.  Except my daughter we talk usually ever other day, sometimes more, sometimes less if she has a lot going on.

7. How do you receive your mail? Mailbox on the porch, at the end of the driveway, down the street, or post office box?

Our mailbox is up the street a little ways with the other neighbors.

8. Of the four basic personality types - sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic, and choleric - which is your strongest? Which is your least evident?

I would say sanguine is my personality type, however I usually follow through with things I start. 

9. What do you miss the most about being 20?

The ability to sit in the floor and get up with no problem, or no aches and pains!  Boy I miss that!

10. How long from the time you get up, does it take you to get ready to walk out the door in the morning?

If I have to take a shower it usually takes an hour or so, if not then usually 30 minutes.

11. Who handles the car maintenance and pays the bills in your family?

My hubby takes care of the car maintenance with a little input from me.  We both are involved with the bill paying.  We pay ours once a month.  He gets them together then I write the checks.

12. For those in the US, how many states have you visited? For those outside the US, how many provinces/other countries have you visited?

Wow, I will have to look at a map.  That took awhile, lolol.  I have been in 34 states, some of them, edges, but hey I have been there.  I have not been to the west coast states or the northeastern states.  And of course there are a few that we just drove through, that I would love to go back and investigate. 

That's all there is.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

until next time... nel

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lookie, lookie, lookie...

Just had to share my Minnie Mouse with you!  She received it in the mail today and her momma had to take pictures so Granny could see.  And of course she called me.

I took a dress pattern and made a few adjustments and a little ingenuity and this is what we got.  You cannot purchase the pattern anymore unless you want to pay $50 for an old one on ebay because of licensing issues.  Just something about that little voice saying I love it Granny, makes it all worth it!  I think she makes quite a cute little Minnie Mouse.  But then again I am kinda prejudice!  lolol

until next time... nel

Monday, October 18, 2010


by Nancy Moser

Masquerade by Nancy Moser begins at Wiltshire England in 1886. Charlotte Gleason is one of the main characters and is very spoiled, and used to getting her way. She has always lived in a mansion with a maid at her disposal around the clock.

She finds herself in an arranged marriage with Conrad Tremaine of New York. Her parents are not being completely honest about the reasons for this arrangement, and will not listen to her feelings concerning this matter. Due to her mother’s illness Dora, Charlotte’s maid is allowed to accompany her as a companion on the voyage to America. This opened up a whole new world for Dora. Suddenly she was no longer a maid; she was a lady.

The voyage to America was quite an experience for both ladies. Dora had the time of her life. A certain Doctor captured her attention and kept her busy on the dance floor. Charlotte on the other hand was not used to being ignored.

During the trip Charlotte had a change of heart; her doubts controlled her thinking. She decided how wonderful it would be to be able to experience real life and make her own decisions. She decided her and Dora needed to change places. This would also give Dora financial security and the chance of a good life. So when they stepped off the boat Charlotte was now Lottie Hathaway and Dora was Charlotte Gleason.

Lottie was going to have a life of her own. However her plans backfired and she found herself homeless on the street. What happened to Lottie to cause this misfortune? Will Dora really marry Conrad and forget about the Doctor? Will the real Dora and Charlotte ever find each other again? You can find the answers to these questions in Masquerade.

MY THOUGHTS: I have to be honest; I was not fond of this book. I felt like there was too much going on at the same time, it was very hard to follow. To many events took place in to short of a period. It is not one that I would read again. Please remember, this is my personal opinion and it might not affect your outlook on it.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Bethany House a division of Baker Publishing Group as part of their Blogger Review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

until next time... nel

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stand Still...

I had several songs I was listening to this week, but I really felt like God kept leading me back to this one. So I feel like someone out there needed to hear these words.   It is a good song and says a lot!  I think we all have times we need to just stand still and let God move.

If you would like to join us stop over by Amy's at Signs, Miracles and Wonders to link up.

until next time...

Friday, October 15, 2010

To Spend Or Not To Spend...

OK you have to admit time is just flying by, a lot faster than it used to.  It seems like we just talked about games and our childhood a couple of days ago on Flashback Friday, and it is time again.  Oh well at least it is a fun time!
This week we are talking about money, to get the full prompt stop by Linda's at Mocha with Linda.  After you finish your post make sure you link up, so we can all enjoy your memories.

And Let The Games Begin:

As I was growing up my Dad always handled the money.  He paid the bills, wrote the checks, bought the groceries, any money going out went through his hands.  My mom worked the whole time I was growing up as far as I can remember.  She would get her check and bring it home to my Dad and he would deposit it in the bank.  Every once in awhile she had spending money if she needed something.  One of the problems with this thinking was after my Dad had to go to the nursing home she was beside herself.  She had no idea how to take care of any of the finances.  I had to step in and show her how to write checks and pay her bills.  My Dad was my hero, but this was one area that I really had a problem with.  If you are married it should be a joint effort, you both should know what bills there are and who to pay.  I do have to give Mom credit though, when she retired and they moved to Arkansas, her very small retirement check she kept for herself. I was very proud of her.

Dad and Mom were definitely penny pinchers.  Mom probably did not have a choice.  I can remember going shopping as a kid and if Mom or I wanted something most of the time we were told we did not have enough money.  So I grew up believing we were very poor.  So much that when I was a Senior and I received the College Admission Books that I requested I hid them.  I never even brought it up because I did not think there would be any way that we could afford for me to go.  That is sad...  Which I probably appreciated it a lot more when I went back after my divorce.

I cannot remember getting an allowance.  I can remember saving my lunch money to get things I wanted.  I was never paid for good grades, actually grades were never stressed as I was growing up.  And I wish they would of been.  I might of tried harder.  I had good grades A's and B's, but I could of pulled the B's up if I would of studied.  I understand now why they were not stressed.  They were just so thrilled that we were able to go to school, neither one of my parents went beyond 6th grade. 

I was 17 when I got my first checking account, I worked during the summer at AOHA as an assistant, and sold Avon during Junior and Senior year.  I was 19 when I got my first credit card, paid them off when I moved to Arkansas, and then never used a card again until about 14 years ago. 

I think the way I was raised probably has a lot to do with the way I handle money now.  I have a hard time spending money, always look for the cheapest way.  If it is not on sale I will usually not buy it no matter how much I want it.  But maybe that is a good thing...

Thanks Linda for hosting this fun meme.  I look forward to it every week.  Join us you don't want to miss the fun!

until next time... nel

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It Is Wednesday, That Means Random Dozen...

It is Random Dozen Time! That fun time every week when we learn something else about our blogging buddies. Join us for these fun questions! You can find them over by Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee. It is a great way to meet new friends and connect with old ones. Join in the fun!

1. Is there a word which you initially mispronounced? Were the circumstances in which you made the faux pas embarrassing?

I have several that I have a problem pronouncing, however I am going to share one that my husband and I go round and round about.  The word "creek".  I pronounce it with 2 long e's, he pronounces in like crick with a short i.  I always ask him if he learned his English rules in school.  "Two vowels together make a long vowel sound."  The way he pronounces it is like I have a crick in my neck.  lolol   We have agreed to disagree on this, but he is wrong, shhhh - don't tell him.

2. How do you feel about the use of texting shortcuts and trends? (ex: "I've got ur notes. Get them 2 u 2morow.")

I have no problem with it if that is what you want to do.  I do not text at all, but I do use the shortcuts sometimes in pogo.

3. Tell me about your high school senior picture. Please feel free to post.

The first is one of my senior pictures.  They were taken at school, of course they were in color, my sweater was light blue.  The one in the dress was before graduation, I made that dress.   And then with the graduation cap and gown.  I wish you could of seen the shoes I was wearing. Does anyone remember the platform shoes. They were white babydolls 3 inches high.  Sometimes you have to get height however you can. lolol  And in 1975 that was in style.  What was I thinking?

5. Share a high school or college homecoming memory.

I never attended high school homecoming, so I really have no memories to share.  I was deprived I know... 
As far as college, I went back to school part time at night and worked during the day after my divorce, so no homecoming festivities at 44 years old.

6. Linda at Mocha with Linda wants to know: "Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?"
I enjoy both, love to photograph both, but rarely do I see a sunrise.  So I guess I will have to say sunsets!  It amazes me how no two look alike!  What an artist God is!

7. Lea at Cici's Corner asks, "What is something you have not done that you desire to do?"

I would love to take a road trip starting up in Washington state and go along the West coast down through California.  Of course I would have to take my camera.  Also would like to drive Route 66 from beginning to end.

8. Carol at Wanderings of an Elusive Mind ponders, "If you could come back [in another life] as an animal, which would it be?"

First of all, I do not believe in reincarnation, but I will play along.  Probably a cat, an inside cat.  Just lay back and take life easy!

9. Joyce from The Other Side of the Pond is curious: "Where were you 10 years ago?" Please feel free to elaborate more than just your physical location.

Let's see 10 years ago, wow that would be 2000!  My daughter graduated from high school so I was in Arkansas.  After 18 years of marriage my life had been turned upside down.  The rug pulled out from under me.  I was faced with the necessity of going back to work full time, so I worked 3rd shift at a little quick stop 5 miles from our house.  It actually worked out good because I could not sleep at night anyway.  But I believe everything happens for a reason.  Happier now than I have ever been!

10. When you are proven to be correct in any contentious discussion, do you gloat?

I try not too, unless it is with my husband, then don't we all.  lol

11. What is your favorite food which includes the ingredient "caramel?"

I love Turtles!  One of my favorite candies!  I know you didn't say candy, but that is all I could think of.

12. From my 17 year-old daughter to you: "If you could be part of any fictional family, which family would you choose and why?" 

I would love to be part of the Baxter Family in Karen Kingsbury's books that she writes.  She has done several series with them as characters.  Love her books!   The Baxter Family is such a God loving family which enjoys each other and is there for each other when they go through their triumphs and trials!  If you like to read and have never read any of her books check her out!  You won't be sorry.

Whoaaa and we come to a close again this week.  Wasn't that fun!  Don't forget to join us and link up so we can all enjoy your answers.  Oh and by the way it wasn't me who missed #4... just saying!  lol

I have to get back to sewing, don't want a disappointed little girl.

until next time... nel

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Fall...

It is hard to believe October is already here!  Is anyone else having this problem?  Halloween is at the end of the month, then Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, where has the year gone?  

Question everyone... How do you feel about Halloween?  Did you let your kids participate?

I have to get busy sewing.  My grand baby is going to be Minnie Mouse this year and granny is making her dress.  Would you believe you cannot buy a Minnie Mouse pattern anymore unless you pay bunches of money for it on eBay or amazon.  Unreal... something about the licensing.  So needless to say this granny found a dress pattern on sale for 99 cents and with a little ingenuity we will have a Minnie mouse dress.    I think she will make an adorable Minnie mouse.  lol  

I remember I always made Jan's costumes. We had some pretty cool ones. I wish now I would of kept them instead of giving them away at yard sales. I have no problem with Halloween, to me it is a night that the kids can dress up and have a good time collecting candy from houses that you know.  We did not have a lot of trick or treaters last year, a lot of the churches have a Harvest Fest on Halloween night.  I think this is a good idea, but I do miss seeing the little ones dressed up.

Oh well I better go start sewing...  Happy Fall Y'All !!!

until next time... nel

Saturday, October 9, 2010

And The Winner Is...

It is GIVEAWAY Time!  Yeah!  Two years have passed since I joined the Blogging world, and I must say I have enjoyed every minute of it.  I have met some fantastic friends, some that I would love to meet one of these days. 

It is funny sometimes people look at you really strange when you tell them that you write a blog... they just don't get it!  But it is a wonderful tool for recording the happenings in your life for your kids and grandkids and future generations.  I would give anything to have a journal of what my mom or my grandma was thinking and what was going on in their lives.  Or what my great grandma was going through when she came with the Trail of Tears. 

When someone is missing and has not posted in awhile, you can't help but wonder what is going on in their lives, and you automatically remember them in prayer.  That's what Blogging Buddies do.

I announced at the beginning of the week I was having a giveaway.  There were 8 individuals that entered with a total of 21 entries.  Most of you received 3 entries because you were my dedicated followers.  Thank you for that, and thanks to those of you who joined up recently.  I toyed with the idea of just putting the names in a hat and drawing one out, but I decided to be adventurous and probably fairer and went with the Random Number Generator.  And this is what we got...

Can I hear a drumroll... And the winner is #7!  Betty from A Corgi in Southern California!  If you have never visited Betty's corner, hop over there and introduce yourself.  You will enjoy what you find! 

Betty please send me your physical address so I can get your goodies in the mail this week, probably end of the week!

Thanks to everyone who has taken time to read what I have written and a special thanks to all of those who leave comments!  As you know that is kinda the added spice of writing a blog or the icing on the cake.  But more importantly I would like to thank Jesus Christ for making everything possible!  We could do nothing without Him!

until next time... nel

PS.  Sorry I cannot get the random generator to keep showing the result, but it did show #7 the first time I did it.  Honest Injun!

Do You Know How It Feels...

It is that time to share songs with everyone.  Maybe you have a song on your heart or one that is special to you, we would love to hear it.  Amy hosts this fun meme over at Signs, Miracles, and Wonders.  Make sure you stop over and link up. 

I am sorry but I have had these 3 songs in my head all week, so I thought I would share them today.  Isn't it a wonderful feeling to know how it feels to be a child of the King!

I am so glad and thankful that once upon a time on a Sunday morning when I was faced with a crossroad "I made up my mind."  What a wonderful feeling that is!  Thank You Jesus!

Our preacher mentioned how when we have something on our heart we need to take it to the altar, we need to pray about it, we need to continue to pray about it!  He reminded us God does not get tired of our prayers.
"Pray without ceasing." 1Thessalonians 5:17

Hope all of you have a good week but above all I pray that each of you have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ!

"And they said, 'Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house." Acts 16:31

until next time... nel

Friday, October 8, 2010

Let The Games Begin...

Flashback Friday has struck again. It seems like it was just Friday. Time is flying by, I hope and pray you are enjoying yours. Linda at Mocha with Linda hosts this fun meme. If you would like to join in the fun just hop over to her site and link up, of course that is after you check out my answers.

This week we are remembering games, so let the games begin!

Games of all kinds were a big part of my childhood and followed me in to adulthood. After Janice was big enough we tried to play a game every week. Since I have remarried and live in a different state I still enjoy my games. is a lot of fun. Do any of you play on Pogo? Wait, this post is about memories, as in childhood memories. Did I ever mention I love to talk?

Two of my mom’s sisters lived in Illinois also, so the families were together a lot on weekends, whether out camping or at one of the houses. They would all get together and play Rook. I remember the first time I played Rook, Mom, Dad, and one of my aunts and her husband were playing, and they just couldn’t get over how good I was doing. I really don’t even remember the rules, but I never ended up with the Rook card, only because they all wore glasses. I could see all their cards reflected in their glasses. I am not sure if I ever fessed up or not.

We played Bingo, Hands Down, Park and Shop, Monopoly, Booby Trap, Kerplunk, and I had a strange game called Bats In Your Belfry. There is a picture of one below. It was quite fun especially at Halloween. There was a place on the belfry that you sat the bats, then one at a time you dropped a black marble down through the haunted castle and it might make the bats fly. If it did you tried to catch them in the claws. Different!
Battling Tops was always a favorite. We also played Clue, Life and then of course Dominoes. My mom and dad loved Dominoes. I was very lucky I was in 3rd grade when we moved to Northlake; my oldest brother bought my dad a pool table for the basement. We got to play pool on it as long as we were careful. By the time I was in high school I was pretty good.

When we were at my cousin’s house we played a card game called Milles Borne, I remember it being a lot of fun, but do not remember how to play it. And they had a neat game called Mouse Trap. It was a lot of fun too. We did not play it a lot, because it took forever to put together.

When we were at their house there were a lot of neighborhood kids, sometimes we would all get together and play games outside. We played the old standards, Tag, Ghost Ghost Come Out Tonight, Mother May I?, Simon Says, Red Light Green Light, Red Rover or Sardines. I think Red Rover or Sardines were my favorite. Red Rover was fun cause if you were picked you got to run and break through the chain of people. Sardines was fun seeing how many people you pack into a small space.

When we were camping, we sometimes played the pinball machines at the office or game room. We played volleyball, badminton, horseshoes or Jarts while we were out camping. It is a wonder none of us ever got hurt those Jarts were dangerous!

I almost forgot about the puzzles. We had a card table that was always up at our house and there was always a puzzle on it, not a little one either usually a 1,000-piece puzzle. All of us worked on them. The joke at our house was seeing who could pass by without stopping to put at least one piece in. We spent a lot of hours working on puzzles, something I still enjoy, but miss. I do work on puzzles on pogo, but it just isn’t the same.

Last week I mentioned the Ouija Board. Yes I had one, and I am so glad that God had his arms around me and was watching out for me even though I had no idea. I look back now and realize how lucky I was and how lucky I have been, let me rephrase that; it is not luck it is blessed! We had messed with the board quite a bit asking different questions, you know girl questions: Does so and so like me? I can’t remember if it was one of my cousins or a friend but we had our fingers around the edge of the pointer. And I don’t remember the exact question we asked but it was not the usual ones, but I do remember the pointer lifted off the board! We both jerked our hands away and looked at each other; we both asked the other did you do that? Needless to say we never used the Ouija board again. And the strange thing is I asked my brother to burn it and it would not burn, so we ended up throwing it in the garbage. I never thought anything about it back then until that episode, but that scared me. I look back now and think how lucky we really were. Some of you may think but it is just a Ouija board, but I believe it is more than that, and is not something that you should dabble in. When I think about this incident along with the Séances we used to try and the finger lifts we did, it really scares me. We were dabbling on the dark side, but I Thank God every day that he was watching out for me, even though I was not paying any attention. And the best part, He has now forgiven me for everything!

Ok so much for my soapbox…just saying it is so easy for kids to get caught up in things before they even realize what it is.

If you would like to join in the fun don’t forget to hop over to Mocha with Linda and link up, then we can all enjoy your memories!

“And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more.” Hebrews 10:17

until next time… nel

p.s. I will post the winner to my giveaway on Saturday, tomorrow is going to be pretty busy!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: In Every Heartbeat

"In Every Heartbeat" a novel by Kim Vogel Sawyer we find three best friends, Libby, Petey, and Bennett, all leaving their childhood home embarking on their future.

Each one of them for various reasons grew up at the Reginald Standler Home for Orphaned and Destitute Children, something they preferred to keep to themselves.

September 1914 finds Libby, Petey and Bennett at the University of Southern Missouri pursuing their own paths, quite different from each other.  Libby - a famous journalist, Petey - dreams of being a minister and Bennett - is just interested in belonging, pledging a fraternity is high on his list.  The threesome finds themselves for one reason or another drifting apart, sometimes making decisions they are not always proud of.

Petey finds himself having to step up and take responsibility for his younger brothers and sisters.  Will this pull him from his dream?  Libby finds herself finding her real place in life and using her writing abilities to please God instead of going against His teachings.  But where does Petey fit in?  And Bennet, he has never felt like he measures up, like he had a place in life.  What decision will he make that will have a great impact on his life?

The answers to these questions and many more can be found in this wonderful book of historical fiction.

MY THOUGHTS:  I enjoyed this book.  It was an easy read that kept my interest.  I was sorry it ended I wanted to read more.  This book is actually a sequel to My Heart Remembers.  This is my first novel by Kim Vogel Sawyer but it definitely will not be my last.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Bethany House a division of Baker Publishing Group as part of their Blogger Review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

until next time... nel

PS:  Tonight is the deadline for my giveaway!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Talk About Random...

You got it, it's Random Dozen time again.  But before we go there, I just want to wish Lid a Very Happy Birthday.  I hope she had a wonderful day, especially since we came up with the Random Dozen questions.  That was pretty slick Lid!  Good idea!
If you would like to join us you can get the questions over by her at 2nd Cup of Coffee. Then make sure you return and link up so we can all laugh at your answers.

Here goes:

1. From "Men Are Dumb ....": If you had a theme song that played whenever you walked into a room full of people, what would it be?

I Have Been Blessed by Martina McBride

I do feel like I have been blessed in all aspects of my life!   And I do Thank God for all I've been given at the end of every day! 

2. From Pam of "Alert And Oriented x 4": Which of your shoes are your absolute favorite, and which are of the object of your most painful shoe-buyer's remorse?

The ones on the left are my absolute favorites. I practically live in them during the summer.  In fact I ordered me a new pair because the ones were showing quite a bit of wear.

I also have a pair, like the heels on the right and I hate them.  After I wear them for a couple of hours, my feet are crying "what did I do to deserve this?" lol They are very uncomfortable.

3. From Susanne of "Living to Tell the Story": Tell about your favorite birthday celebration that you've personally experienced.

My 50th birthday party was the best.  My daughter and my hubby planned it, and it was a total surprise.  Family and friends were there! 

4. From Lori of "Just me and My Life": If you were a flavor of ice cream, which would you be?

"Rocky Road"  My life has had its ups and downs, but everything happens for a reason.  It has made me the person I am today, stronger and better for it, and closer to God!

5. Cindy Swanson of "Notes in the Key of Life" asks: Have you ever had a crush on a movie star? Who was it, and are you still crushing?

Oh yeah, can I make a   Two total opposites come to mind.  Richard Gere and Sam Elliott.  I would dance all night with Gere and ride off into the sunset with Sam.  lol  My hubby know if either one of them were to offer me a getaway it would be adios amigos!  ...just saying!   As you can imagine, he is real worried about it too.

6. Jill from "Jill Boyd's Place" inquires: Glasses or braces--if you had to wear one, which would it be?

Glasses, already do.   Wouldn't be doing this if I did not have them on.  They are not so bad once you get used to them. 

7. Nel from "Fasteneau Facts" asks: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Jeesh who asked such a stupid question...  I would love to live in the country on at least 25 acres.  I would love to be able to go out in my back yard and not worry about what the neighbors are seeing.  Or a cabin up in the woods.  Of course it would be in the US somewhere, with my family kinda close.  We have some of the prettiest places right here in the USA.

8. Thena from "Patiently Waiting" wants to know: If money were no obstacle, what would be the perfect birthday gift to receive?

Decisions, decisions... a new car or SUV would be nice. 

9. From "Life Through Bifocals," LynnMarie asks: What is your favorite birthday meal?

I love a good steak, baked potato and salad.  Here in MO I love Lonestar Steakhouse Good stuff!  In Arkansas I like Mikes Place.  It is very good also!

10. Debby at "Just Breathe" checks in with: Do you still send hand-written thank you notes?

It depends on what is for, but usually no I am terrible about that, I am sorry to say!

11. Linda from "Mocha with Linda" poses this question: What is something you've done that you never thought you'd do?

When I remarried, I was able to quit work.  I really thought I would be working the rest of my life.  I enjoy staying at home, pursuing hobbies.  I love photography.  We have traveled a lot since we have married also.

12. Jewel, my homegirl from Indiana who writes at "Musings from the World of Jewel," is very insistent that we answer this: Mount Rushmore honors four US Presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. If you could add any person to Mount Rushmore, who would you add and why?

This is a hard one.  I really don't know of anyone in the public eye who would deserve a spot on Mt Rushmore. I would probably add my dad.  He was my hero.  He worked hard his whole life and provided for his family without ever complaining.  He may not have had a lot of book sense but he had a lot of common sense.  He was very easy going unless you made him mad.  

Well that's it for this week...


Hey eveyone, I am celebrating two years on my blog.  Whoa... there was an answer to one of the questions, cause when I first started, I had no idea where I was going with this.  And at times I still don't...lolol.   But check out my post from Sunday and get signed up for the giveaway.  Some lucky person will be a winner!  Good Luck!

until next time... nel

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Here - Time For A GIVEAWAY...

October 8th will be two years of blogging for me. I never ever thought I would be doing this let alone for 2 years. It totally blows me away that I have 41 followers and that there has been 5,590 visitors on my blog. Isn’t God Good? To Him I give the credit.

I look back over the last two years and it amazes me at the friends I have made and the people I have met. It is such a good feeling to know that you have a group of ladies and men who are there reading what you write, what is on your heart. A group that you know if you need prayers going up, they are there ready to meet the need. They are people that you feel close to, even though you have never met them, and what excitement if you do get to meet them. I have decided that blogging buddies are a special class of people! The best! My prayer is that each of you will be blessed because you are very special people!

What better way to celebrate my Blogiversary than a GIVEAWAY?

Included in the box of goodies is a Pampered Chef Pumpkin Dish that could be used in the upcoming holidays. Also there are several items from, along with 6 greeting cards that I have put together. And of course there will be a little chocolate included, you have to have chocolate!

Following are the different ways you can enter this wonderful Giveaway!

  • Comment on this post. - 1 entry
  • If you become a follower and leave me a comment about it.  -  1 entry
  • If you are already a follower before this post and leave me a comment about it.  -  2 entries
  • If you post about my Giveaway on your blog linking it back to me and leave me a comment about it.  -  2 entries
How easy can that be? I will accept entries through Thursday, October 7, 2010, and will announce the winner on Friday the 8th my 2nd blogiversary!

NOTE: Due to shipping costs, entry is only valid to those living in the United States. Sorry!

Good Luck to each and every one of you! And THANKS!

“I thank my God, making mention of thee always in my prayers,” Philemon 1:4

until next time… nel

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Then Sings My Soul...


If you have a song on your heart or that you would like to share click on the above button and link up.  We would love to hear what's on your heart.  It is a great way to meet new friends and hear new songs.

It was between this song and another one.  This one won out because my mom and dad have been on my mind alot this week.   So I already have one picked out for next week, getting ahead of myself.  That is scary!
Don't forget to link up over by Amy at Signs, Miracles and Wonders and join the fun!

until next time...nel

Friday, October 1, 2010

You Wanna Play? Huh? Do You...

It’s time for Flashback Friday again!  That fun time when we all try to remember what it was like to be a kid back when life was uncomplicated.  If you would like to join in the fun the complete prompt is listed over at Mocha with Linda.  Linda is the host of this enjoyable meme.  After you post your memories you can link up at Linda’s also.  This week we are remembering toys from our childhood.

Sooo Here We Go…

I have a lot of memories of toys I played with. When I was real small, I loved my baby dolls as you can see in this picture.  I look like a tired momma there, who wouldn't be with that many babies.  I had the whole works, a buggy, a stroller and a wooden crib. (Still have some of the babies and the crib) I would spend hours playing with them.  Do your remember Thumbelina, she was the best!  She was soft and easy to hold.  I took her everywhere!

It was kinda hard since I was the youngest and the only girl, especially when we lived at the farm.  We didn't have next door neighbors.  One Christmas I got my kitchen set and a walking doll.  My brother got a go-cart.  And that was ok cause he would take me on rides too.  My kitchen set was pretty cool, it had the stove, sink and refrigerator.  Then I had a table and chairs.  My cousin Butch enjoyed playing with me when he was spending the night with my brother.  Other times my walking doll was my best friend.  She could walk with me and also sit at the table when we had tea parties.

Just because I was a girl though did not mean I did not have a little tomboy in me.  I loved playing cops and robbers, actually I was Annie Oakley.  I even made all of them call me Annie when I was dressed up.  Looking at this picture though, I sure hope Annie's clothes were more dignified. And I really don't get how I had my holster on, looks like it is on the wrong side. 
I also enjoyed Lincoln Logs. I could build some houses, look at that one!  Must of been rough work, I look worn out.

I had a black cocker spaniel named Penny that I played with all the time too.  I was 4 years old when he came to live with us, he was about 4 months old and I had him until I was 15 years old.  He was my buddy!

As I got older I had one Barbie doll and one Midge Doll.  I had asked for a Ken doll, but I was told I did not need one.  I always thought that was kind of strange.  

One of my favorite things were Little Kiddles.  Do you remember Little Kiddles?  I still have the pony that went with Calamity Jane, the tricycle and the little car somewhere.  They were part of the Skediddle Kiddles; Tracey Trikediddle and Anabelle Autodiddle.  Just for the record, I did not remember their names, I looked them up which was quite depressing.  They are listed under Vintage Toys.  They really know how to make a person feel good. lol.   I also had the little clubhouse for them.  I played with them for hours.  They usually went on trips with us, because they were so easy to carry, everything fit in the clubhouse, and it had a handle on the top. 

I enjoyed paper dolls also.  Who didn't enjoy paper dolls?  My favorite place was on the floor by the coal heater in winter.  That heater was so warm I could spread out on the floor, dress my dolls up and have a fashion show.

Of course when we moved in to town and lived in the neighborhood I rode my bike alot up and down the street.  And a group of us played jump rope underneath the streetlight.  We all knew what time we needed to be home, and we were usually in shouting distance. 

As I became a teenager music was more important to me than toys.  However, I was real fond of those crazy Klackers.  They were the big hard balls on the strings that you held onto in the middle and move them up and down and they would swing around and hit each other, and make an annoying noise.  I still have mine and I ran across them not long ago.  I am proud to say I can still do it, however I have no idea how my parents put up with that clacking noise all the time.  I did good, I only had one bruise on the arm. lol.

Of course I had the eight ball, you know the one you asked it questions and you flipped it over and it would give you the answer. It is so funny because I remember going through a period of time that I just knew it was giving the right answers. lol.  As much as I hate to admit it, I also had a Ouija Board, but I will tell that story next week with games.

So sorry for the length of this post, memories tend to do that to me.  I just keep remembering.  I hate it that my mom and I were not close as I was growing up, but I do have some good memories!

until next time... nel