Friday, February 26, 2010

So much excitement...

I am so excited beyond words. I got a phone call this morning from one of my bestest friends that I have not seen in around 18 years. Kathy called and said "Hey what are you doing?" And of course since my calendar is always so full I said "Not a thing!" She and her husband are on their way out west for vacation and they wanted to swing by and see us. They will be here tomorrow night and will probably go to church with us Sunday morning. I am so excited. Kathy and I were partners in crime during high school years and till I moved away 4 years later. We have kept in touch through the years, sometimes just on holidays, but we have always had the kind of friendship that no matter how long it has been we just pick up where we left off. That is a bestest friend...

And while we are talking excited, Angie at Angie's Ad-Lib has an exciting Spring giveaway going on. She is celebrating her one year anniversary in the land of blogging. She has some of the neatest items picked out as you can see in the picture.

Isn't she the best? If you would like a chance at this wonderful giveaway go over to her corner of blog land at Angie's Ad Lib and see how to be included. If you have never been there, sit back, relax and look around, you will love what you find. Angie is one of my newest friends and alot of fun.

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you and expected end." Jeremiah 29:11

until next time... nel

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Join us for Random...

It is Random Dozen Time again. Do you believe it? I was told when I was younger that time flies when you are having fun. Geesh, I must really be enjoying myself because time sure is passing quickly.

If you have never joined Random Dozen, give it a try, it is a lot of fun, and you meet a lot of special people! You can get the questions from Lidna at 2nd Cup of Coffee, and after you answer them on your blog, go back and Link up, so we can all enjoy your answers. We have a good time!

And Here We Go:

1. Have you ever fired a gun or shot a bow and arrow?

Oh have I got a story. Picture this. 1979 this 22 yr old city girl moves to the country. She is trying hard to fit in, dating a country boy, and hanging out with him and his cousin. His cousin has a double barrel shotgun called “Old Mae.” That should have threw me a red flag right there, but remember I had never held a gun, or for that matter ever even seen one up close. They decide to do some target practicing. They have a couple paper plates set up across the road. His cuz hands me the gun and snickers and says Good Luck! Kris comes over leans in close and whispers, “Whatever you do don’t let your cheek touch the gun. Hellllooo did that deter me? No, Miss City Girl bound to prove she can do it, too, takes aim and fires. They are dying laughing as they reach down and help me get off the ground. But then they hush when they look at the target and there were several holes in it. They were impressed. I on the other hand, was dying. My poor shoulder was killing me. I conveniently remembered I needed to take care of something at home. Yeah… my shoulder, it was so black and blue by the time I got there. Oh my, I really thought it was broke. But I never did let them know that I was hurting, I didn’t want them laughing at this city girl. Peer pressure will get you every time if you are not careful.
I actually was a pretty good marksman, with a 22 rifle and pistol and several other calibers over the years.

As far as the bow and arrow, we had Archery in high school, but I really don’t even remember anything about it.

2. Do you know where your childhood best friends are?

Yes actually I do. I have a best friend who still lives in the neighborhood where I grew up. We have been friends since 2nd grade, a long, long time. We moved about 15 miles away when we were in 3rd grade, so that put us in a different school district. But that did not change our friendship. On most weekends she was at my house. We don’t talk on the phone often, but we keep up with each other thru emails.
Other friends we have become reacquainted on facebook. Most of them I have not seen since high school.

3. Do you usually arrive early, late, or on time?

I used to be late all the time. But since I remarried we are usually 5 – 10 minutes early. We compromised. He was usually an hour early which is insane, to have to sit in the car for 45 minutes.

4. Are you more of a New York or California type?

I have never been to either place, and would like to see both. I think though I would probably be a California type because I love the ocean. The first time I ever saw it was our honeymoon in Florida and I was like a kid in a candy store!

5. Do you have a special ring tone?

Not really, have never downloaded anything special. Now I did pick out a specific one so I know when my daughter is calling.

6. What is your favorite type of chip?

I am pretty partial to Lays Wavy Chips; I do like the Baked White Cheddar Cheetos also.

7. Best comedy you've ever seen is ....

I am at a blank…lol. I do not watch a lot of shows. The only thing I am coming up with is Mask or The Cosby Show. I loved The Cosby Show! Talk about a Senior Moment…

8. Have you ever cut your own hair? To quote Dr. Phil, "How'd that work for ya?"

Never really cut it…. trimmed the sides and the front, between visits to Arkansas. Pretty bad when you drive 4 hours to get your hair cut. lol

9. If you were going to have an extreme makeover, would you rather it be about your house or your personal self?

It would be our house, used to be my mom's little house in Arkansas. That is where we stay when we visit my daughter. It could use an extreme makeover. lol. Would love to have a cabin sitting there with a wrap around porch, a little farther off the road. Hey we can dream can’t we?

10. Are you allergic to anything?

I am allergic to sulfa drugs as far as medications.

I have to watch tomatoes or anything with acid also. I cannot eat a tomato by itself. It has to be in a salad or on a sandwich. And sometimes I still get little bumps inside my mouth all over and it swells and gets sore.

I also am allergic to smoke. I have a lot of problems with my sinuses since we married and I am sure a lot of it is the smoke.

11. Why is it so hard to change?

Most people do have problems with change. I think it is because everyone likes to stay in their comfort zone where they feel safe. They are afraid to step out of the box. I guess that is why Noah was always my favorite character in the Bible. He was not afraid to be different, didn’t matter what people were saying or what they thought. All that mattered to him was doing what God told him to.

I usually adapt pretty well to change. I have always tried to believe that change is good, as long as it is hurting no one.

12. One last question dedicated to February love: CS Lewis said, "To love is to be vulnerable." Please share one example of that assertion or share any thought you'd like to about this topic.

It is so easy when you are in love, to get your heart broken or your feelings hurt because we are vulnerable. When you are really in love, you give your all, including your heart. It is human nature.

And there is the fun in my Random corner this week! Can’t wait to read your answers.

until next time… nel

Monday, February 22, 2010

How about your dash...

Alot of you may have seen this video, but I felt like this is what the Lord wanted me to share. It says so much. I was so excited when I found it on youtube. Gosh what did we do before youtube? I hope it speaks to you as much as it did me.

So how about you, Are you happy with your dash?

"As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him:" Colossians 2:6

until next time... nel

Friday, February 19, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Be Still and Know

Ok everyone it is time… time to announce a winner! There were 11 entries in the “I Won… You Win! Giveaway. This wonderful carnival was started by Robin at Be Still and Know. We are very professional when it comes to our strict guidelines on contests and giveaways. I must say I carefully wrote everyone’s name and blog name on a piece of memo paper and folded them ever so slowly to make sure they were all uniform. Then placed them in the special drawing bowl.

I then swore in my faithful assistant by making him raise his right hand and take the pledge before he had the privilege of drawing the winning name. (He already knows I am crazy, so he understands.)

And do I have a drum roll…

The winner is Cathy from Tales of The TCKK Family, who is one of my newest friends thanks to 2nd Cup of Coffee's Random Dozen meme.

I know you will enjoy the book Cathy, along with the extra little goodies! Congratulations! This was so much fun… If you have not been to these ladies corner of blog land, take time to check them out, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Cathy, please email me your mailing information.

We talk and laugh about the drum roll. We even get excited when we are waiting for the announcement; but think about when the trumpet sounds! Think about that announcement… Can you imagine?

“In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.” 1 Corinthians 15:52

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And another Random Dozen...

The Random Dozen is a lot of fun. If you have never joined us, just go over to Lid’s Blog, and grab the questions then post your answers on yours. Link back up at 2nd Cup of Coffee so you can share them with everyone. It is a great way to meet new friends and find interesting blogs. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Now for the Questions:

1. If you could compete in one Olympic event (not necessarily winter sports) what would it be?

I love the figure skating, it is such an art and the movements are so graceful and so fluid. Of course I must confess I cannot skate even 2 feet, weak ankles, that is my story and I am sticking to it! Plus I would be like a bull in a china cabinet; grace is not my middle name.

2. Do you remember a specific Olympic moment from the past?

When Dorothy Hamill won the gold for skating in 1976. She was so elegant and made it look so easy. And she had a cute hairstyle…lolol.

3. Have you ever known anyone who competed in the Olympics?

No, can’t say that I have.

4. If everyday activities were Olympic-worthy, which activity would you have a gold medal in?

I knew I should never ask my hubby… his first response was sleeping. The Nerve, then he started laughing. He said my smile. I am always smiling. You know you can smile with gritted teeth behind, like right now. lolol

5. Do you know anything about your ethnic heritage?

Yes, Genealogy is sooo addictive. My mom’s paternal side I have the main line back to the year 0194 –Sweden, and English, King Henry I was in our lineage. They came to America around 1637 from England. Still working on her maternal side. I know there is Cherokee Indian involved on that side. I am still working on my Dad’s side.

6. Do you enjoy sleeping late?

Is that not what you are supposed to do when you no longer work. I am usually up till 1 or 2 o’clock a.m. and usually sleep until 10. If we have something planned of course I get up early, but usually we just take it a day at a time.

7. Have you ever performed CPR on anyone? Do you know how? (Yes, that's two, I know. Whatevs.)

I have never had to perform CPR. I used to be certified probably 25 years ago.

8. Name one country you'd like to visit and explain why.

I would love to visit Bethlehem, Jerusalem area. Would love to walk where Jesus walked. I think that would be awesome. I would also like to visit Germany, because that is where my hubby is from and there is actually supposed to be a town called Fastenau. My dad was also in Germany during WWII. I know, I know you just said one country but hey it’s my answer.

9. Have you ever fixed up a couple romantically?

I did introduce one of my nephews to one of my friends. They had both just come out of divorces. They ended up getting married. I never talk to either one of them anymore… hmm you think that has something to do with it?

10. What is the last book you read?

Besides the bible – Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes. A very good fun book, and if you would like to read it check out Monday’s post.

11. My Question: If you could do anything different in your life what would it be?

I would listen to my mom and older relatives when they wanted to talk about their grandparents and their lives as kids. I would ask questions. I would ask my mom why she never told me that Granny had a different mom than her brothers and sisters, and if granny ever talked about it. Does anyone know why she left? I would ask if my mom or her sisters and brothers ever knew anything about their blood grandma. So many questions…

12. What is your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant?

I love going out for a good steak. We go to Lonestar here in Springfield on occasions. The Filet Mignon is excellent. And Mike’s in Conway AR has very good Prime Rib.

There they are my answers. That was fun. Thanks Linda!

Now for the Gold:

Be Still and Know

If you would like to sport the Gold Button from the I Won…You Win Giveaway here is your chance. All the details are on my post from Monday and that is where you need to leave a comment to be included. I will be taking comments through Thursday night at Midnight. Friday morning I will then place all entries in a container and have my sweet hubby draw the lucky name. I will post the winner some time Friday. Don’t miss out. Join in the fun!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I Won... You Win! Is It Your Turn...

Be Still and Know

And the winner is…. Oh wait, we haven’t done the drawing yet. We have a fun carnival going on called “I won... You win". This is a traveling book carnival, started by none other than Robin at Be Still and Know. This is a wonderful idea, and it is a lot of fun. I was the lucky recipient from Joyce at From This Side Of The Pond. Along with the book she sent me several neat little goodies.

The book we are sharing is
“Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes” by Robin Gunn. It is a fun book and an easy read. Robin, our blogging buddy chose this book because of the parallels between pen pals and blogging pals. You can read her original post here.

If you are the winner of this fabulous drawing here is what you must adhere to:
  • Read the book. (Preferably within 4 weeks)
  • As you read feel free to make notations in the margins of a specific chapter that you enjoyed or ideas that you agree on. Leave your footprints in the book.
  • When finished write the date and your blog address on the inside cover of the book.
  • Continue the “I won... You win Giveaway". Post it on your blog and accept entries. Surprise everyone and include a pretty bookmark or a special little gift, something from you in your mailing.
  • Link back to Robin and let her know your Giveaway is up and running. She is keeping a running list on her blog.
  • Last but not least, Have Fun!
Now for the Giveaway: If you would like a chance to read this book, receive several goodies and agree to abide by the above rules it is easy, all you have to do is leave me a comment on this post and your name will be included. The last day to comment will be Thursday, February 18th at Midnight. I will draw Friday morning and will announce the winner sometime Friday. Good Luck Everyone!

So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17

until next time… nel

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Simple Things...

I grew up in the 70’s, graduated from High School in 1975. I was a big fan of Carole King. She had a lot of good songs, a lot of songs that people remember – Tapestry, Will You Love Me Tomorrow?, I Feel The Earth Move, So Far Away, Where You Lead, Smackwater Jack, Home Again, Way Over Yonder, You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman. There was one song that never became popular; a lot of people probably do not even remember it. But it spoke to me years ago and still does today.

Simple Things
by Carole King & Rick Evers

Simple things mean a lot to me
Some things only children can see
Simple things like horses running free
And easy acceptance of life

Simple things never compromise
All things have a rhythm I can’t realize
I feel content in my freedom
And I feel my freedom is right.

I never want to stop being a child
I want to see the flowers
Growing wild on the hillside
To see the sun rise in the morning

Sunlight growing filling the skies

Simple things of the earth don’t die
They just grow and change as time goes by
There are no questions without answers
I’ve found my answer to life is living
The secret of living is life.

Such a simple song but it says so much. At that time in my life I was not a Christian. I was not brought up in church. I was of the world. I was a sinner. I look at things differently now. Simple things still mean a lot to me. But when I look at the simple things like flowers growing wild, or sunrise filling the skies, or cardinals at the birdfeeder, I think differently now.

I thank God every day for the simple things in my life, for the simple plan of salvation that gave me and everyone else a way to have eternal life, life through Jesus Christ.

And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.” 1 John 5:11-12

Do you know Him?

until next time... nel

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Random Dozen Time...

If you have never joined the Random Dozen, just hop over to Linda's blog and link up. The ladies are wonderful and it is a lot of fun!

This week's questions:

1. Are you pleasant when you're ill, or are you a grumpy, fussy patient?

Well it depends on whom you ask. If you ask my hubby he would probably say grumpy. I think I am quite pleasant… just leave me alone. I don’t like anyone fussing over me.

2. When you find out that school is canceled (due to inclement weather) what is your gut reaction?

I really do not have a reaction since I do not have kids at home anymore. I try to stop the thought “Geez we never got out of school when it snowed” before it starts, because that just reinforces the feeling of getting old. lolol

3. What is one domestic skill you wish you could improve?

Gosh where do I begin? lol I wish I could motivate myself to be a better housekeeper. I always have lived with the idea that my house is clean enough to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy. I don’t like the museum look where you are afraid to sit on the furniture or use the end tables. But I tend to let the dust collect to much at times.

4. Do you decorate your home for Valentine's Day?

Nope, not since my daughter was at home.

5. What song is on your mind today?

Amazing Grace – Have had a lot on my mind today.

6. Do you prefer contemporary movies or classic?

Contemporary - However, there are a few classics I like.

7. How well do you "compartmentalize" your feelings? For example, how well can you put aside a really trying moment to deal with the immediate situation which is not related to the trying moment, e.g., putting aside a tiff with your spouse in order to finish wallpapering a room.

If I am upset about something I want to get it out in the open and deal with it. There is no use stewing over it. Talk it out, brush yourself off and get on with life.

8. What is the first thing that attracted you to your spouse? (Or if you're single, to your best friend.)

His sense of humor. He is soo funny. And so sweet, and a flirt! We actually knew each other online about a year chatting off and on before we actually met in person.

9. When was the last time your heart raced?

Hmmm… I would have to say a couple nights ago when hubby came up behind me when I was standing at the sink and kissed me on the back of the neck. Does it every time. lol I am assuming that is the kind of racing you are talking about. It has been awhile since anything set my pacemaker off... lol

10. What are your memories of Valentine's Day at school?

I remember always making and decorating the boxes to hold the valentines. And then signing all those cards, and of course looking at them and seeing if anyone wrote anything besides their name.

11. If you were going to receive candy for Valentine's Day, which would you prefer?

I am not a big chocolate eater but I do love the Lindor Truffles or Turtles. Beth E at Outnumbered,Three-to-One introduced me to the Truffles in one of her giveaways.

12. Red or pink?

I prefer pink. Red reminds me of anger or embarrassment. lol Red is not a good color for me, it makes my face look real red, then everyone asks me if I am running a fever or if I am sick. Gets old, so I just don’t wear it anymore.

Well there is my heartfelt answers, hope you enjoy them.

Now you need to go over to Lid's at 2nd Cup of Coffee and join in the fun. Make sure you link up so everyone can enjoy your answers.

And remember keep checking back, I will be posting details about the "Traveling Book Giveaway" within the next week.

until next time... nel

Monday, February 8, 2010

Guess What...

Woohoo!!! I am EXCITED! Guess what I got in the mail today. It is my turn to read "SisterChicks In Wooden Shoes," and it could be your turn in a week or two. My new friend Joyce over at From This Side Of The Pond picked my name out of the hat and I am the lucky recipient. I can't wait to get started. There were all kinds of goodies included with the book. A packet of Bellagio French Vanilla Gourmet Hot Cocoa Mix; hmmm I see someone curled up in the sunroom with a steaming cup of cocoa and a good book, as the snow comes softly down outside. (That almost sounds like the setting for a book.) Also included was a packet of English Breakfast Tea, some heart and butterfly stickers, a bookmark and a memo pad for my desk, all kinds of goodies. Thanks again, Joyce. A special thanks to Robin over at Be Still And Know for coming up with this wonderful idea. If you have never been over at their corner of blog land hop on over and take a look. I know you will like what you find.

Keep checking back... you could be the next one reading this book.

"Be of the same mind one toward another." Romans 12:16a

until next time... nel

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy...

Oh wait, that is the song. I used to love that song by the way. The Sunshine Award – I Won! My first award – Check it Out! My new friend Debbie at Just Breathe passed it on to me.

I am so excited and feel very honored. I backtracked and looked at some of the previous winners. It has been around for a while. Following is the scoop on it:

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world. Below are the rules for accepting these awards.

  • Put the logo in your blog or on within your post.
  • Pass the award on to 12 fellow bloggers.
  • Link the nominees within your post.
  • Let the nominees know they have received the award by commenting on their blog.
  • Share the love and link to the person whom you received this award from.

My list of nominations is below. It was very hard to decide whom to give this award to. Part of my list were encouraging me from the very beginning when I had no idea why or what I was doing, and they have stuck it out with me. Others, we have just become acquainted through Random Dozen. Thanks Lid! And then there are those whose words administer to my heart and my soul. And there were several others whom I would of loved to include, but twelve was the cut-off. I would like to say thank-you to all of you. Here is my list. Don’t forget to go over to their corner in blogland they love visitors.

Angela at Slaughterhouse Rules
Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee
Robin at Be Still and Know
Beth E at Outnumbered, Three-to-One
Sassy at Sassy Granny
Elaine at Peace for the Journey
Kelly at Chatty Kelly
Angie at Angie's Ad Lib
Cathy at Tales of the TCKK Family
Thena at Patiently Waiting
Chel at Abiding Branch
Christy at The Secret Life of an American Wife and Mom

And again I just want to say A Special Thank-You to Debbie at Just Breathe. Everyone needs to check her out; she is one of my newest friends!

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2

until next time... nel

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This Week's Random Dozen...

If you have never joined the Random Dozen, just hop over to Linda's blog and link up. The ladies are wonderful and it is a lot of fun!

The first 6 come from Kelley at I Didn’t Know That! Thanks so much, Kelley! And can you please help us out with #4???

1. Do you use the labels various charities send you as “free gifts?”

Of course, are we not suppose to? It would be a shame to just throw them out.

2. What is your favorite time of day (or night) for skywatching?

Depending upon the time of year, but at sunset, so 5ish now, 8ish during the summer. I love the way God uses the sky as His canvas!

3. What is the most adventurous you've ever been with trying a new food?
(Keep it G-rated please)

I wasn’t real sure what you meant by this, but I have tried some foods that I thought were on the adventurous side. Frog Legs – My daughter and her dad used to go frog gigging and when they got home he would fix them. They are really good after you get over watching them jumping in the pan.

And I have had rattlesnake. Absolutely love it. When my kid was little we would take a ride across the mountain and if he saw one crossing the road, he would stop and get out of the truck and shoot it and then cut its head off. You have to make sure it does not bite itself or the meat will make you sick. So yes, I would think that is a little adventurous.

4. Have you ever heard a rock sing? (Trust me, there's a reason for this one!)

No can’t say that I have…

5. If you could learn a language you don't presently speak, what would it be?

Probably Spanish.

6. Al Capone's tombstone read, “My Jesus, Mercy.” If you could write your own epitaph, what would it say?

Enjoyed Life!

7. If you were a famous musician who was known by one name, like “Cher,” “Sting,” or “Jewel,” what would it be? It doesn’t have to be your first name, but it can be, if you’d like.

HeavenBound Yeah I know that is not really one word, but I’m the musician right?

8. Have you ever been inordinately “into” a television show?

Oh Lid… Confession time. I like Days… I know shame, shame, shame.

9. When you sneeze, do you go big, or do you do that weird “heenh!” sound that makes people think you’re going to blow your brains out? Any other variation we should know about?

This is funny, because me and hubby were just talking about this last night. He has such a cute little sneeze. And then there is mine. I think the neighbors can hear me. Seriously, I can clear a room. And I have tried to do it different, but it just doesn’t work. lol

10. Do you still read an actual newspaper that you hold in your hands, or do you get your news elsewhere?

I pick up a paper once in awhile, but usually read the news online.

11. Are you a good speller?

Yes, I usually am. And I hate it, cause I always notice spelling mistakes. I blame it on that proofreading class I took when I went back to school after my divorce. Grammar I am not the best at, but spelling I can do.

12. At what time each day do you start thinking about Lost lunch?

We don’t do lunch. I must confess though, we are up till 2 or 3 in the morning, so sleep till 10 or so usually. So I do breakfast, supper, then a light snack about 10 at night.

Well there are my adventurous answers, now head on over to
Lid's and join in the fun!
But first some more exciting news –

I won the “Traveling Book” on Joyce’s Blog. After I receive it and read it, I will do the honors and pass it on to some lucky person in blog land. I would like to offer a special thanks to Robin at “Be Still and Know…” for coming up with this wonderful idea. Yeah Robin!

Be Still and Know

Until next time... nel