Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is For Genealogy and Grandparents...

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My husband got me started on this crazy roller coaster of a ride called genealogy. The meaning of the word genealogy according to is 1) the account of a person’s ancestry 2) the study of family ancestries. They forgot to add that it is an addiction that comes on slowly, but once it has you, you’re hooked. My how I wish I would of asked more questions and listened better when I was growing up.

I love working with the genealogy trying to trace ancestors. It is like a big puzzle that you are trying to find the pieces for. It is amazing what you can find and stories that you run across.

On the Beavers’ side which is Dad’s I am only back to my g-g grandpa in the 1800’s. I have hit a brick wall so it will take some extensive research. On my grandma’s side “Stroud” I have it to my g-g-g grandpa in the 1700’s. I have just started researching my Dad’s side. Most of my research has been on my mom’s side.

She was a Reynolds, and I do have that back to England. The main trunk line I actually have back to the 800’s. King Henry the First was in our ancestry line way back when. Also my 5th great grandma was a full-blooded Indian. Her dad was Chief Oconostota of the Cherokee tribe.

Mom's mom was a Henderson that was my Granny. Her name was Minnie Evelena. I think that is such a pretty name. Her dad was Will Henderson, throughout my life mom always talked about her Grandma Lucrecy. Two years ago just by accident I was talking to my mom’s cousin about her mom and my granny and how much they looked alike. That is when I found out they actually were half sisters, they had different moms. My mom had already passed so I could not talk to her about it so I talked to my Aunt, my mom’s youngest sister. She said yes, but they never knew her, wasn't sure what her name was or what happened to her. At a later date she did call me, she found an affidavit that my granny had with her parents listed on it. Her name was Martha Boland. I still have not found anything about her except her and Will’s marriage license. I am still trying to find information on her and on Will. We do not even know who his parents were. I have gotten a couple of ideas or trails to follow on Ancestry, just have not had time to really search them out, but I will!

G is also for grandparents, which go right along with genealogy. I did not know either of my grandpas, but I did have a step-grandpa that was very special to me. He was on dad’s side, us kids called him by his first name, I really do not know why unless it was because he was only 6 years older than my dad. Dolan was a special person in my life and was the best grandpa I could of ever had. I have a lot of wonderful memories of him.

I did know both of my grandma’s but really was not close with either one. Grandma, my dad’s mom, passed when I was 11 years old, but she had dementia for several years. She lived in Arkansas. Granny, mom’s mom passed when I was 5 years old. I was around her a little more. She also lived in Illinois but with my Aunt. The biggest thing I remember is her white mice, I always made sure she did not have her mice in her apron before I would get in her lap. I guess that is why I try to always make time for my grandkids. I want them to have good memories when they grow up. Oh well I have gone on long enough, but of course you knew I would have to add a couple of pictures.
This is a picture of my Grandma and Dolan.  This is my dad's mom, we do not have a picture of his dad. Dad was 5 when he passed away.  Dolan took very good care of my grandma he was 22 years younger than her, but age did not matter to him. 
This is my granny.  My mom's mom, you can tell she has Indian heritage.

They both look like they have Indian Heritage in this picture. It was taken when I was about 5 years old. Granny was 67 and grandma was 72 when I was born.  Special ladies in my book!

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  1. i so enjoyed reading your post--i have been wanting to search my ancestry also---you have found some interesting things in your search haven't you----love minnie's middle name -was it evelena? sorry can't scroll up to check the spelling---and very funny about the white mice thing!--i too am a nanny and believe like you that it is one of the greatest gifts we can give them and ourselves, to spend all the time we can getting to know one another--lovely reading :)

  2. I did a lot of research on the genealogy of my family, too. I made a scrapbook with all of the information. It's a real treasure that can be passed down.

  3. Geneology isn't my thing...I'm glad others "like you" are doing it to preserve the heritage...and knowledge for people like me. :)

  4. Geneology isn't my thing...I'm glad others are doing it to preserve the heritage and knowledge for people like me. :) Eventually we'll all be related somehow.. lol!

  5. I agree...grandparents are special people : ) Happy Easter to you today!

  6. I love your genealogy post. Such cool pictures too. Happy Easter!

  7. Genealogy can be addicting. It's a fascinating study, and I especially like the old photos.

    Nice to meet you, and I hope you're enjoying the Challenge!


  8. Genealogy is on my "someday" list. Reading your post made me want to get to it sooner!

  9. Some of my best memories and greatest skills are from my grandparents too.
    A to Z:

  10. Loved this post. I love old family stories, especially memories we have as children. Although house dresses aren't flattering, they sure look comfy, don't they. Kinda wish housedresses were "in." HeeHee.