Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Eden Jade...

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Those of you, who know me, already know about Eden Jade. She is that little girl in Arkansas who has me wrapped real tight around her little finger. (At least I admit it.) She will be 6 years old this summer, hard to believe! 6 going on 16!

From day one she has had a mind of her own. She was 7 weeks early and I will never forget the sound of the helicopter Angel One taking off in flight from the hospital where she was born. In fact we were at a hospital in Springfield last week and their helicopter was taking off and it brought tears to my eyes. She was med-flighted to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. Mommy could finally hold her when she was 3 weeks old. By this time she already had exploratory surgery, a bowel resection, a transfusion, a Nissen procedure because of extreme reflux, and a button in her stomach for tube feedings.

She was around 7 weeks old when she was released from the hospital. She was 10 weeks old when she was the flower girl in my wedding. Her brother the ring bearer pulled her down the aisle in a wagon with flowers. They stole the show, thank God! Lol.

She did not even know what a bottle was and did not get to eat the cereals and baby food. Finally at 2 ½ years old they were able to remove the button. She was then able to eat certain foods and drink thickened liquids. She was in Speech and Physical Therapy for several years. What a blessing!  To look at her today, you would never think there were ever any problems. The only visible signs are two scars, one from the surgery and the other from the button. She is such a blessing and keeps us laughing all the time. I have a book where I have written down things that she has said; I think she will enjoy looking over it when she is grown. She loves playing T-ball, or anything outdoors, but also enjoys her dolls and dress up. This Christmas I have to get some more dress up clothes made, she has out grown all of them.
Our favorite song is “You Are My Sunshine.” If we are in Arkansas she is my girl. She is usually at our house if she does not have school the next day. When it is time for us to come back home, she always tells me “Granny I am going to miss you so much, it makes me so sad when you have to leave.” “When are you coming back? Will you call me? “ Yes she knows how to get to Granny! But she and her brother are such a joy!

The first picture is taken when the Angel One Crew was getting ready to leave with her, they brought her in so mommy could finally see her.

She was holding on to her daddy's finger in this one.

My daughter wanted a camo dress for her to come home in but we could not find one small enough, so I made her one.
This was taken at our wedding.   I had a small church wedding this time, and I wanted Cain and Eden to both be a part of it.  My daughter walked me down the aisle.
These are some of my favorites.

She was always so good when she was being fed.  You can see the tube with formula in it, it was attached to her button in her tummy.  In this picture she was reading her book and making faces at her Papa.
Taken at Dickerson Zoo in Springfield, Mo.
This is what you get when you tell her to give you "The Look."
I always laugh when I see this picture.  We were going for a walk in their pasture, but she had to stop and enjoy a dance with Elmo on the way.
This was right after I had told her not to pick my daffodils, her excuse was she didn't know they were daffodils.  Rotten kid!
Serious Stuff!
I think her daddy better get his guns ready...
This was just taken at Lake Dardanelle when we were there in March.  She is growing up on me, but I think she will always be "Granny's Girl" and I Thank God for watching over her every day!

until next time... nel


  1. Hey! Oh she's so beautiful! What a lovely post. How wonderful that she was part of your wedding. Thank you for sharing this post with us :) I was sorry to hear about the troubles she (and all of you, I'm sure) went through at the beginning but glad to hear she's doing well now :)

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  2. I love this post. I have a granddaughter who was born at 24 weeks and weighed in at 15.5 ounces. She is 11 and the love of my life. Eden is precious. Did I mention in my post on the Everglades that I hate snakes too. I am terrified of the things.

  3. She is a lucky little girl to have you in her life. I love that name, Eden Jade.

    Nice to meet you and I hope you're enjoying the Challenge!

    A to Z Challenge Host

  4. How precious! I know how a grandchild can become your heart!

  5. What a scary thing to have to go through when she was a baby. She's a beautiful girl!

  6. What a sweet post! I'm so glad this story has a happy ending :) because Eden Jade is just beautiful!