Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for Xeriscape Gardens

There is a place in Springfield that I love to visit.  Almost any season you can find something in bloom.  Xeriscape Gardens is a photographer’s paradise. I have hundreds of pictures I have taken in the garden.  I will share some of them but first I want to give you a little background.

Our Xeriscape Demonstration Garden was established in 1992.  It is a volunteer project provided by the Springfield Master Gardeners.  They hope to demonstrate the efficient use of water in landscaping.  It is a beautiful place to walk around and relax right in the middle of town. 

The garden is divided into three water use zones:  1) high water use which depends on frequent irrigation.  2) moderate water use which utilizes less irrigation.  3) low water use which needs no supplemental irrigation.

All of that is very interesting but I enjoy walking through the garden.  Here is a few of my pictures, they are not in any specific order.

I love capturing what God has given us!

until next time... nel


  1. At the risk of repetition, Beautiful!

  2. Very nice pictures!! Since we live in a desert (technically because of the low amount of rain we get) a lot of people have xeriscape landscaping; I sure enjoy it!

    have a great weekend and only a few more A/Z posts!


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