Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Deck the Halls with Hodgepodge...

It's Hodgepodge Time...

1. Did you watch The Charlie Brown Christmas special Monday night? Who's your favorite Peanuts character and why?
I did not watch the special Monday night.  And I would say Lucy is my favorite...she has attitude!

"Most psychiatrists agree that sitting in a pumpkin patch is excellent therapy for a troubled mind."~Linus  

Would you agree? 
Yes, anytime alone is good for a troubled mind.

2. Describe a sound from your childhood. What does this sound bring to mind? 
A scraping noise, actually the snow scraping against the sidewalk.  Cold winters and lots of snow with my Dad getting out and shoveling.  He never had a snowblower, always did it by hand.

3. You've won a trip to a winter wonderland...would that excite you? Which one of the following would you most want to experience (or which one would you dislike the least)-see the Aurora Borealis in Norway, stay in Sweden's Ice Hotel, go dogsledding in Lapland Finland, take a winter wildlife safari in Yellowstone or celebrate Winter Carnival in Quebec? 
That would be exciting even though I like to hibernate during the winter. about pictures!

4. Who or what keeps you humble? 
I think really thinking about what God did for us keeps me humble.  We are so undeserving, I mean he gave His only son, so we might have a way to go to Heaven.  Thinking about meeting Him face to face one day, if that does not humble you, something is wrong.

5. What part of preparing for Christmas do you like the most? Explain. 
Giving...whether it be presents, baking or of myself.  I love the lights and all the decorations, but I love to touch someone...and remind them how important they are.

6. Gingerbread-yay or nay? Is making a gingerbread house part of your family holiday tradition?
Not so much...I love gingerbread cookies.  I have attempted them several times but bless their hearts they look like aliens!  I think I am rolling my dough out to thin.

7. What's one thing you want to start, do, or complete before the calendar rolls into a new year? 
I would like to get on a healthier lifestyle.  I need to lose weight and I need to start walking.  We have a treadmill, I have no excuse!

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  My kids came and spent a few days.  We did a Family Photo Shoot for them, we roasted hot dogs around the fire pit, the kids decorated mugs with Sharpie pens, a big Thanksgiving Dinner and we ate too much!   A good time was had by all and it just so happens I have a few pictures!

Nothing like family and making memories!

until next time...nel

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Just Because...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends!

until next time...nel

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thankful for the Hodgepodge...

1. What's surprised you most about your life, or about life in general?
How quickly you feel old... I mean you know it seems like yesterday I could get in the floor and up with no problem, go ninety to nothing at anything.  Now I have to take breaks and I don't get out of the floor without knees popping and bones cracking. The Golden Years... lolol

2. Among others, these ten words were added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year...awesomesauce, beer o'clock, brain fart, buttdial, cat cafe (apparently this is a real thing), fatberg (gross-read the definition here), fat shame, hangry, Mx (gender neutral), and skippable. 

Your thoughts? In looking over the list, which word do you find most ridiculous? Which word would you never in a million years say out loud? Which word would you be most likely to use in conversation?
I think the most ridiculous would be fat shame. I would never use beer o'clock.  And I have been known to use brain fart...happens once in awhile which I also call them a JR Moment!

3. Do you like gravy? Is there a food you'd rather not eat unless it comes with gravy? Do you make your own or buy the canned or store-made variety? Turkey and gravy, sausage gravy, mashed potatoes and gravy, country ham and red eye gravy, biscuits and chocolate gravy, pot roast and gravy...which one on the list is your favorite?
Yes, I like gravy now and then.  Love it on my mashed taters or biscuits, just makes both of them better.  And I usually make my own, however at Thanksgiving I buy a jar and add to it.  I would think my favorite is sausage gravy but Chocolate runs pretty close 2nd.  When the grands are at my house, EJ likes sausage gravy and Cain likes chocolate.  Silas will eat whatever.

4. Do you have a plan? Do you need a plan? Have you ever had a plan fall into a trillion pieces? Explain.
I don't know if you would really call it a plan.  I usually have a thought in the back of my head how I want to do things and what I need to do to accomplish it.  I cannot really think of any one time that the plan has fallen apart.  We all have plans that do not always get carried out or go the way we were hoping for.

5. November 19 is National Play Monopoly Day. Do you own the original or some version of the game? Do you enjoy playing Monopoly? How likely is it you'll play a game of Monopoly on November 19th? Ever been to Atlantic City? Ever taken a ride on a railroad? Is parking in your town free? Last thing you took a chance on?
I am a Monopoly fool, have not played in forever.  I have an original - original from the 60's.  I also have a Coca Cola Monopoly game, a Disney Monopoly game and the 50th Anniversary Game. I told you I was a fool! Probably will not play a game unless I play online.  My  games are at my house in Arkansas. I have never been to Atlantic City, I have rode on a RR but I was too little to remember it.  Yes parking is free in our town.  Can't think of anything right off for taking a chance on.  I do make different things and take a chance that they will sell.

6. A song you like that has the word (or some form of the word) thanks in the title, lyrics, or meaning?

7. In keeping with this month's theme of gratitude....what is something you're taking for granted that when you stop and think about it, you're grateful for?
There are so many things we take for granted, a roof over our head, clean water to drink, the right to go to church and read our bibles.  There are so many things and then things happen in the world and we realize it is not the same everywhere.  We take so much for granted!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Just curious if anyone has ever heard of Norwex Home Products.  I have a few items and oh my gosh I love them.  My Daughter's Step mom, Gina, is an Independent Consultant.  Their big thing is cleaning without chemicals.  I love the dusting mitt.  I used it today and the dust just clings to the mitt.  I also have a big mirror in our living room, I hate cleaning that thing. It always streaks until today.  Today I used the window or mirror cloth and a spray bottle of water.  Oh my, it looks so good, even Stanley mentioned how shiny and good it looked.  You can check out the items here.  It is a little pricey, but they last forever and I love it you can pop them in the washer and dryer and be ready for the next time!  And no more buying chemicals that just keep building up.  Let me know what you think after you check it out.  Since this is our Thankful post, I have one more random thought:  I am so thankful that Jan's stepmom Gina and I are friends!  Life is good! Thank you Jesus!

until next time...nel

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Salute to the Hodgepodge...

1. In two or three sentences tell us what Veteran's Day means to you?
I think it is a wonderful time to remember all those who put their life on the line for our freedom. I always think back to pictures I have of my Dad in Germany during WWII. What a sacrifice all of them have made and are still making for us.  We take so much for granted!  However we should thank them every day not just once a year!

2. What's your favorite film with a patriotic theme woven into the storyline?
This is kind of a hard one...there are so many good ones.  But I do like Top Gun and have watched it several times.

3. Flu shot-yes or no? If you answered no, do you plan to get a flu shot? If not, why not? Have you ever had the flu?
No to the flu shot.  And no I do not plan on getting it.  My dad took it once and it almost killed him, and I know that does not mean it will me, but that is just how I roll.  And no I have never had the flu.

4. I've seen lots of people posting pictures of their Christmas trees up and decorated. Many stores have had Christmas on display since well before Halloween. Red cups are back at Starbucks, sans the holiday decor, and that has some people up in arms. What are your thoughts on all the holiday ruckus this second week of November?
It is difficult to see all of it so soon especially before Halloween.  I can remember the time in my life where I had to put things on layaway before purchasing so to some I guess the time of appearing is good.

5. What 'critter' are you most afraid of encountering unexpectedly? Why that one?
I think a bob cat or a coyote.  I guess because they are so prevalent in Arkansas. I guess a bear would be one also.

6. Do you like building things? What's the last thing you 'built'?
It depends on what your definition of built is.  I have built several cute purses using the sewing machine.  If you are talking building with wood, not so much.

7. In keeping with this month's theme of gratitude...what are you most grateful for that brings beauty to your daily life?
My sweet husband.  He has added so much to my life and treats me like a queen.  I am so blessed that we met each other on line.  A true answer to prayer!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I have so many random thoughts rolling around in my head.  I think I will go with the wedding we attended this weekend.  It was my nephew's son who got married.  My nephew Jim and I are only 7 years apart in age, he was more like my little brother. They have always held a special place in my heart.  It was a beautiful simple wedding.  Here are a few pictures.
Isn't he the cutest ring bearer you have ever seen!
Heather and Nick during their 1st dance. The Happy Couple.
My daughter Janice and Silas.
Eden joining them.  Cain was not there, his mom was getting married.
Si and the Groom!
until next time...nel

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November Hodgepodge...

1. Besides Thanksgiving, something you're looking forward to on your November calendar?

I get to see my grands twice this month. We are going to my nephew's wedding this weekend, then the kids are coming for the holidays.

2.  If I gave you a thank you card right now who would you send it to and why?
Gee, I am not sure.

3. Of the breads listed, which one's your favorite...bagel, cinnamon, sourdough, garlic, banana, biscuit, pita, Naan, or plain old fashioned white bread?
Toss up between sourdough and banana, which garlic runs in there pretty close. And if it is home made white yeast bread then all bets are off with the others.

4. What's something you have in abundance? Is that a good thing?
Craft Skills.  Yes I think so, I can usually do anything I set my head too.

5. November 5th is National Love Your Red Hair Day. Are there any redheads in your family? Who's your favorite redhead?

No red heads in the immediate family.  Really do not have a favorite, not close to any.

6.  The travel website Busbud recently calculated the most Instagrammed spot in every state. Go here to see what made the list where you live. Are you happy with your state's #1? If not what do you think should be the most photographed spot in your state? Have you snapped a photo there? If you live outside the USA answer as it relates to your state, city or province.

Yes, a very good choice, Lake of the Ozarks is beautiful.  And I have snapped a few photos there.

7. I'm going to try to have something related to gratitude in this spot each week during the month of November. Here's this week's question-

What's something you've learned about yourself this year that you're grateful for?
I am finally enjoying history, it never interested me before.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

We had a good Halloween around our house.  It was pretty quiet, but we did have 32 trick or treaters.  I love looking at the little ones dressed up.  We sent the grands in AR goody bags and two of Stan's great grands. 

 Nothing like grandkids!

until next time...nel

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hodgepodge 241

1. Are you comfortable with silence? If you're home alone, do you like silence or do you need regular background noise? Do you seek out times and places to be silent? What's your favorite place to find silence/be silent?
I am comfortable with silence but if I am home alone usually music is playing.  I do seek out silent places at times.  My favorite place is either on our deck, in the sun room or our bedroom.

2. October 28th is National Chocolate Day. Can't let that go by without a mention now, can we? Will you celebrate? How? Let's say you can have one of the following right this very minute... a cup of hot chocolate, a strawberry dipped in chocolate, a bowl of plain chocolate ice cream, or a slice of chocolate pie...what's your pleasure?
I am not a big chocolate fan...I know that is strange for a woman.  But if I had to choose probably a cup of hot chocolate on a cold night.

3. How do you feel about blue jeans? Favorite thing in the world to wear or nope, don't own a single pair? How often do you wear blue jeans in a typical week? Do you own a blue jean jacket?
I used to live in my jeans. lol.  And I still love my jeans and I own several pair, I have a couple new pairs I need to get busy and hem them.  I probably wear them 3 or 4 times a week.  And yes I do have a jean jacket, in fact I have several.

4. Are you superstitious? If so, in what way?

I don't consider myself superstitious.  But now that I think about it, I was crocheting scrubbies to take to a shop in Branson.  I had 13 single and 13 double and I made 2 more single and one more double because I did not want to give them 13.  Strange...

5. If you had to come up with a costume using only things you have on hand right now, what could you come up with? 
A scarecrow or an old lady or man.

6. What scares you a little? What do you do when you feel scared?
Right at the moment I cannot think of anything that scares me.  When I do feel scared I pray and repeat Psalm 27:1

'The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?'

7. Perhaps today will be the day I hem my pants. Or maybe straighten my desk.  ____________________________.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I have several random thoughts running through my head.  We had a great time at the Don Williams Concert, believe it or not that was on my bucket list.  Next Thursday we are headed back to Arkansas, my nephew is getting married to the love of his life!  And Silas James is going to be ring bearer.  Should be interesting.  Last but not least, I am so excited my daughter and her family will be coming to Willard for Thanksgiving.  Love it! 

until next time...nel

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Falling for the Hodgepodge...

1. October 21, 2015 is Back to the Future Day. Did you see the movie? The sequels? In the second film, Doc takes Marty into the future to prevent Marty's future son from making a mistake. They leave 1985 and land on a 'skyway' on October 21st, 2015. So tell us, what were you doing in the fall of 1985?
Wow...That is putting on the thinking cap from get go!  My daughter was 3 years old in 1985.  I was probably working on a costume for her.  I usually made all of her costumes when she was small.  Probably just enjoying every minute I could with her cause I also worked full time during the day.

2.  If time travel were possible, would you want to go to the future? The past?
Future, not so much, I am happy with today!  The only future I am looking forward too is Heaven, and I still have work to do here!  The past yest I would like to go to the past, not to change anything but I would like the opportunity to ask more questions and actually listen to the answers.  There is so much I would like to know about my ancestors.

3. We're not flying cars, but some of the technology imagined in the 80's film has indeed come to pass in real life 2015-flat screen TVs on the wall, tablets, fingerprint recognition, video conferencing, online banking, 3-D movies, motion controlled video games, drone cameras, and smart glasses (Google glass).  Do you worry technology is growing at a rate so fast we'll soon be unable to keep up with it's demands? Do you think the Internet does more harm than good? 
Technology is growing by leaps and bounds!  It is quite scary if you really think about it...mind boggling!  I think the Internet does whatever you use it for.  It is a good tool for looking up information and for sharing your beliefs.

4. Your favorite dish prepared in a slow-cooker? Your favorite fast food?
I am going to say roast, only because that is what we had to night and oh my gosh it was soooo good!  Favorite fast food, probably a good burger and fries or chicken sandwich and fries.  Now if I still lived in Chicago, I would have to go with Vienna Hot Dog, Italian Beef or Polish Sausage and fries.

5. No time like the present, down time, face time, pressed for time, in the nick of time, make time, mark time, or just in time...which timely saying most relates to your life right now? 
Make time.  I have so many things going there are a few things I am going to have to just stop and make time to get them done.

6. Tell us about a place you went as a child or younger person that's no longer there or is now something else. How does that make you feel?
When I was young before I can remember till 2nd grade, I lived in Roselle, IL in a farm.  I have such good memories from there.  There was a big barn and an orchard behind the house and corn fields surrounding us.  It is now a housing development, has been for years.  But it hurts my heart every time
 I think about it.  I would of loved to seen it just one more time. Isn't it funny how things seemed so much bigger when you were a kid.  It did have an upstairs and an attic.  

7. Describe your comfort zone.
At home surrounded by family and friends, or at church with my church family.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Had a great time in Arkansas.  Seen family and friends, there were about 40 people at Silas' birthday party.  A fun time was had by all! 
Getting pretty excited, this Saturday me and hubs are going to a Don Williams concert at Branson.  His sweet brother purchased our tickets for our Anniversary.  Don Williams was my hero when I was a teen and early 20's.  I think I have every one of his albums.  I always wanted to see him in concert.  I guess I can mark that off my bucket list.  :)

until next time...nel

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Welcome Fall & Wednesday Hodgepodge...

I am so ready for fall ya'all!

1. It's October so let's get this out there first thing...have you jumped on the all-things-pumpkin bandwagon? How so?
I have been looking at the pumpkins and the mums.  Some of them are so pretty this year!  I did get out my ceramic pumpkin I place on my porch, but that is about it.

2.  "We have more power than will; and it is often by way of excuse to ourselves that we fancy things are impossible." Francois Duc De la Rochefoucauld  

What's something you once thought impossible, but in hindsight see as more a matter of lack of will?

Can't really think of anything...

3. The rose is America's National Flower, but every state also has its own (click hereto see the list). Are you happy with yours? If you were in charge what would youdeclare your state's flower? If you're outside the U.S. what bloom would you like to see labeled as your country's national flower?
The Hawthorne Bush or flower is Missouri's and the Apple Blossom is Arkansas'.  I think they are both pretty and I love to take pictures of both.

4. What have you lost interest in recently?
Television - Very seldom do I watch TV.

5. In your opinion, who's the best living musician?

This is a hard question, it is hard to pick just one.  In my younger years it would of been easy - Carole King without a doubt.  She had a lot of wonderful songs, Tapestry, You've Got A Friend, It's To Late, So Far Away, and Simple Things.  

I became a country fan after moving to Arkansas.  I enjoy Alan Jackson or George Strait. They are great musicians and singers without all the lights and hype.  Love this song, we played it at our wedding.  'I Cross My Heart'

6. S'mores-love 'em or no? Ever make them indoors? Last time you sat around an outdoor fire? Are making s'mores and sitting round a fire pit on your autumn bucket list? Do you have an autumn bucket list?
I like a S'more once in a great while.  Have never made them indoors. Probably last fall at my grandson Cain's birthday party.  Yes sitting around the fire pit is on my bucket list.  My daughter gave me a pit several years ago for Christmas and I still have not had a chance to use it.  Planning on changing that in the near future.

7. Your favorite small town? Why?
Scottsville, AR - Because my grandkids live there!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

We are headed to a 2nd birthday party this weekend. It is hard to believe Silas James will be two already.  
He is a cute little minion and has this granny wrapped pretty tight!

until next time...nel

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Answers to Prayer...

Hi Everyone!  I have been MIA for about a month, but for a good reason. Sorry for the lengthy post but just something I had to share!  If you remember back in August, I was at my wits end, my baby was hurting and no one could seem to find out what was wrong.  I reached out and requested prayer from all of you.  I asked that you pray for God to send someone that would see and realize what was going on.  You can read about my request here.

I was ready to pull my hair out!  Do you know how hard it is to be so far away and know that your child is hurting and there is nothing you can do about it.  You are not even close enough to comfort her. And I know we are only 4 hours away but at times it seemed like across the world.  It doesn't matter what age they are!

'And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.'   Matthew 21:22

I did the only thing I knew how to do...pray! And asked for others to pray. I prayed believing that God would take care of this!  You know there is no telling how many blessings we miss, yeah we pray, but do we really believe?  You can't pray for the rain to stop and still carry your umbrella! Where's your faith?

My SIL and Daughter have their own business, Cloud Mountain Forestry.  He is in the reforestation business. He was meeting with one of his contacts out on his land, the gentlemen was interested in having some work done.  Clint proceeded to tell him it might be a little while before he could get to it because of Janice's problems.  He told him how they had been to the doctor and ER numerous times but still no answers.  Clint also mentioned that they had a disc of images so they could get a 2nd opinion.  The man informed Clint that he was a Radiologist, and he would be glad to look at the images.  (Is God Good Or What?) Clint made a flying trip home and picked up the CD and delivered it to the man.  He tried to open it up on his home computer but it would not work, so he explained it would be the following Wednesday when he returned to work before he could look at it.  So the following Wednesday the 26th the kids received a call from Mr. Harms.  Now remember take a look at these dates, I requested prayer on the 21st, he volunteered to look at them within just a few days. He was back at work the 26th and opened the images and looked at them.  

He contacted Clint and told him he did see something not sure what it was. But there was definitely something there, a mass of some kind.  The mass was approx 4 cm.  He gave them the name of a Gynecologist/Oncologist in Northern Arkansas. Informed them he was one of the best and she definitely needed to make an appointment a.s.a.p.  Clint was out of town on business the following week so they went in on the 3rd of September.  Surgery was planned, they would do it laparoscopic depending on the size of the mass.  It would be sent to pathology for testing.

Surgery was performed the following week on the ninth.  Everything went great, it was done laparoscopically with no problems. The mass was contained inside her uterus, the cervix looked fine.  They did take one ovary.  The doctor did inform her she had the worse case of endometriosis that he had seen, which would cause all the pain she has been in.  Everything that came back from pathology was benign!  Praise the Lord!

Needless to say this momma was jumping for joy and Praising Jesus!  I spent the month of September in Arkansas helping with kids and keeping her house running, and was proud to do it.  But yes, my bed sure did feel good when I got home.  I thank God every day for my sweet hubby who is always so understanding!

Amazing how just a business acquaintance was exactly what we needed. The perfect answer to prayer!  Did I mention - God Is So Good!

'And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.'   Mark 11:22 - 24

until next time...nel

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hodgepodging at the End...of September!

Can't believe it is already the end of September.  I was MIA all month, but for good causes, I will share that in another post.  It is good to be back!

1. Something on your October calendar that makes you smile?
This little man, Silas James turns two years old!

2. Food for the soul or music for the soul...which camp are you in? Tell us why.

I would have to say Music for the Soul.  I spent a lot of time singing to a certain little boy this month.  And it did the soul good when you would here him walk across the floor singing "Oh How Love Jesus!"  

3. What are two or three things you've learned recently as the result of an online search?
1. How to make pear butter from Asian pears. 2. How they do laparoscopic surgery. 

4. Share your favorite game day recipe. You can describe it, post the how-to, or add a link to the actual recipe. 
To be honest I really do not have one.  I am not a big football fan.  I just make sure my hubby has munchies to eat on game days.

5. What are your five essential steps for creating the perfect morning routine?
1. Wash my face with a cold wet rag. 2. Comb the hair. 3. Throw on some clothes or a robe. 4. Grab a glass of tea.  5. Watch the birds out the window for a few minutes.

6. What small thing have you taken note of today?
How much I need to get accomplished.

7. Sum up your September in seven words or less.

Enjoyable tiring month helping my daughter.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

God is so Good!  On Aug 21st I asked for your prayers, you can read my request here.  God answered prayers!  I will try to post about it in a couple of days. Thanks for praying!

until next time...nel

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Celebrating the end...of August that is!

1. It's hard to believe, but next week's Hodgepodge will find us in the month of September. What's one thing you want, need, or hope to do still before summer officially ends?
I would love to get some fishing in. Maybe a picture-taking drive!

2. When were you last at 'your wit's end'?
Last Friday, my daughter was at the ER again, and they could not find anything.

3. Describe a time you were figuratively thrown into 'the deep end'?
Nothing comes to mind right at the moment.

4. Does the end always, ever, or never justify the means? Explain.
I think it depends on what end or means you are talking about.  It is different in different circumstances. 

5. What makes your hair stand on end?
Things that are going on in this world makes my hair stand on end! It is a sad, sad situation!

6. I read an article on the website Eat This! Health, that listed 11 foods we can eat to help end bad moods. Basically it's a feed your brain so you're less anxious, grouchy and lethargic. The foods are-mussels, swiss chard, blue potatoes, grass fed beef, dark chocolate, greek yogurt, asparagus, honey, cherry tomatoes, eggs, and coconut. Which of those do you think would most help end your own bad mood? Which do you fear, if forced to eat, would put you into a bad mood?
From the list probably eggs would help my mood, now coconut would do the trick to as long as it has a creme pie attached to it. I think mussels would probably put me in a bad mood because I definitely would have to be forced to eat them.

7. What project around your home, office, or life in general feels like there is 'no endin sight'?
We have a closet in our office that drives me crazy.  No matter how much I organize it does not stay that way.  I have nicknamed it the 'Closet From Hell.'  That is definitely on my project list!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I have been working on a few crafts lately and getting some sewing in.  I love when I have time to do that.  Headed to Arkansas in a week - Grandson's birthday.  Actually it will be a week from Friday.  He will be 14.  

Until next time...nel

Friday, August 21, 2015

Please pray...

Life can be difficult at times, and things happen that we don't understand.  Being a momma is sometimes hard especially when your kids have grown up and are not under your watchful eye.

My baby, (she is 33) is going through a rough time. She has been in a lot of pain, we are talking doubled over crying pain and they cannot find anything wrong.  She has been to the ER twice, her doctor once and her gyn.  She was at the ER again today and all of her tests and blood work came back fine again. They did an abdominal CT and it was fine.  They actually gave her the images so she can get a second opinion.  They sent her home with pain medicine.  Hello people - she cannot live on pain medicine the rest of her life - this is not normal!

Please pray...pray that they will find out what is wrong and fix it!  

I told her to give me their phone numbers, this mamma bear is fixin to start making phone calls...and they sure don't want me to come down there!

until next time...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hodgepodge #232

1. Way back when (the Hodgepodge bicentennial to be precise) several of you submitted questions as part of a giveaway I was hosting. I went back to that list for inspiration today and found a question  submitted by Marla, who blogs over atMarla's Musings. Thanks Marla! 

She asks-At what age did you feel like a 'grown-up'? What keeps you young now?   
I would have to say at 22, that is when I moved out on my own, actually to a different state by myself!  I think my grandkids keep me young, keeping active, keeping the brain going, staying busy.

2. When did you last buy a vehicle? Was this by design or because you had no other option? Was the car/truck purchased for your own personal use or was it bought for someone else to drive? On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being delightful and 1 being 'pass the Excedrin') how would you rate the experience?
3 years ago we bought our Caddy.  We needed a different vehicle, the other was running by prayer, literally!  My hubby never buys new he buys used, and I hate going to the car lot so I looked online and we found one in Kansas City.  Went and looked at it and brought it home.  So I would say our experience was 10. They were a great Christian dealership!

3. Corn bread, corn chips, corn pudding, corn on the cob, cornflakes, corn chowder-your favorite of the corn-y foods listed? What needs to be served alongside your selection?
My absolute favorite is corn on the cob, however I am not supposed to eat that a lot. Love it with just about anything!  Cornbread is a favorite with milk as a snack or for supper.

4. What's something in your life that regularly requires you to 'put your thinking cap on'?
I love to do crafts and I am always looking at things and figuring out how I can do it.  Or I see something and think how I could use that to make something.

5. Share a favorite movie set in a school or classroom, or whose theme relates to school days in some way.
Does Grease count...that was the first thing that came to mind.

6. Reading, writing, and 'rithmatic' are commonly referred to as the three R's. What are the three R's in your life right now?
Rest, Relaxation & Reading.

7. What's something you've learned or tried recently you can say was as 'easy as ABC'?

The only thing I can think of is:  A lady at church showed me a headband that she had crocheted. It was really cute. I looked at it closely and she kinda told me what stitch she used and I came home and made it.  So yeah it was easy as ABC!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I have been busy the last few days entering things on the computer.  I first entered 77 items on our Ebay account for sale.  And tonight I posted pictures of 30 items on my NFast Creations page.  I have throw pillows that I have made.  All different designs, made from upholstery material.  I purchased Upholstery samples from a store about a year or so ago and I made throw pillows out of them.  If you would like to check them out they are here on my Facebook page.

until next time...nel

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Moving on over to the Hodgepodge...

1. When was the last time you relocated? Did you move yourself or leave it to the professionals? Are you happy staying put or is there a move in your future? Best thing about moving to a new city or town? Least favorite and/or hardest thing about moving house?
My last relocation was not a total relocation.  I moved some of my stuff but a lot of it stayed at our house in Arkansas.  It was almost nine years ago when we married.  This is good, I love our house and area, but I do miss Arkansas! And if I outlive my hubby that is where I will relocate to close to my family.  I would say the chance of exploring a new area is the best thing about moving.  The hardest thing is when you have to leave memories behind or family.

2. When were you last 'moved to tears'? Explain.

I would probably say last Sunday morning at church I was wiping tears.  Our pastor and his wife were singing 'How Great Thou Are.'  That song gets to me every time.  What He did for us, dying on that cross, and we are so unworthy!

3. Do you have rules about eating in the car...any forbidden foods? What's the last thing you consumed in your car? Your go-to car snack when traveling long distance?

No we eat in our car.  Last thing consumed was probably a Wendy's Frosty.  When we are traveling we like chips, crackers, pretzels or trail mix.

4. Share a favorite song relating to cars and/or driving.
Jesus Take The Wheel - Carrie Underwood

5. What's your most frequently visited drive-thru...Starbucks? the bank? the pharmacy? some other window?
We do not do a lot of drive thru - probably Sonic.

6. "He who hesitates is lost"...would you agree? When it comes to making decisions do you generally act quickly or do you more often than not fall into the 'lost' category?

I don't agree with that.  We never make quick decisions usually we will talk about it then decide. I usually like to sleep on it...cause sometimes it looks totally different after you have slept on it.

7. When was the last time you got lost? Was it stressful or an unexpected happy adventure?

I have never considered myself lost.  My Dad always told me you are never lost, you might not know exactly where you are at, but enjoy the ride while you find your way back on track.  That is a lot better than getting stressed!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

It was so nice out this evening.  It was a cooler and it was not humid.  We sat on the patio and enjoyed the hummingbird show.  We have 6 or 7 keeping us entertained.  Also I was enjoying our crepe myrtle.  It looked like it was dead after the winter.  I was afraid we did not get it in the ground soon enough for it to get established, but I just left it this spring.  And oh my gosh it is even blooming.  Thank you Jesus!

until next time...nel