Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Dogs

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All my life I have been around dogs. Dogs are great friends; they are always there for you, never turn their back on you. You can pour your heart out to them and they never once say I told you so.  I wish I had time to find all my pictures of my dogs, but I don’t. Okay you can quit clapping now, what can I say I have always been a picture nut.

My first dog I do not really remember, I think my memories are just from what I have been told. It was before I was three; my daddy got me a little white Pekinese. Unfortunately, it got sick and died after two weeks. It is funny I do remember something about it being in Des Plaines, IL where we got her. And I remember my dad bringing her out to the car and it licking me all over my face and me giggling. Honestly I am not sure if my brother told me about that or I really remember bits and pieces.

My next dog was my cocker Penney. He was my best friend growing up. I had him from the time I was 3 until I was 16. The picture below is right around the time I got him. We were inseparable when I was little. If I was outside that dog was my shadow. He was always an outside dog. When we left the farm and moved into town unfortunately he had to be put on a chain or in a pen.

We had several family dogs as I was growing up also. When I was in my teens my mom and dad had a Shetland Sheepdog or Sheltie. Cricket was a very smart dog, I spent a lot of time with her, taught her a lot of tricks. She was a funny dog, she was supposed to sleep in her dog bed beside their bed.  She would stay there until they would fall asleep and she would hear them snoring. Then she would come down the hallway and push my door open and jump up on the foot of my bed and sleep the rest of the night.

After I moved to Arkansas and married we had several dogs also, but there were 5 that were really special. Two of them I did not have pictures handy. That was Roscoe and Homestead. Roscoe was a Heinz 57 but the best dog! He thought he was part cat, he grew up with some kittens we had. He was on the small side and he would hide behind a tuft of grass and pounce on you just like the cats would. I think we were attached to him because we force-fed him with a bottle when he was little. He got sick with parvo and the vet said he would not make it, but we did not want to give up. Bless his heart growing up with cats I think he also had nine lives, there were several times when he should not of made it but he did, like when he was run over by an 18 wheeler on the road.

Homestead was another special one. He was part lab and part Chow. When he was a pup he just all of a sudden appeared at our house, thus the name. He had the prettiest brown eyes, was very smart and very spoiled. He loved to ride up the road with me to the store. We had an old Ford Bronco and he would sit in the passenger’s seat when we would go. He would always wait in the truck for me. He knew I would get him a package of peanut butter crackers. If I forgot them I would usually have to go back in and get them. There is not much way you can drive with a 60 lb dog trying to get in your lap. Spoiled rotten!

The dog with the sunglasses below was Lucky. We saved him from having to go to the shelter. He was part poodle and something…lol. He was a mess! Loved riding in the boat and always wore his sunglasses. People were always taking double takes. He was such a good dog, would let you know when he needed to go outside, never chewed on anything he wasn’t supposed to, never made messes, just a really good dog. We had him for several years until he got cancer and was hemorrhaging from his ears and we had to put him down. He was a good dog!

Dusty dog was the cocker spaniel. My daughter and her dad got him for me for my birthday one year. He was my baby! Rotten as they come! Once when my kid was eating crackers and squirt cheese, he wanted one. She tried to give him a cracker but he would not take it. He kept looking toward the cheese can, when she squirted cheese on it he then ate it. Another time there were some pistachio nuts left on the coffee table in the den. When I got home there were shells all over the living room floor, I immediately figured she had left her bag of shells out and he got into them, but actually the bag of shells was still on the table. He had gotten the bag of nuts and brought them in and shelled them eating the nuts and leaving the hulls in the floor. Rotten, can you say rotten! When I remarried I let my ex have custody of him since my new hubby already had 2 dogs. Dusty passed a couple years ago.

Sorry this is so long but here are a few pictures:
Me and Penney

Lucky Dog

Prince Dusty Doolittle

That's All Folks!
until next time...nel

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  1. Lovely post! I adore dogs. Cricket is such a lovely name for a dog :) I have a springer spaniel called Mackie, my mother bought her for me when I was 18. She's so wonderful, I spend so much time with her whenever I'm home!

    I really enjoyed this post. I've written about dogs too, over on my blog :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    Nikki – inspire nordic