Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Precious Moments...

We all have moments that are precious to us, I know I do and I could go on and on about them. Today though I am going to write about a different type of Precious Moments. Actually I am going to share about the Precious Moments Collection.

A little History about Precious Moments: Sam Butcher started drawing the tear dropped eye children as gifts for family and friends. In the early 70’s he and a friend started a line of greeting cards and posters under the company name Jonathan & David. They attended a convention in California for the Christian Booksellers Association and they were a hit. Enesco, Inc. approached Sam, wanting him to develop a figurine depicting one of his pictures entitled “Love One Another” shortly after. By 1978 the first 21 original figurines were introduced to the market, the demand was overwhelming, and the rest is history. For more information go to the Precious Moments website.

I have always loved going into the Hallmark shops to look at the Precious Moments Figurines (PMs). They are all so cute, but something I just always dreamed about. When I married Stan little did I know he had an extensive inventory of PMs. In previous years him and his wife (before she got sick) frequented flea markets and sales setting up their PMs. They also sold them on E-bay. At that time the market was still up, unfortunately now the market is flooded with PMs, so the prices are down compared to 15 years ago. I really did not know a lot about the figurines, but I have learned quite a bit over the last few years. We inventoried our PMs and we have over 1,000 pieces. We have been listing them periodically on E-bay under All-Ways Precious. All of our pieces are older and retired; we also have a few Original 21 pieces. We would eventually like to set up an online store with these also. We are listed as an Secondary Market Seller with the Precious Moments Gift Shop in Carthage, MO. Each figurine has a mark on the bottom that represents the year in was produced. The No Mark pieces indicate that it was produced before 1981. There are a few unmarked special pieces.  Here are the Original 21 that we have in stock, part of them are No Marks:

E-1372B Jesus Loves Me
E-1372G Jesus Loves Me NM

E-1373B Smile, God Loves You
E-1373G Jesus Is The Light NM
E-1374G Make A Joyful Noise
E-1374B Praise The Lord Anyhow NM
E-1375A Love Lifted Me NM
E-1375B Prayer Changes Things NM
E-1376 Love One Another NM -Very First Figurine
E-1377A He Leadeth Me NM
E-1379A Love Is Kind NM
E-1379B God Understands NM
E-1380B O, How I Love Jesus NM
E-1380G His Burden Is Light NM
E-2010 We Have Seen His Star NM
E-2013 Unto Us A Child Is Born

The above figurines are all available for sale.  If you are interested in any of these just contact us at  We would be glad to answer any questions you might have or if you are looking for a specific figurine, plate or ornament, just email us.  Precious Moments make wonderful gifts for any occasion!

until next time... nel


  1. That's quite a collection!

    I meant to tell you I corrected your link so there's only one there now : )

  2. Very sweet! I had a friend who collected them.

  3. Precious Moments (figurines, cards etc) are very cute. I used to collect them as a child...I wonder what happened to them.
    Rhia from Five Minute Piece for Inspiration (about # 776 on A to Z list)

  4. I had a PM coloring book as a child and it was the only one I colored every page in. I think I kept it in my keepsakes box. I've always enjoyed them!

  5. I used to collect those!
    Stopping over from the A to Z Challenge and from your neighborhood in Mo...shhhh, don't tell as I keep it private)

  6. I admire people who collect things! I've never been a collector of anything. Really. Oh, at one time...long ago....I started to collect unique salt and pepper shakers, but then decided I didn't want all of them sitting around or having to dust them or find a place to put them. But I do like the little Precious Moments figurines. Oh, one thing that I DO love enough to even consider collecting is the Willow Angels!! Oh my!! And I don't even have ONE of them, but I do love them!!

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  8. I have been reading upon love one another and some web sites tell you that she and uncle bill was sitting on a stool and other said they were sitting on a stump.dose any one know for sure witch one is right. And I love precious moments I have more then 300 pieces now and still looking for more to buy.