Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Hodgepodge From Arkansas...

It is time for Wednesday Hodgepodge again. A time where blogging buddies reveal a little more about themselves and enjoy reading about others. It’s a wonderful way to meet new bloggy friends!

We thank Joyce at “From This Side Of The Pond” for hosting this fun meme. If you would like to join in just click her button on top (I can see it today Joyce) or her blog name above, grab the questions, and answer them on your own blog. When you are finished make sure you link back up at Joyce’s so we can all enjoy your answers. Would love to learn more about you!

So without further adieu (that’s for you Joyce), here are my answers:

1. What is the most amazing weather you’ve ever seen?

This was years ago, Janice was small, and we had stopped by my parent’s house here in Appleton, AR before we went on home. We lived next door to them. Anyway, it was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky; the sun was shining, when all of a sudden we heard something, it sounded like a herd of animals running. We were sitting in the back under their pavilion and we looked up and you could actually see the downpour coming down the road. The pavement was getting wet as it moved closer. It came as far as their front yard, Jan’s dad had run out to roll up the windows on the truck and he was soaked, but it never rained in the backyard. Really strange…

2. What is a sound or a noise that you love?

Now Joyce you really do not expect me to pick out just one do you?

I love the sound of my grandkids laughing. They have such fun together and Eden Jade has such an infectious laugh. There is nothing like hearing kids laughing. You know they are enjoying life and life is so short.

I also love the sound of Arkansas at night in the spring or summer. You can hear so much standing out in my daughter’s yard; the crickets chirping, frogs croaking, the bobwhites calling and the coyotes howling, every once in awhile you can hear an owl hooting. What wonderful sounds God has given us if we will only take time to listen.

3. Do you like seafood? What’s your favorite seafood dish?

I love shrimp! Boiled shrimp is the best, but I do like it fixed other ways also. I have an easy shrimp dip recipe that I love and yes I could make myself sick on it. There is a catfish house in Bee Branch that we go to when we are in Arkansas sometimes. The catfish and hushpuppies are to die for. They also have crab legs, but I am not fond of those, but bring on the crab cakes or stuffed crab, those are delicious. I like trout also as long as they take the heads off. There are a lot of dishes I have never tried and I would love to.

4. What part of your day requires the most patience?

Boy that is a hard one! Probably when I first get up requires the most patience for me. Patt, Stan’s niece, lives with us and she tends to be very talkative in the morning. I am really not a morning person. I like to get up, drink my diet coke, and grab something to eat, check my emails, read blog posts, and wake up before I start conversing with people.

5. What is your favorite shade of blue?

I actually like all shades of blue but Royal Blue is my absolute favorite!

6. Do people underestimate you?

At first glance of this question I thought No, but after talking to my hubby, I decided yes, maybe some people do underestimate me. I am not one to talk and brag about what I can do, so I think sometimes I surprise people with my creativeness and abilities along with skills.

7. When is the last time you had butterflies in your stomach?

It has been probably a week ago while we were still at home in Missouri. Every time my hubby walks up behind me and touches my neck it gives me butterflies and cold chills. And that is all I am going to say… I know hard to believe!

8. My own random…

Yeah, all of you knew what this random would be about. Lol. Having a great time in Arkansas. Cain and Eden are both growing by leaps and bounds. Janice will be looking up to Cain in a year or two; he is only 9 years old now. She has about 2 inches on him if that much. Eden is getting taller and really slimming down like her momma did. She loves to sing, there are a few country songs she can sing word for word, and she love to sing songs she has learned in school. But it really does this granny’s heart good when I hear her singing songs like “The B-I-B-L-E,” “I’m in the Lord’s Army,” and “Father Abraham.”

That’s All Folks…

Internet service is very limited so I apologize for not commenting this week. I promise I will catch up next week!

Until next time… nel


  1. Merci : )

    Of course I don't expect you to pick one-I picked four. When I say one it's just a figure of speech : )

    That's some crazy rain...we had that happen once, we were sitting in the back yard and went around front and it was raining.

    You and your butterflies-I say you rock!

    Enjoy your visit!

  2. I love shrimp too and since I'm not a morning person, that is the most hectic time for me also.

  3. Diet Coke in the morning ... I knew there was a reason why I liked you! ;-)


  4. I had more than one favorite sound too!

    And several of us love royal blue!

    I'm with you on mornings. When I was in college, one morning toward the end of the first week of school, my roommate asked "Are you mad at me?" Because all I did was grunt or make one word answers to her chirpy singing happy self in the mornings. I told her "No, I just don't do mornings!"

    Enjoy your time with your family!

  5. Glad everything is well in Arkansas! How odd that it never rained in the back yard!

  6. I saw a rain storm coming down the street towards my mom's house. Was kind of wild to see it coming toward us.

  7. Hi Nel!! It is pretty neat and sometimes scary when you can hear the rain a-comin', hm?
    I could almost hear the night sounds of Arkansas just from your description! :-)
    So happy for you that you're enjoying the grandbabies!! God bless!!

  8. Very strange storm for sure! I love the laughter of children. Sweet answer to #7 :)

  9. How cute listening to your little grand-daughter singing those songs! That would be a joyful sound to hear indeed!! I am sure you are enjoying your time with them so very much!