Thursday, November 4, 2010

Giving Thanks - Day 4

Today I am thankful for my daughter. She is my one and only. Not only is she my daughter she is one of my best friends.  It seems like yesterday she was that little girl that loved to sit in my lap and chatter up a storm or make faces at her daddy. 

Her and I were discussing Eden and things that she says and comes up with, and I had to remind her that she was the same way when she was little, however Eden is a little more outgoing than her momma was.  Anyway I reminded her about a particular incident where we had went to a hamburger stand called Fat Willies, you ordered at the counter then you waited in the car.  When our order was ready Janice went back up to the counter with me.  After I paid the lady I asked her for some more napkins, and her reply was "I'm sorry I should of given you more since you have a little one with you."  Now I want you to remember Jan was around 3 years old and she stuck her foot out and put her hand on her hip and said, "Oh they are not for me, they are for my momma, she is the messy one in the family."  I thought the lady was going to die laughing and she said "out of the mouths of babes!"  So as I reminded Jan she agreed Eden bless her heart comes by it honest.

It seemed like life passed us by so quick before I knew it she was over playing with the barbie dolls and interested in the boys. 

She was 22 when Clint and her married.  They were high school sweethearts, but went their separate ways, he had some wild seeds to sow.  Her getting married was hard, we had lived just us for a couple of years.  She helped me get through some really hard times after her dad left.  But I was so happy for her.  I actually could not even help her get dressed because every time we looked at each other we cried, and it was doing a number on her make-up.  When I went home that night after getting the church cleaned up and put back in order, she had left me a note thanking me for everything.  And she had wrote I will call you tonight tomorrow.  I had to laugh, I still have the note!

And all of a sudden time passed and she is the momma.  I am so proud of her, Eden was a special needs baby until she was almost two.  Jan had to feed her through a tube and never once did she complain or throw up her hands. She just did what she knew she had to do.  And even now she is working full time and taking care of two kids and her household along with her hubby and on top of that working on her bachelor's degree online.  She continues to amaze me.  I love to sit back and watch her interacting with Eden.  She is such a good mom.  And I am so proud of the beautiful lady she has become.  And extremely thankful for her!

until next time... nel


  1. Janice is such a sweet sweet person. I know you are so very proud to be her momma.

  2. what a fantastic wonderful relationship you have with your daughter! such a blessing for both of you indeed!! she seems like a very special young woman too!


  3. What a sweet post about such a sweet girl!

  4. Loved this post about you, your daughter and little Eden! So precious and loved the pictures!