Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random Thoughts...

Just a little Random thinking.  Kinda scary huh?  Well here we go...

1. Yep, we did our part, we voted!

2. And I think everyone in the town of Willard was voting also, which is good, I am not complaining. It actually was wonderful. We were in line for an hour before we could cast our votes. The line was actually out in the parking lot, too cool! I have never ever seen a turn out like this!

3. My hubby took me out to breakfast before we voted; good thing or I would of starved to death… yeah right!

4. Then we did all of our monthly shopping, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart and Dillon’s. Do you ever shop at Sam’s? We get a lot of our paper supplies there, and a few canned items, along with coffee among a few other items. But we have started buying our meat there. It has been really good! We have been very happy with it.

5. I am sure most of you know I enjoy photography. I am putting together some greeting cards and will be showing them in the future. I included a few of them in the giveaway that Betty won. I actually order the card stock from a Photography Shop. The photo gets slipped in and fixed where it does not move then I fold the cards, add an envelope and put them in a storage bag. They are note cards with a space on the back that I write where the picture was taken. I will share them when I get them together.

6. My hubby used to sell Precious Moment Figurines at shows and flea markets. Needless to say our extra garage is overcome with boxes. Our most recent project is to organize all the collectibles along with an inventory, and then we plan on either placing them on e-bay or opening an online store, where I can do something with my photos also. All of the figurines are retired pieces, and we are listed as a secondary market dealer at the Precious Moment Chapel in Carthage MO. We have received several phone calls, but did not have an inventory of what he had. I told him this is something that we needed to do now. Plus I am planning on using the small section of the garage where the lady before had a beauty shop as a craft room. My Space! Doesn’t that sound heavenly! lolol.

7. Soooo if you or you know someone that is looking for Precious Moments figurines, send them our way! I am not finished entering the inventory into the computer yet, but we are up to 860 items. Yeah I think a store is a good idea.

8. Did I mention I miss the Random Dozen? I understand why Lid is not hosting it anymore, but I sure do miss it. Trying to come up with 12 random things is hard, I have no idea how she did the questions each week.

9. I need to get back working on my genealogy, which that is always a good cold weather project, so I am sure I will pick it back up. On my dad’s paternal side, I have not been able to get beyond my great-great-grandpa. It is like there is a brick wall there. And on my mom’s paternal side I cannot get passed her grandpa. I have to look at that closer. I am thinking maybe someone else raised him. It can be like a big puzzle when you really start working on it, sometimes the pieces are hard to fit, but it is so interesting.

10. As most of you know because I have mentioned it before, we are going on a little road trip this weekend. Friday night we will be in Branson. Looking forward to seeing The McKamey’s. They get so excited and are so on fire for the Lord!

11. I have a question for anyone older than me, is there a reason when you hit your fifties all of a sudden every bone in you hurts. And for some reason the floor is just so much farther away than it used to be. And speaking of farther away, I think they moved the stairs too. They are farther apart and steeper than they used to be. lol.

12. You know what though, I will take any day getting older compared to the alternative. I am not ready to die, let me explain that, I am not ready to die because I do not want to leave some of my earthly family and friends. I know most of them I will see again but I hope that the Lord gives me the opportunity to witness to those who do not know Him as their personal savior; I want to see them in Heaven on the other side. What A Day That Will Be! Can You Imagine?

Well peeps, I think I made it to 12, and I am finished. Ok, hold the applause down. Don’t get too excited! Hope all is well in your world and you have a blessed week!

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”                                     Philippians 4:19

until next time... nel


  1. I enjoyed your random dozen thoughts. I did the same thing today. Maybe someone will decide to put up a link soon, so we can still link up.
    Wow, that's a lot of Precious Moments!
    Yes...things do start changing at 50, don't they? I'm with you, though, it's better than the alternative. Have a great Wednesday...Kathy

  2. I echo what Kathy said, wow that is a lot of Precious Moments figurines!! what an undertaking just to inventory them!! I'm the same age as you, but I know what you mean about hitting 50. I noticed at 40 I was more achy, but this past year (so actually 52 years old) I can tell a big difference in aches and mobility etc. Oh well :)

    Neat to see the response your town did for voting! we voted, didn't do much good LOL as our candidates didn't win (but we knew they wouldn't, we live in such a "left" type of state).

    enjoyed your Random Thoughts today :)

    hope the rest of the day is a good one!


  3. I posted random today too. I'm thinking of putting a Wed. link on my blog, maybe everyone can post their own random or I can mix in a few questions since coming up with 12 things from our own lives in a week is a stretch. I've seen about three randoms now so maybe people would play would be nice to keep that connection. Would you be interested if I posted a Mr. Linky?

  4. I miss the RD, too. When the boys were small, we used to shop at Sam's once a month, now it's not worth the hassle. The closest one is in the big city, and it doesn't have an easy in/out. Not sure why they did that!
    Have fun in Branson!

  5. I'm interested in your genealogy plans. I started several years ago, to map my mother's side of the family - her father's siblings emigrated to America and I got stuck with it as I'm far from archives and documents.
    Wish you Luck with this project!

  6. I've noticed that several did as you just posing randomness.
    I posted a giveaway.
    I've seen The McKamey's in concert once and they were awesome.
    I love their music.
    I've also dabbled in genealogy, but it's very time consuming.