Monday, November 22, 2010

Giving Thanks - Day 22

Today I am Thankful for running water!  We have not had water since March this year at our house in Arkansas.  Pipes froze and busted last winter.  We have been hauling water and having to heat it for washing dishes and taking showers at my daughter's.  It is a whole lot more fun when you are camping than everyday living.  It is amazing what we take for granted.  I had contacted several plumbers and finally we had one that returned our call.  And yes, today I am thankful for running water!

until next time... nel

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  1. Running water is indeed a very good thing to be thankful for! I can't imagine having gone that many months without it! And I'm really surprised that plumbers didn't return your call; you would think with the way the economy was they would welcome business!