Monday, November 1, 2010

Did I Ever Mention I Love Pictures...

I received these late yesterday, just had to share them with all of you.  The first two are my daughter Flo alias Janice.  I guess if her job doesn't work out she can attach these pictures to her resume and apply at Progressive Insurance.  She might not have any training on the job but at least she could look the part.

And then there is Minnie, she didn't win the contest but she is a winner in my book!  Look at that hand on the hip, you would think she has had her picture taken before.

Nothing makes my day like getting pictures of my kids when we can't be there
Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. 

We went to church last night, but we did have about 7 trick or treaters when we got home.  Love seeing the kids dressed up and enjoying life!

Speaking of enjoying life, we are off to Branson Friday night.  We are going to see the McKameys.  They are a Southern Gospel group, I posted three of their songs about a month ago.  Looking forward to a fun evening.  We are planning on going up Friday morning and coming back Saturday afternoon.  There is a quilt/fabric shop on the main drag that seems to always call my name when we are in town.  Shhhh  don't tell my hubby!  

until next time... nel 


  1. Those are great pics, Nel. I can see why you were excited about getting them! You have a beautiful family.

    Have fun in Branson!


  2. I had to smile about your daughter being the Progressive girl! Have a good time in Branson...I'd love to get out there sometime!

  3. your daughter does look a bit like Flo! I always get a kick out of their commercials! Your daughter is beautiful!! Loved your little "Minnie" too. She looked so very cute in that costume!!

    your mini getaway sounds like fun too! I bet you are looking forward to it (and the shop, but we won't tell hubby :)


  4. Great pictures and I haven't seen the McKamey's in concert in years. I used to see them quite often but that was probably 20 some years ago. Hope you have a great time.