Friday, August 21, 2015

Please pray...

Life can be difficult at times, and things happen that we don't understand.  Being a momma is sometimes hard especially when your kids have grown up and are not under your watchful eye.

My baby, (she is 33) is going through a rough time. She has been in a lot of pain, we are talking doubled over crying pain and they cannot find anything wrong.  She has been to the ER twice, her doctor once and her gyn.  She was at the ER again today and all of her tests and blood work came back fine again. They did an abdominal CT and it was fine.  They actually gave her the images so she can get a second opinion.  They sent her home with pain medicine.  Hello people - she cannot live on pain medicine the rest of her life - this is not normal!

Please pray...pray that they will find out what is wrong and fix it!  

I told her to give me their phone numbers, this mamma bear is fixin to start making phone calls...and they sure don't want me to come down there!

until next time...


  1. You go Mama bear! Dealing with doctors and ER visits can be distressing and so frustrating! I hope your daughter feels better soon.

  2. The pain medicine is not for the rest of her life but until they find out the reason. If the tests were ok, then perhaps the pain will go away as sudden as it came.
    I wish your daughter to be pain free quickly!

    1. The problem is they are not trying to find a reason. They send her home with medicine and tell her to come back if it gets bad again. There is no follow up. This has been going on for about 6 months. And yes the pain does go away for a week or two then it starts again and is just progressively getting worse. It is just so frustrating when you can't fix it for your kids!

  3. Nel, I haven't been in the blog world for months, but stopped by on a whim today. Sorry to hear about your daughter. I stopped and prayed for her and will continue to do so as the Lord brings her to mind.

    There are two incidences in my family that I thought I'd tell you about to see if it might help in some way. My first thought was maybe your daughter has Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). My daughter had something like it when my marriage was at it's rockiest. The stress in our home caused her great abdominal pain and yet there were no tests that could conclude why. It was the stress, I believe. Although there was strife in our house for probably 6 months (at the worst), she did not fully recover until a full year had gone by. If you all haven't considered IBS, have her check out the symptoms online, especially if she is dealing with stress in her life.

    The second thought that came to me - two years ago I had started having discomfort in my pelvic area which culminated in a ride to the ER at 3am in great pain. I was having to breathe through convulsive pain, like I was in labor. The ER did a CT and ultrasounds, but came up with nothing. I was sent home with pain meds that just barely took the edge off. That day I went to my GP. He thought I was having muscle spasms and gave me a muscle relaxer. That helped some, enough to work and get around, but I just didn't feel like we had gotten to the bottom of the problem. I went to my gyno. My symptoms were enough to warrant a DNC (lining thick), but I had to wait a month and a half. During that time I had to keep getting progressively stronger medicine to endure the pain. I remember thinking when I signed the hospital papers that if I didn't wake up from surgery, I would be ok with that-two plus months of pain was worse than anything else. When I awoke from the DNC, I awoke pain free. It was such a wonderful feeling. She said I had the biggest uterine polyp she had ever seen and that my body had probably been trying to expel it. I have a step-sister who also has endometriosis (which wasn't confirmed until they opened her up in surgery.) She describes her pain similarly to mine.

    All three of these scenarios are not detected well through scans. Keep researching, keep a journal of food and activities and with prayer, hopefully, she'll find an answer to alleviate the pain. My thoughts are with you!

    1. Thanks Angie! I will make sure she reads this. We were discussing diverticulosis this morning. She does have IBS but it is hurting her worse than that usually does. So I am thinking... anyway she is going to the doctor monday if she can get in and tell her all of her concerns. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts and it is good to see you back! Been praying for you!