Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hodgepodge 109...

Join in the fun, hop over to Joyce's and grab the questions for this week.  She always does a great job!

1. Lake Superior University has once again published a list of words/phrases they think should be banished from the Queen's's the list for 2013-
fiscal cliff, kick the can down the road, double down, job creators/creation, passion/passionate, yolo (an acronym for you only live once), spoiler alert, bucket list, trending, superfood, boneless wings, and guru
Which of these words/phrases would you most like to see banished from everyday speech and why. Go here to read more about how the words were chosen.
fiscal cliff -  I am so tired of hearing about the fiscal cliff.  It is a financial crisis people, and I don't see a lot that you are really doing about it.  How about cutting some of those big salaries and retirement at the top!

2.  When was the last time you rode a train?  Where did you go?
It is really kinda sad, I don't remember.  I have not been on a train, a real train since I was little bitty, and I do not remember a lot about it.  I don't count the ones at zoos and parks.  

3. Bagels-yay or nay?  Favorite 'flavor'?  Favorite topping?
I love bagels!  Blueberry, Cinnamon Raisin, Plain, maybe with a little cream cheese on it.  I love the honey flavored cream cheese...mmm good stuff!

4.  'Tis the season of awards shows...if you could star in a movie already made which one would you choose?
I am not picky as long as Sam Elliott or Richard Greer are in it!

5. The move towards single gender classrooms has been making the news in recent months....what say you?  Do you think kids perform better if separated by gender and are taught differently or is that discrimination?  If you're a parent, is this something you'd support in regard to your own children? 
I can't see the benefit.  And no I don't think I would support it.  Kids need to learn together, life is not separated, we need to learn from each other.  

6. What's your favorite thing about staying in a hotel?
It is just us!  The privacy, you have to remember there are 3 living in our house.

7. Do you have a 'word' for 2013?  What's the story behind your choice? 
I have not picked out a word, I probably should have.  If I did I think it would be "thankful."  I think that in the fast paced world we live in we all tend to take things for granted, even though we do not mean to.  I want to remember to be thankful for all things, but especially Jesus Christ, who gave us life eternal.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I have been having problems with Anonymous comments that are selling things on my posts.  Before they were all going to Spam but now some of them are being published, and I hate it!  I am going to try the Comment Moderator, I am assuming I will have to approve all comments going that route.  Does anyone know is that how it works?  I hope this will solve my problem.

Hope all of you are enjoying the new year and staying warm!

until next time...nel


  1. I can't help with comment moderation except that word verification generally takes care of the spam problem. Love the privacy that hotels provide as well!

  2. Thankful is a great word for the year! :) It is so easy to forget that none of the things of this life belong to us.

  3. I have been getting a rash of Anonymous comments as well. All on one old post from nearly 3 years ago! Fortunately, after a couple I put comment moderation on and only a couple have been published because of my fumbling fingers. Let's hope they stop soon.

  4. I love love love Sam Elliott, he is so sexy :) And yes comment moderation means all the comments wait for you to check them off for them to be posted.

  5. I approve comments on my blog-they show up in the moderation file and I can publish, delete, report as spam.

  6. Great answer to number 1! Mine was similar.

  7. I've been getting the spam too, but so far the spam thing is catching most of them.

    Thanks is my word this year. I'm hoping it will help me to take more notice of the small good things in life.

    Sam Elliott is a favorite of mine too.

  8. I have been lucky and not had many spams. I hope I can avoid them.

  9. So sorry to hear that you're having issues with the comments you're getting. Hope things get worked out soon...they can be so frustrating!

  10. Oh... yummy. Sam Elliott. LOL

    Julia @ Mom on the Run x2

  11. My word this year is gratitude. I'm finding that I have more to be thankful for than I knew. :)

  12. I LOVE your explanation with the word, Thankful. I try to remember to be thankful every day. My life has been so blessed, with the big and small things all around me.
    I haven't had a lot of spam come thru, but I personally don't like when someone comments on my blog with the only purpose in mind to sell their own blog. Tacky. =(
    Have a great night! =)

  13. We could share our disdain for "fiscal cliff" over our fave bagels. :)

    I had been having trouble with the spam comments from anonymous and I switched to comment moderation for ONE day. After that I switched back to letting them all come through and the spam folder caught them all. Don't know if I did anything that helped or if it was coincidence. Hope it works out for you.

    Happy New Year!