Sunday, January 6, 2013

Childhood Memories...

I have been toying with the way I wanted to write this post and share some pictures.  I think what I need you to do is shut your eyes and think for a moment about your childhood.  Did you ever enjoy playing dress up?  I cannot really remember playing dress up a lot but at times when I was over at my cousins we would.  There were four girls in their family along with a brother, but he never played with us.  Two of the girls were my age then there were two older ones.   I can remember us younger ones would dress up in the older ones dresses at times.  I can remember a few lacy ones perhaps they wore them to dances.  The one fun thing about dressing up was you could be anybody you wanted to be.  The sky was the limit.  It was such a good feeling, a feeling of freedom and happiness; some of the best times were dressing up.  Perhaps that is why I wanted to give that opportunity to Eden Jade, my granddaughter.  So once again for Christmas I added to her Dress-up Wardrobe.  I hope she will get much enjoyment from her clothes and she too will have wonderful memories of dress-up.

She had a box full of dresses, purses, shoes, mink coats and jewelry.  

Daddy thought he needed in on the fun too.
She looks like a teenager from the 60's in this one.

She is such a ham.
Could be part of Happy Days!

I enjoyed putting the clothes together for her.  Most of them we picked up at yard sales and I just reworked them.  It was a lot of fun! Nothing like making memories.

until next time...nel


  1. My girls would have been in 7th heaven with a gift like this one. Me too : ) My sister and I lived in dress up clothes when we were little, and my own daughters did too.

  2. Our girls loved dress up clothes too.

  3. That's such a great idea for a present! Some of my favorite childhood memories are memories of playing dress up with my friends. She'll treasure these memories for sure!