Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge Once Again...

It is Hodgepodge time again, that fun time when we all have to answer these wonderful questions that Joyce comes up with.  I have no idea how she does it!  If you would like to join in just click on the button above and you will be transported over to her corner in Blogsville where you can get her list of questions and of course link up.  You know before you leave though, you want to read what was on my mind this week, well here it is:

1.  Have you ever been to the US Capital - Washington DC?  If so what's your favorite site? 

Yes my husband had to make a trip to DC for Union business three years ago.  It was my first time, what an experience!  I was lucky a friend of mine worked at the National Archives, so she gave me a personal tour, what a treat!  Very impressive, I would love to spend some time there researching.  The whole city is just full of history and I don't think it ever goes to sleep.  It is so hard to pick just one site.  I loved seeing the Capital, we did not get to take a tour, but just from the outside was spectacular.  The monuments were wonderful but the Viet Nam Wall just grabbed my heart. 
National Archives under construction.
White House

I wanted to know why all the lights
were on at 10:00 p.m.?
This one grabbed my heart! 
I am sure they were looking at a relative's name.
2.  When did you last attend a wedding?  Are there any weddings on your summer calendar?  Were you a summer bride?

I guess the last one I attended was mine in September 2006.  That has been  I do have a nephew getting married this summer, but I will not be able to be there. 

3.  What is your favorite way to eat strawberries?

Either fresh out of the garden or sliced up with a little sugar on them, and cake and whip cream could be added.  lolol.

4.  What is one thing you are especially looking forward to this summer?

We are making a trip to Florida.  We have a condo (thanks to my cousin) for a week.  Right on the beach at Panama City.  My daughter and family are joining us and my partner in crime Kathy is supposed to go with us.  I cannot wait till Eden Jade sees all the sand and water...  Hoping we get to make a day trip to Disneyworld while we are there...not sure.

5.  Do you use/like the self-checker at the grocery store?

I have used it a time or two if I am in a really big hurry.  I prefer to use the line with an attendent.  If we get to reliant on self checkers and such people's jobs might be cut, that is just my opinion.

6.  Share a favorite piece of common sense advice.

Don't sweat the small stuff!  And it is all small stuff unless it is life or death!  We have to remember God has it in control!

7.  Barefoot, flip flops, tennis shoes, sassy sandals, your first coice for summertime?

If I am at home I am barefoot!  (I lived most my life in the south, what can I say?)  Otherwise sandals.

8.  Random

I have been working on another blog trying to get it together.  It is for my greeting cards and posters.  There is so much that goes into it, especially if you want to prevent pictures from being taken.  I will let you know when it is up and running!


until next time...nel


  1. A week at the beach sounds so fun to have your granddaughter there too. Love your common sense advice today!

  2. I hope to go to DC some time.. Good luck with your new blog that sounds amazing.. Great year to Marry in..

  3. I have beach fever something BAD right now! Very, very good advice!

  4. Have fun in Florida! We always do! : )

  5. Totally agree with the "Small Stuff" advise. I'm working on that, but haven't quite got it down yet. haha

    Hope you have a blast at the beach and that you do get to go to Disney for a day. Hope you take lots of pics and share them with us.

  6. As usual you're very fluent in your answers.
    My town is known as the strawberry town because of the strawberry fields that surround it. Of course, I like strawberries very much and I eat them in their natural form only.

    Have a great time in Florida!

  7. I've never been but would love to go to DC. Your trip to Florida sounds wonderful. Have a great time. You visited Amy today, she is my best blog buddy, thank you.
    I am always barefoot at home.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  8. A week at Panama City sounds wonderful! We went there a few years ago, and loved it.