Sunday, May 29, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon...

This is just a Random Post.  It has been awhile!  Sorry for all the book reviews, I had to get caught up.  We have limited internet while in Arkansas, so things tend to get behind.  We had a wonderful time in Arkansas, it was so good to get away and enjoy our kids.

What a beautiful day God has given us!  The sun is shining, it is 88 degrees out, if the wind was not blowing it would probably feel quite hot.  What a wonderful day!

We are grounded at home for a little over a month unless short little trips come up.  We might actually get a few other projects caught up.

I have a picture I want to share.  This is my Aunt Maxine with Eden.  My aunt is the youngest of my mom's family and the only one we have left. She was 86 this year, don't tell her I just told the world how old she is.   She is a very special lady and we get such a charge out of her.  She still lives by herself next door to her daughters, and is still driving.  While in Arkansas I made homemade pizzas and had her and one of her daughters over.
Eden loves her Aunt Maxine and was so glad to get her picture taken with her and was happy to spend some time with her.  Bless her heart, believe it or not Eden's hair had been combed, it is so curly especially if it is humid.  She will probably hate it when she reaches her teen years.

On one of my other posts I mentioned the doll house that I have that was my mom's.  I took a couple pictures of it while we were at our home away from home. 
This may not seem like much to a lot of people, but I consider it an heirloom.  This was my mom's, her dad made it for her.  I am not sure how old she was when he made it, but I do know it is over 72 years old because he passed away in 1939.  I was told he made it from an old piano.  The door even has a little handle on it and it is attached with little hinges.  I am not sure about the rocking chair that may have been carved by one of the uncles, but every southern porch has to have a rocking chair.

When I look at this house I wonder what my grandpa was really like.  I know I have heard stories, not good ones, he was an alcoholic, but when I see this house I know in my heart he had a soft side also.  The patience and skill it took to build a house like this tells me alot.  I wish I would of asked my mom more about it, like why did he decide to build her a house? And how old she was when he gave it to her?  I treasure the dollhouse like I know my daughter and her daughter will eventually, something special to pass down through the ages.  I also have the old kitchen table that he made along with the bench that my mom sat at when growing up.  Memories...

I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! 

"I remember the days of old; I meditate on all thy works; I muse on the work of thy hands."  Psalm 143:5 KJV 

until next time... nel


  1. What a sweet dollhouse! I love that it has a rocking chair on the front porch. My mom is the only sibling left in her family; I keep thinking that I need to write down questions to ask her.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. You prompted me to put up a post letting everyone know that I've added to my life a new puppy and a daughter getting married so the blog has been on the back burner.

    It means a lot to have you check in. Please, pray for clear weather on Saturday night. We have an outdoor reception!

    Aunt Maxine looks like a darling! I love to sit and listen to older folks tell that connection to the past.

    Cute dollhouse! What a treasure.

  3. The dollhouse is precious! And the picture is so sweet of your aunt and granddaughter...I love the generations together.