Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chatting On The Farmhouse Porch...

Everyday Ruralty
Grab you something to drink and join us on the Porch just to chat for a little while.  Make sure you link back up so we can read your answers too.  Great way to meet new friends...nothing like a front porch!
  1. Have you ever baked bread from scratch?
    You bet!  Nothing like the smell of fresh home made bread.  On holidays everyone always requests my yeast rolls.
  2. If we decided to have lunch on the porch, and you so kindly volunteered to fix it (thank you). What would you serve?
    An assortment of finger foods.
  3. Show us, or tell us about your key chain ( the thing you have on your car or house keys).
    I am kinda boring when it comes to my key chains.  I have an assortment of the cards from different stores and the library and the ring.  I was always told not to have heavy keys especially hanging from your car key, it is not good for your ignition.
  4. Have you ever tried a challenging or dangerous sport? No. I don't mean rush hour traffic, but I understand the confusion. :)
    Nope I am not much into sports.  Turning the pages on a book or counting stitches on my crochet project is about as sporty as I get.
  5. Have you ever written poetry? If not, have you ever had anyone write a poem for you? If you aren't happy with this question, we'll even accept a "Roses are red..." poem.
    Yes I have tried my hand an poetry at different times in my life.  I have had one rambling in my head lately.  I need to put it to paper before it rambles right on out.  You can read the one I wrote about my dad here. And the one I wrote about my friend Patsy here. The one about Patsy was published in a book, but at the time I was not able to purchase a copy and now it is out of print.  I love all kinds of poetry.
until next time...nel


  1. I am not much into sports any more, just walking the dogs. I just recently transplanted myself to MO...just outside Joplin.

  2. I like your poem. Too bad the book is unavailable. Wouldn't it be funny if you found one in a used bookstore one day? :) I like finger foods. I am no longer in challenging sports. Crochet sounds good to me!