Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chatting Farmhouse Style...

Everyday Ruralty

It is that fun time around the porch, grab you a glass of sweet tea and join in the fun, you know you want too!
  1. My oldest daughter has returned to college for her second year. Could I get you to give her some good wishes here? PleaseS?
    Hope you have a wonderful experience!  Have a lot of fun but study hard, it will be over before you know it!
  2. Summer is about to move on, what will you miss the most? And the least?
    We travel a little more during the summer, love the beautiful flowers.  I would say the bugs, ticks and chiggers, nope will not miss them in the least.
  3. Are you currently working on any craft, sewing, DIY home, or any other creative project?
    I have always got something going, or two or three somethings.  I have been finishing a baby quilt - hopefully my daughter will not read this and I have been crocheting.
  4. If you could have any treatment at a spa for free, what would it be? 
    Nothing elaborate, probably a pedicure and manicure.
  5. What's your favorite kind of pasta?
    Lasagna is to die for or home made ravioli, but I love a good pasta salad too.  See I am not hard to please at all.

until next time...nel

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  1. I like lasagna and ravioli. I won't miss the bugs either. We find ticks in December and we have all four seasons. Go figure! Have a good weekend.