Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hodgepodging 4th of July Style...

Do you ever feel like you just have to shut down sometimes and catch up.  Eden Jade spent almost 2 weeks with us and of course this Granny was on the go all the time.  We had such a good time but it did wear me out.  I thought to myself how did I ever do that when Janice was little.  Then the light bulb went on and I remembered - that was 31 years ago!  My baby is going to be 31 in a couple weeks and yes this Granny is feeling old.  lolol.  But I love making memories with my grandkids, just like I did with my kid!

Okay it has been so long since I joined in - I hope I remember how to do this!

1. What's one simple small pleasure on your summer 'to-do' list? 
I would love to do some fishing.  I love to fish even if I am not catching anything. Just being there trying is so relaxing to me.

2. Do you have strong feelings or opinions regarding the immigration debate in your home country? Feel free to share your thoughts, but please play nice.
I have no problem with people coming to America if they are here legally.  And if they work, and learn English and do not act like we owe them.

3.  What's something in your home or wardrobe that could be described as 'star spangled'?
My wardrobe is pretty plain.  I do have a t-shirt that has red, white and blue on it with stars.

4.  Is your house set up for a party?

Not really and that is one thing I hate, because I love to entertain.  If it was just Stan and I it would be different.  And unfortunately our house in Arkansas is too small.  But who am I kidding when I am in Arkansas it is all about the grandkids!

5. What one never-before-visited city in America, would you most like to see?

I would love to see New York City.  I want to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  I have read a lot about Ellis Island working with genealogy.

6. Your favorite red food? White food? Blue food?
I would have to say red-watermelon, white-bread, blue-blueberries.

7. What freedom do you value the most, and why?
I would have to say the freedom of religion.  I cannot imagine not being able to read my Bible, attend church or worship our Lord.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
I need to get with it and write a post about some of the things we did while Eden was here.  We really had a wonderful time.  Nothing like making memories.  I have to say though I realize I am not as young as I used to be.  She went home last Wednesday and I have just been relaxing since then. We have not done a lot of  anything except Church.  Today we did our monthly grocery shopping then I spent the evening in my craft room.  I did a little painting, now that is relaxing!

until next time...nel


  1. Sounds like your life is full and happy! Happy Hodgepodge!!

  2. I agree with #2!! I don't believe i've visited your blog before. Hope you have a happy 4th!!

  3. Yes, those little ones tend to wear me out, too. I guess that's why we have children while we're young :) Glad you made some happy memories!

  4. I didn't get to tour Ellis Island when I was in NYC years ago (late '80's). Even though my ancestors didn't enter the country through there, I would love to see it.
    I completely agree with you on #2!
    glad you had a good visit with Eden! :)

  5. So glad you had fun with your granddaughter.

    I would love to see Ellis Island some day.

  6. I went to NYC in high school with a choir trip. I'd like to go back some day with my husband. Fun place!

  7. How nice to have special granddaughter time. I'm sure lots of fun memories were made for both of you. Happy 4th!

    1. My brother loves to fish. I think his wife is what they call a fishing widow- or something like that. LOL And he just loves to tell fishing stories. Sometimes I just don't answer the phone when he calls. Ha! One of these days I hope to know that joy that comes with grands!