Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chatting On The Front Porch...

Everyday Ruralty
I happened to run across this meme while I was visiting Cathy's blog, Tales of the TCKK Family.  Something about a porch always catches my interest, so I decided to join in.  It works a lot like Wednesday Hodgepodge.  Questions are posted and answered on Tuesdays and there is a Linky tool to join in.  These memes are a great way to meet new friends.  So here is mine for this week.  Join in you know you want too!

1.  Bacon or sausage? If vegetarian, what do you have for breakfast?
I am kind of picky about both.  My bacon has to be crisp as in dead!  I can eat Jimmy Dean sausage with no problem, but others do not get along with my tummy.

2.  Do you take time to "smell the roses"?
I think I do.  For the last 6 1/2 years I definitely have.  Since I have remarried I no longer have to work.  I love to take pictures and capture what the Lord has given us to enjoy!  We are so blessed!

3.  What's your favorite stone fruit? (Peaches,nectarines,plums, apricots, and cherries are in the stone fruit family.)
I would have to say peaches but plums are right behind!

4.  What is the thing people notice most about your personality? ( quiet- outgoing- polite-funny-etc.)
I enjoy life!  I love to talk and never meet a stranger.  I love the Lord and my family with all my heart and soul.

5.  Is there a hobby that you have wanted to do, but haven't started yet?
I was just discussing this with my hubby a couple of days ago.  I want to give my hand to oil painting.  Definitely on my bucket list!

That was enjoyable!

until next time...nel


  1. my Mother-In-Law loved oil painting ... she was great at it. & i love her work. wish you well on that hobby.

    love your blog background. so fun & colorful too! nice meeting you through the front porch chats.

    have a great week. ( :

  2. Oil painting is something I'd like to try, too. I love watching all the old Bob Ross shows on PBS.

  3. Oil painting would be fun, except I really have no artistic talent. But I have a sister who is awesome.

  4. I think that oil painting would be a lot of fun. I paint digitally, but beyond paint-by-number, have never done brush to canvas, real life painting. It is on my list of things to do. Good luck to you! I hope that you will give it a go.

    I enjoyed your post. Have a great week!

  5. High school art showed me that I'll never be an artist. Hope you have fun!

  6. I hope you get to try oil painting. My daughter just started that after years of watercolor. She is enjoying it. There are lots of great tutorials on YouTube that could teach you just about any craft. I'm glad you joined us on the porch. Hope to see you again.