Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge # 134...

1. July 24th is Amelia Earhart Day.  Earhart was the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.  What's something you've recently accomplished solo? 
I made 13 1/2 pints of Salsa while in Arkansas.  I have made it before but have usually had help cutting things up, but I did it all by my lonesome this time.   Good stuff too!

2.  What's one product you use that never ever fails?

Wow, not sure.  I don't know if you would consider perfume a product, not sure what you were aiming for.  But I use Vanilla Musk by Coty, and I always get compliments on it.  If we are going out there is always someone that asks me what I am wearing cause they love it.   So yeppers that is what I would have to say.

3. Have you found your place in the world? Where is it?
Yes, I think so.  A best friend to my hubby and a good momma but an awesome granny.  But the most important is a Child of the King!

4.  Worst movie you ever saw?
I am not sure, usually if I don't like it, I quit watching it.

5. What's the last fun thing you did?
Last night we went for a ride and watched the sunset, then to Sonic for a Sundae.  Any time with my hubby is fun!

6. The month of July is named for Roman Emperor Julius Caesar...ever been to Rome? What's your favorite Italian dish?
Can't say that I have been there.  Been to Paris, Arkansas that is.  :)

I would have to say Chicken Parmesan... mmmm good!

7. What is one piece of advice you'd offer new mom Kate Middleton?
Don't sweat the small stuff.  Go with your heart and just be real.  Love every minute with your new little man, they grow up to fast!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

We had a wonderful time in Arkansas celebrating birthdays.  Next few days are going to be kinda rough.  Our preacher's son, Matthew Blankenship, lost his life from injuries due to a fire.  He was a volunteer fireman.  38 years old left a wife and 3 kids.  Sad...   Viewing at the funeral home is Wednesday night then the funeral is Thursday at the Marshfield High School Gymnasium.  They know there is going to be a crowd!  So sad...  He was burned 73% of his body, at least he is no longer hurting.  Please remember his family in your prayers.

until next time...nel

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