Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Thankful Month Day 1 - 4...

Isn't he the cutest?  I received that on an e-mail years ago.  Hopefully I am not infringing on anyone's rights or property.  If I am I am sorry and I will gladly remove it.  No harm was intended.  
I love the little guy though.  He just speaks the season we are in.  He looks like he needs a little sign that says "Happy Fall Y'all!"

I have decided I am going to try and do a post every day on things I am thankful for.  I noticed a lot of people were doing it on Facebook and I thought I could do it here and just share it there and kill 2 birds with one stone as they say.  Don't you just hate cliche's!  If you do you are probably at the wrong place.  Would love to have you join me on the Thankful posts.  Just leave me a comment on mine and I will head over your way to read yours.  As usual I am already behind, but I am going to try my best to stay caught up this  Yeah right!  Okay I will give it my best shot.  First I want to say I am always and forever thankful for things in my life not just one month out of the year.  I do think sometimes it is a good thing to write those things down just to remind ourselves how good life is.  Okay now I will shut my mouth and get started.

Day 1:  I am thankful for God who sent his son Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for my sins so I can have a home in heaven.  
Day 2:  I am thankful for my sweet hubby Stan.  I truly believe he is my soul mate, we were made for each other. He is my provider, my friend and my lover.  He loves me in spite of myself.   Prayers do get answered!
Day 3:  I am thankful for my daughter, Janice.  She is the best, always has been.  She is a wonderful daughter, but yet a best friend!  She has grown to be a beautiful woman and a wonderful wife and mom.  I only pray her and her kids are as close as her and I.
Day 4:  I am thankful for my grandkids, nothing like those grandkids.  Eden Jade is a mess, she is so funny and loves to make you laugh.  She is my sunshine!  And Cain Alan is growing up on us.  He is so serious about some things but has such a sense of humor.  I am so glad I can call him mine!  I love both my grandkids!

until next time... nel

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