Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Thankful Month - Day 13

Today I am Thankful for my blogging friends.  It is amazing to me how many wonderful friends you can make just by reading each others blogs.  Memes like Wednesday Hodgepodge is a great way to make friends.   It is so cool how you know these bloggers only online (unless of course your are lucky enough to meet each other) but you still feel like they are your friends.  If they are missing you tend to wonder what is happening in their lives.  Or you pray they are safe if they live in the area of a storm.  You know if you need prayer all you have to do is ask and you will have a team of friends praying for your need.  Blogging friends are special people and no one understands that unless they are a blogger!
until next time... nel


  1. I completely agree. I love my blogging friends!

  2. I love Wednesday Hodgepodge. It really is a nifty (do people even say that word anymore) way to connect with other bloggers.