Thursday, May 31, 2012

Enjoying The Little Things...

Do you ever get so caught up in life you forget to enjoy the little things? I think we all have at one time or another. This is a busy time of year for people, graduations, weddings, vacations, but anymore it seems like life is just busy. This week has been our down time just resting, breathing freely and really enjoying what God has given us.

I totally enjoy watching the birds, one of God’s simple creations, but yet so beautiful. We could learn a lot from them if we would only watch. The Lord has truly blessed us this year, we have 3 groups of birds nesting in our yard.

On our front porch we have a house wren that has taken up residence in one of the birdhouses. This is the 3rd or 4th year that they have nested here. Have you ever listened to a wren, they make beautiful music. Actually that probably was not music, they were probably yelling at me, I was sitting on the porch close to their house. An interesting fact about the house wren, the male picks out several nesting possibilities, leaves a few twigs in each. The female then visits each one and chooses which she prefers, and then she finishes the nest building. As you can see she must like the better side of life, quite fashionable, a nice mosaic home on the porch.

We have a willow tree in our front yard that has one large limb that is dying. I think it was hit by lightning a year or two ago. In the rotten limb a family of woodpeckers has taken up residence. We believe they are the Downy Woodpecker. We noticed the perfect hole in the tree; it looked as if someone had used a drill on it, then in a day or so we noticed the woodpeckers coming and going. I love to sit and watch them.

In the backyard in an old house on the fence we have a family of Eastern Bluebirds that have taken up residence. I guess they are not too picky about their residence. This is the Missouri State Bird, so I think that is pretty special.

It is fun to watch them. I have noticed with the wrens they are not out of their houses for long periods of time, however they will both leave at the same time. The woodpeckers are a little different, it seems there is always one of them in the nest. And the bluebirds both leave at the same time, however they do not venture very far. One of them will sit on the electrical line and keep watch. 

It is quite interesting if we will just take the time and sit and watch what God has given us. What a Blessing!

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights…” James 1:17

until next time...nel


  1. Thanks for this reminder to pay attention to the things we so often overlook. :)

  2. I find myself forgetting to notice the little things more often than I like. I'm glad you've taken time out to enjoy your summer friends! That is a cool little tidbit of information about how the Wrens pick their homes.

  3. How cool with the birds that have taken up residence in your neck of the woods! All very interesting!


  4. Birds are interesting little creatures, aren't they?

  5. Nel, I am glad you can spend quiet time watching the birds you have around you. I am not too much of a bird person but more so than the person who called birds 'rats with wings.'

    We have the jays here to jaw at us and the dogs. Our woodpecker left along with its family while we were visiting kids and grandkids in London. It had made holes in the neighbors's tree near our house. The doves stay around and are fairly quiet except when they are training their young to fly.

    Glad too that you got to go to Arkansas to visit the grandkids. Several of our kids and grandkids (3) live close in Houston, two GC in London, and a grown one in Oklahoma. The two Greats live in the Houston area also.

    Thanks for peeking in on me yesterday and for leaving your nice comment. Sorry I am late in returning my visit.

  6. Judging by your descriptions of the birds in your yard, you're a lover of birds and a good bird watcher.

  7. I've often thought that birds are God's way of reminding us to notice life around us. Have a nice week!