Saturday, May 5, 2012

Random Thoughts...

Taking a few minutes this wonderful Saturday afternoon to pop in and say hi!  Things are quiet around the Fastenau household this week.  That is ok cause sometimes quiet is really nice.  I do need to get busy however and work on the church bulletin.  I also have some book reviews I need to get caught up on.

Yesterday was the first day I had been out of the house since my surgery, I wish I could say it was a fun outing, but it was just monthly shopping.  We do all of our main shopping at the beginning of the month then just pick up essentials throughout the month.  We had several stops to make but it sure was good to get home.  I took a 2 hour nap when we got home, and I never do that.  I can tell I was up and walking a lot yesterday, the shoulder is a little on the sore side.  So I am lounging around today, still sitting here in my robe. 

Hubby has diligently been working on his photo project.  He has scanned over 8,300 pictures that were his older sister's.  He is now separating them and getting them ready to share with others.  I have to say he is a lot like me, we may procrastinate but when we start a project we are usually there till it is finished.

I have a follow up appointment next week then the following week we are off to Arkansas.  Eden Jade graduates from Kindergarten on Thursday.  Hard to believe that little thing with all those tubes that was med flighted to Children's Hospital is that old.  To look at her you could never tell she had a rough start.  The best is yet to come...

We have several short trips on the back burner this summer, hopefully they will take wing!  Praying everything works out so we can enjoy them.

I have a prayer request.  My daughter Janice is scheduled for surgery on May 11th.  She has 4 wisdom teeth and 4 molars that need to be pulled.  There are a couple of issues that are critical.  First of all the amount that the insurance will not cover needs to be paid upfront, praying they will get the financing they need.  Secondly the surgeon will need our prayers and Janice of course.  Her roots are exceptionally long and one of them is very close to a nerve.  Damage to this nerve could cause permanent numbness in her face, tongue and lips.  There is also a chance of fracturing her jawbone during the surgery or afterwards.  She will have to be real careful for a month and not get hit in the face or it could do damage also.  Please also pray that she will recover from a cold and laryngitis that has been hanging on so they will be able to do the surgery as scheduled.  So yes, this is one of those things this momma is going to have to give to the Lord and let Him take care of it, cause He is the only one that can.  Appreciate your prayers.

On a different note in my sidebar I have added the blog, Peace to Jerusalem.  Joanie Standridge is writing this blog.  She is a member of Aglow International and at this moment is in Israel.  She is the same age as my daughter, they graduated together.  Joanie is one of my cousin's granddaughters.  Check out her blog and her adventures, I know she would appreciate it.  Leaver her a comment and let her know you were there.  I am so glad I happened to run into her on Facebook.  Click here to read her blog.

Life is good - But the best is yet to come...

until next time...nel


  1. I like your second to last line; life is good, because God is good (all the time :)

    glad you got a chance to get out the house, even if it was just doing errands and your monthly shopping.

    Sometimes two hour naps are what a body needs :)


  2. Glad to hear you are recouperating with your shoulder. I take it that the pacemaker surgery fix made it that way.

    I will pray more, I just did, for Janice. On the bright side it is nice that she has insurance that will cover a part of it. Ours doesn't cover oral surgery at all even though we also have dental surgery.

    Nice to hear from you again. I see that That corgi is a steady reader of yours.

    I miss the friends I met on the "Flashback Friday" posts. I wish they would start up again.

  3. I agree with what Betty said: your second to last line says it all!

    Glad you're doing well. :)

  4. Yes, I'll be praying for Janice. What a lot to have do deal with.
    I guess i have some catching up to do here after being gone.

  5. Life is just that - random - at times, isn't it? So sorry it includes surgery & recovery.

    If ever there was a time to get behind God's people, this is that day. I'm always delighted to hear of people who make it their life's work to support them.