Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Thoughts and then some...

Random Thoughts are rolling around and it can get kind of scary at times. lol.  We were in Iowa this weekend, as my daughter says "You never know where my momma is."  We attended a memorial service for Stan's daughter's father-in-law.  He was a dear man who spent his latter days in that horrible disease called dementia. The memorial service was very nice and we did get to spend some time with his daughter and family. 

After leaving Iowa we stopped off at Orsi's Bakery in Omaha, NE.  If you want wonderful bread don't pass Orsi's by if you are in the neighborhood. We bought 6 loaves of sliced twisted Italian bread and one loaf of pumpernickel, needless to say we have 5 loaves in the freezer.  I put it in freezer bags and it will be fresh when it is thawed.  Can't pass Orsi's up when we are in the area!

Today I met my new cardiologist here in Springfield and I think I am going to really like her and the assistant.  She is an Electrophysiologist, (that is a mouthful isn't it) which is good since my problem was an electrical short in my heart.  I know I was a little hesitant about the whole situation but I should of remembered God is in control even with the little things in our lives.  They were very thorough today and very nice.  I was impressed, and I do not have to return for 6 months.  Now, I have to get the colonoscopy rescheduled.

I am hoping and praying life will be calm for the next few weeks then we will be off and running again.  Eden Jade will be graduating from Preschool on the 5th of May and then we have to get back up to northern Missouri where Stan's grandson Michael will be graduating from college on the 7th.  Then back to Arkansas by the 15th for Decoration where my mom and dad are buried.  

Okay, we have to talk a little about the weather.  Do you think Spring will ever get here and stay?  It is 71 here today but very overcast, looks like it could rain at any time.  Last Thursday it was raining when we got to Iowa, in fact it was almost sleet.  It was a lot colder there in the 30's, glad we remembered coats.  The trees here are all budding out and alot of them have already bloomed, up there they were still pretty bare.  I think I am liking Missouri almost as much as Arkansas...just saying!

I guess that is all I will share today, I have bored you enough.

until next time... nel


  1. Spring is taking its sweet time here too. We have tiny buds but mostly the woods are still completely bare. And our dogwood is just budding, my mini daffs are just now peeking out and then there is all the rain. Oh my word, we've gone from snow to rain. And its chilly!

    Ok-that's my rant. Sorry! Happy Spring! : )

  2. Did Janice tell you that Eden & Kyleigh are on the same tball team? They are SO cute!! We are having fun watching them practice. Eden is doing a great job! Hope you get to come watch them play sometime :)!