Friday, October 1, 2010

You Wanna Play? Huh? Do You...

It’s time for Flashback Friday again!  That fun time when we all try to remember what it was like to be a kid back when life was uncomplicated.  If you would like to join in the fun the complete prompt is listed over at Mocha with Linda.  Linda is the host of this enjoyable meme.  After you post your memories you can link up at Linda’s also.  This week we are remembering toys from our childhood.

Sooo Here We Go…

I have a lot of memories of toys I played with. When I was real small, I loved my baby dolls as you can see in this picture.  I look like a tired momma there, who wouldn't be with that many babies.  I had the whole works, a buggy, a stroller and a wooden crib. (Still have some of the babies and the crib) I would spend hours playing with them.  Do your remember Thumbelina, she was the best!  She was soft and easy to hold.  I took her everywhere!

It was kinda hard since I was the youngest and the only girl, especially when we lived at the farm.  We didn't have next door neighbors.  One Christmas I got my kitchen set and a walking doll.  My brother got a go-cart.  And that was ok cause he would take me on rides too.  My kitchen set was pretty cool, it had the stove, sink and refrigerator.  Then I had a table and chairs.  My cousin Butch enjoyed playing with me when he was spending the night with my brother.  Other times my walking doll was my best friend.  She could walk with me and also sit at the table when we had tea parties.

Just because I was a girl though did not mean I did not have a little tomboy in me.  I loved playing cops and robbers, actually I was Annie Oakley.  I even made all of them call me Annie when I was dressed up.  Looking at this picture though, I sure hope Annie's clothes were more dignified. And I really don't get how I had my holster on, looks like it is on the wrong side. 
I also enjoyed Lincoln Logs. I could build some houses, look at that one!  Must of been rough work, I look worn out.

I had a black cocker spaniel named Penny that I played with all the time too.  I was 4 years old when he came to live with us, he was about 4 months old and I had him until I was 15 years old.  He was my buddy!

As I got older I had one Barbie doll and one Midge Doll.  I had asked for a Ken doll, but I was told I did not need one.  I always thought that was kind of strange.  

One of my favorite things were Little Kiddles.  Do you remember Little Kiddles?  I still have the pony that went with Calamity Jane, the tricycle and the little car somewhere.  They were part of the Skediddle Kiddles; Tracey Trikediddle and Anabelle Autodiddle.  Just for the record, I did not remember their names, I looked them up which was quite depressing.  They are listed under Vintage Toys.  They really know how to make a person feel good. lol.   I also had the little clubhouse for them.  I played with them for hours.  They usually went on trips with us, because they were so easy to carry, everything fit in the clubhouse, and it had a handle on the top. 

I enjoyed paper dolls also.  Who didn't enjoy paper dolls?  My favorite place was on the floor by the coal heater in winter.  That heater was so warm I could spread out on the floor, dress my dolls up and have a fashion show.

Of course when we moved in to town and lived in the neighborhood I rode my bike alot up and down the street.  And a group of us played jump rope underneath the streetlight.  We all knew what time we needed to be home, and we were usually in shouting distance. 

As I became a teenager music was more important to me than toys.  However, I was real fond of those crazy Klackers.  They were the big hard balls on the strings that you held onto in the middle and move them up and down and they would swing around and hit each other, and make an annoying noise.  I still have mine and I ran across them not long ago.  I am proud to say I can still do it, however I have no idea how my parents put up with that clacking noise all the time.  I did good, I only had one bruise on the arm. lol.

Of course I had the eight ball, you know the one you asked it questions and you flipped it over and it would give you the answer. It is so funny because I remember going through a period of time that I just knew it was giving the right answers. lol.  As much as I hate to admit it, I also had a Ouija Board, but I will tell that story next week with games.

So sorry for the length of this post, memories tend to do that to me.  I just keep remembering.  I hate it that my mom and I were not close as I was growing up, but I do have some good memories!

until next time... nel


  1. Good Nel! You had a lot of toys, especially the dolls!
    Maybe your dad helped build the Lincoln Log cabin. It looks pretty complicated for a child at the age you looked to be.
    I forgot to tell about my eight ball. I wonder how many of us had one?

  2. Love all of those pictures! No ouija board in our parents would never allow it.

  3. My sister and I used to play paper dolls for hours. Do they even still make them? We had so many choices but I know when my own girls were young there were not nearly as many.

  4. Enjoyed the pictures. We didn't have any Lincoln Logs, but I always thought they were neat.

    Your clacker made me think of my Lawrence Welk musical spoons!

  5. Nel, I used to pretend to be Annie Oakley, too--and I had one of those very large dolls as well!
    I'd forgotten about those clackers--I was never very good at that, like some kids were.
    Thanks for the memories :) Kathy

  6. Nel, I SO enjoyed your post, especially your pictures! You were a beautiful little girl! I wish I could've posted pics, but most of them are at my mom's in Texas (I'm in Illinois), plus, I don't have a scanner. Your pics added so much to the post.

    And I had totally forgotten about Little Kiddles! My sister had some.

  7. I loved reading this; brought back memories of toys I played with or had. I totally forgot about klackers until I read about them on your blog. They were annoyingly loud but so much fun to have! Sounds like you had a great array of toys to choose from to further your imagination and help you grow :)

    thanks for sharing, enjoy the weekend :)


  8. Nel, love your memories. You brought back some to me that I forgot about too. I had a Lucky Locket Kiddle and also one of the Kiddles in a perfume bottle. I still have the perfume one. I loved Lincoln Logs too and I had a set of the Klackers too. Mine were green.

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  10. I enjoyed reading about this!

    In fact, reading this reminded me that I'd forgotten about paper dolls - Betsy McCall was my favorite!

    And oh my, I'd forgotten all about Clackers!!!!! I loved my Clacker!

  11. When my mum was little she had a teddy bear that she pretended was Ken doll lol! I never was interested in Barbies myself... I Love the first picture of you with all the dolls.

  12. You certainly did have a few dolls! I'm quite impressed :-)

  13. I so loved reading this post and enjoyed all of the pictures. It brought back alot of memories for me and of playing withdolls and paper dolls! Thanks so much for sharing, Nel!