Friday, October 15, 2010

To Spend Or Not To Spend...

OK you have to admit time is just flying by, a lot faster than it used to.  It seems like we just talked about games and our childhood a couple of days ago on Flashback Friday, and it is time again.  Oh well at least it is a fun time!
This week we are talking about money, to get the full prompt stop by Linda's at Mocha with Linda.  After you finish your post make sure you link up, so we can all enjoy your memories.

And Let The Games Begin:

As I was growing up my Dad always handled the money.  He paid the bills, wrote the checks, bought the groceries, any money going out went through his hands.  My mom worked the whole time I was growing up as far as I can remember.  She would get her check and bring it home to my Dad and he would deposit it in the bank.  Every once in awhile she had spending money if she needed something.  One of the problems with this thinking was after my Dad had to go to the nursing home she was beside herself.  She had no idea how to take care of any of the finances.  I had to step in and show her how to write checks and pay her bills.  My Dad was my hero, but this was one area that I really had a problem with.  If you are married it should be a joint effort, you both should know what bills there are and who to pay.  I do have to give Mom credit though, when she retired and they moved to Arkansas, her very small retirement check she kept for herself. I was very proud of her.

Dad and Mom were definitely penny pinchers.  Mom probably did not have a choice.  I can remember going shopping as a kid and if Mom or I wanted something most of the time we were told we did not have enough money.  So I grew up believing we were very poor.  So much that when I was a Senior and I received the College Admission Books that I requested I hid them.  I never even brought it up because I did not think there would be any way that we could afford for me to go.  That is sad...  Which I probably appreciated it a lot more when I went back after my divorce.

I cannot remember getting an allowance.  I can remember saving my lunch money to get things I wanted.  I was never paid for good grades, actually grades were never stressed as I was growing up.  And I wish they would of been.  I might of tried harder.  I had good grades A's and B's, but I could of pulled the B's up if I would of studied.  I understand now why they were not stressed.  They were just so thrilled that we were able to go to school, neither one of my parents went beyond 6th grade. 

I was 17 when I got my first checking account, I worked during the summer at AOHA as an assistant, and sold Avon during Junior and Senior year.  I was 19 when I got my first credit card, paid them off when I moved to Arkansas, and then never used a card again until about 14 years ago. 

I think the way I was raised probably has a lot to do with the way I handle money now.  I have a hard time spending money, always look for the cheapest way.  If it is not on sale I will usually not buy it no matter how much I want it.  But maybe that is a good thing...

Thanks Linda for hosting this fun meme.  I look forward to it every week.  Join us you don't want to miss the fun!

until next time... nel


  1. this was very interesting to read, Nel; I do believe how we are raised around money does influence us in our future years. My dad died when I was really young and money was always an issue in our household. God provided for our needs but my mom always had a hard time with making ends meet and worrying about it that she passed perhaps unwittingly to me. Although God has blessed us so abundantly, I constantly worry about the money in our bank account. I also have found myself being more laxed about money in the past because we had an abundance of it and it was not that abundant growing up. Very good thoughts to think about


  2. We do have a lot of similarities, including teaching our moms how to pay bills late in life!

    I enjoyed reading this.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post. :)

    Thanks so much for always stopping by my blog and commenting too.

    Have a great weekend...and come back soon!

  4. Nel, You write in a very smooth and interesting way. It's a pleasure to read your posts.

    Money is an important issue . With my parents it was the other way round; my father used to hand in the check to my mother and she was the finance minister at our home.

    I totally agree with you that in a marriage it should be "a joint effort".

  5. Growing up, I remember Dad being the keeper of the checkbook. Mom had her "mad money" (which she almost never spent, meaning that she was always incredibly rich in our eyes!), but Dad paid the bills (except for groceries). Now, Mom pays all the bills and I don't know that Dad ever looks at the finances except to do taxes or because Mom wants him to cut down on buying new computers! :-)

    My mom's still the rich one, though. She's been depositing her mad money in a personal savings account all along. Dad, however, has to share everything he makes with Mom :-)