Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Fall...

It is hard to believe October is already here!  Is anyone else having this problem?  Halloween is at the end of the month, then Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, where has the year gone?  

Question everyone... How do you feel about Halloween?  Did you let your kids participate?

I have to get busy sewing.  My grand baby is going to be Minnie Mouse this year and granny is making her dress.  Would you believe you cannot buy a Minnie Mouse pattern anymore unless you pay bunches of money for it on eBay or amazon.  Unreal... something about the licensing.  So needless to say this granny found a dress pattern on sale for 99 cents and with a little ingenuity we will have a Minnie mouse dress.    I think she will make an adorable Minnie mouse.  lol  

I remember I always made Jan's costumes. We had some pretty cool ones. I wish now I would of kept them instead of giving them away at yard sales. I have no problem with Halloween, to me it is a night that the kids can dress up and have a good time collecting candy from houses that you know.  We did not have a lot of trick or treaters last year, a lot of the churches have a Harvest Fest on Halloween night.  I think this is a good idea, but I do miss seeing the little ones dressed up.

Oh well I better go start sewing...  Happy Fall Y'All !!!

until next time... nel


  1. I hate that Halloween isn't like it was when I was growing up. The kids are missing out on so much fun!

  2. Yep, we go trick or treating around here too!

    Thanks for trying the stroganoff and letting me know how it turned out! I'm glad it worked out!

  3. I bet your little grand daughter will be adorable as Minnie Mouse!! I always struggled with Halloween when my kids were growing up, wanting them to enjoy the fun, but not knowing if it was the best thing trying to live a life as a Christ follower. My present pastor though summed it up so well and said every single day belongs to Jesus, he redeemed them all when he died on the cross and rose again. My kids are long grown but it doesn't bother me as much to see Halloween decorations out and about like it would have in years past. our church does a festival where they invite all to come, great outreach and lots of free candy! I think it is for the most part innocent fun


  4. I look at Halloween as just a fun night to dress up and get candy too. My kids loved trick or treating and it was a real neighborhood gathering. It was fun to catch up with everyone walking around.

    Happy Sewing!

  5. I hate Hallowe'en. I celebrated it once when I was three, but that's it. When I have kids they won't celebrate it.

    I will however agree to work the Hallowe'en skate at work and organize the activities... I always get that shift because everyone else wants to go celebrate so they book the day off. I do refuse to dress up for it though despite it being encouraged. They are perfectly okay with that.

    My siblings don't like it either but they will go out to hallowe'en events or dress up for work with their friends, but me, I don't feel like I can. There is a LOT that goes on that night... if we walk the train tracks the next morning they are always littered with dead animals, murdered with fire crackers or in rituals etc. Some squirrels, foxes, etc... some people's pets, cats etc. It's terrible and I just cannot "celebrate" on that day.

    I sometimes give candy to the kids that come to the door, but I probably won't answer this year. My work shift runs until late and I don't have a lot of money to buy it, that's all.

    For us, thanksgiving is over... I'm Canadian so it was a couple weeks ago, and since I skip Hallowe'en, the next big holiday is Christmas and I'm totally ready! Last year it was actually on Hallowe'en that I got the chance to put up the Christmas tree, my brother and his girlfriend were at a hallowe'en party and left early to help me so I have pictures of them in costume putting up my tree haha. Don't know when I'll get it done this year but hopefully in the next couple weeks.