Friday, February 11, 2011

Flashback Friday With Love...

It is time for Flashback Friday once again. So get you a cup of coffee or whatever you enjoy, sit back, put your feet up and enjoy learning more about your fellow bloggers. This is a great way to meet new friends and share memories with them. If you would like to join in just hop over and see Linda at Mocha with Linda. There you can get the complete prompt for this week and link up so we can all enjoy your memories.

This week we are remembering Valentine’s Day, who would of thunk it?

Here are my memories:

I cannot really remember a lot of celebrating Valentine’s Day at home. I am sure Dad and Mom probably got me a heart full of candy or something of that nature. Maybe that is why I dislike the hearts with candy now; it just doesn’t take a lot of effort to grab one of those, almost like a last minute effort. I remember Dad always getting Mom a card even in later years, her not so much.

We always had a party at school and exchanged cards in kindergarten through the sixth grade. I can remember checking each card out, how it was signed and if you had one from a certain person. Good memories!  We would also make our Valentine’s box or bag to collect our cards in. We used lace and glitter and paint and glue.  That was usually the art project the week before. I don’t ever remember attaching candy to the cards.

As I got older I hated Valentine’s Day, there were so many kids that got flowers or candy delivered to school, I always felt kind of left out. I don’t remember ever receiving anything at school.

When I was married to Janice’s dad he always remembered Valentine’s Day, usually a card and something special. We always sent something to school for Janice, balloons, or flowers, or candy. Care packages are usually sent to Arkansas now.

In my book it is a special day, we usually go out to eat and then grab a movie, just a chance to spend time with each other, no phone, no computer, no TV, no interruptions.

And a big YES to the conversation hearts, in fact I have a cup on my desk waiting for me to purchase some. The sayings sure have changed over the years! Patt’s dog Dutchess loves them, I kinda spoiled her to them a couple years ago.

Oh well what can I say?  She is cute!

Hope you and yours have a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

until next time... nel


  1. Well, from the comments on my blog yesterday and today, I am apparently the only one who doesn't like those conversation hearts!

    I enjoyed reading your memories. Thanks for always being so encouraging!

  2. I enjoyed your memories. It is funny to me with my own son how it is all the candy instead of cards when we used to only get cards. I remember when I would get like one package of a small box of Nerds but most kids did cards.

  3. We have similar memories, except I don't remember anyone getting flowers or candy or anything sent to them in school -- well, until I went to college. My mom sent a dish garden one year -- those were popular then. But I was the first in my family to go to college, and they just didn't know about care packages. Yet I felt a little awkward about saying, "Hey, Mom, you're supposed to send me boxes of goodies." :-)

  4. You've got a great memory, Nel! May you keep it that way until you reach the age of 120!

    In our places, we don't celebrate Valentine Day, so I've enjoyed reading your memories about it.

  5. I remember those school parties and spending hours decorating the perfect Valentine box! Tootsie pops or Blow pops were the favorite candy. I'm afraid conversation hearts have never been my favorite - give me chocolate every time!