Friday, February 18, 2011

Flashback Friday Accidents...

It is time to look back in our memory bank and see what we can come up with. This week we are remembering accidents and tickets as we were growing up. To get the complete prompt stop over by Linda’s at Mocha With Linda and make sure you link up so we can all enjoy your memories.

Looking back over my life I feel fortunate when it comes to accidents. While in my growing up years I was never involved in an accident, can’t really say that about tickets though. I kinda had a heavy foot, well let’s be honest no kinda about it. I even remember when we had Driver’s Ed and we had an errand to run in a neighboring town for the teacher. He had me drive cause he knew I could get us there and back and he could count it as class time even though we were doing his personal business. So hmmmm could I blame my heavy foot on him? lol.
I can’t remember exactly what was going on when I got them, yes I said them. I have a confession to make if my 3rd one would have been 2 weeks earlier my license would have been suspended for a year. I was around 18-19 when I got them. Mom and Dad never even knew about them till years later. I was paying my own insurance and working at the time. I remember asking the policeman how the radar system worked and he explained it to me. I was curious, you don’t know unless you ask. The funny thing about it when my friend and I went to Colorado the first night we were staying at a KOA campground, when I was signing in the same policeman was beside me registering and he remembered me. It was quite strange! I have gotten a few tickets in later years but have slowed down tremendously. I think my last one was about 8 years ago.

I have lost a very special friend, Randy Malloy, and a nephew, Justin Garret Beavers, in accidents, not memories I want to think about. I have been in a few accidents since I grew up. Nothing major, I think the worst one was when Janice was 6 weeks old and it broke my wrist and totaled my truck. I could not hold her or change her diaper or bathe her or dress her. It was so hard; I think I cried as much as she did. Her daddy was good though, he took care of her and would place her on the pillow in my arms, so I could hold her. It was a hard 6 weeks till I got the cast off.

I don’t remember ever wearing seat belts. It just was not something that was enforced back then.

Oh well I think that is about all for this week.  Be Safe!

until next time...nel


  1. Hi Nel ~~ You have a nice write up of some moments not so nice. :) It is sad when friends die of auto accidents. I sometimes compare people's fragile moments like bugs that get squashed. Our bods and bones are no match for steel and speed.

    Those tickets of young people; we seem to remember them. I remember one (I didn't write about it cause it was in my college dropout days/years) when I ran off before the pick-up policman down the road caught me. They caught up with me nevertheless and weren't very happy with me to say the least!

  2. You went through some hard knocks in your early years. It makes me cringe to imagine what that must have been like for you to have a baby to care for after that wreck. I'm so glad your husband was helpful.

  3. I enjoyed reading your driving memories today. How awful to have a tiny baby and a broken wrist at the same time!

    Speakng of that--I have a blog friend who has quadruplet toddlers. While they were babies, she fell down the stairs and broke her wrist! Can you imagine having FOUR babies--and having a broken wrist?

    Have a great weekend, Nel!

  4. Had to smile at the bit about a suspended license if you'd gotten that 3rd ticket two weeks earlier :) My hubby and son both received letters from the DMV stating that, statistically speaking, people with as many citations as they had tended to cause a higher percentage of accidents. LOL

    I can only imagine how tough it must have been to not be able to take care of your baby for that time you were in a cast! Bet you were doubly thankful for a good husband!

  5. When I was a teenager, I had a heavy foot, too!

  6. wow...what a story...or series of them. I like reading what others makes me not feel so bad about mine. :-)

  7. heavy foot: uh oh...
    suspended for a year: glad that didn't happen
    8 years ago: GOOD FOR YOU!
    totaled my truck: OUCH!
    Be Safe: YOU, TOO!!

  8. What a story!
    A mother to a six-week daughter with a broken wrist for six weeks!

    I wish you and your daughter never again to suffer from accidents.

  9. I have been blessed with no tickets and no accidents. I do have somewhat of a heavy foot, though. I'm much better now than I used to be! ;-)