Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Commercials...

What a week!  The snow has been so pretty; I can say that we never get very much.  But I do remember what it was like in the Chicago area.  I moved in 79 and the winter before that was one of those winters.  I think the storm must of hit around Christmas time.  There was so much snow they were having a hard time cleaning up downtown.  In fact it got so bad the garbage trucks could not make it down part of the streets.  I remember seeing this story on our news it was in one of the neighborhoods where they had to park on the streets.  There was this guy who left this big box in his back seat with a pretty ribbon and bow on it and he left his doors unlocked.  So needless to say that night the box was stolen, I can only imagine the looks on the thiefs faces when they opened it up and it was the guys garbage.  People were getting desperate.
Ok enough of that back to our task at hand.  It is time for Flashback Friday, that fun time where Linda has us sift through our memory banks.  If you would like to join us hop over to her site Mocha with Linda and get the complete prompt for this week, and then link up when you have yours posted.

This week we are talking about old commercials.  I was a commercial nut when I was growing up, absolutely loved the commercials more than the shows.  I had a field day on youtube.  I remembered most of them but had forgotten my favorite one, the Frito Bandito.  I remember my brother paying me a quarter not to sing it anymore. lol.  I really can't remember one way or the other if they influenced Mom and Dad's buying.  I would say probably not because Dad usually did the shopping and he was pretty much on the wavelength if you really didn't need it you didn't get it.  Here are the ones that I really enjoyed:

We always called my mom Mikey, because she would always eat whatever was left.

I can kind of remember the McDonald's commercial above, but the one below is the one I remember the most.  My cousins and I would walk to McDonald's in our town and we thought we were so cool.  We would ask for the Big Mac the way the commercial says it. I think the people behind the counter thought we were crazy, but we didn't care, we were teens.

I can remember this Alka Seltzer commercial, my Dad and I would do it all the time after supper, it used to aggravate Mom.  

This Coke one was one of my favorites.  That was during a rough time in my life and I had dreams of just joining up with all these people and singing for Coke. 

The Frito Bandito - my absolute favorite!

And last but not least the Palmolive one.  I remember telling Mom if she would try Palmolive her hands might be prettier.  That went over like a lead balloon!

Ok I think that is enough, you get the picture I loved the commercials!  They just don't make commercials like they used too.  Although there is one that I love.  Have you seen the new M&M's commercial.  Here it is.

How can you not love that?  LOLOL

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  We were supposed to head out to Arkansas on Sunday, but the weather kind of put a damper on those plans.  Please remember my daughter in your prayers, she will be traveling to DC.  Pray for her safety and remember my son-in-law since he will have the kids on his own.  Also remember my cousin Ginger in prayer, her surgery is this morning.  I am praying and believing it is not cancer!  Please pray with me.

until next time... nel


  1. wow! I think you hit just about all of them! This looked like a fun one!

  2. Those are great ones. Can't wait to see the commercials during Super Bowl! Have a nice weekend.

  3. Those are great! Hadn't seen the M&Ms one. "Get in the bowl." Too funny!

    Hope all goes well with your cousin's surgery. Stay warm!

  4. Thanks for a walk down memory lane. You and Linda reminded me of some good ones!

  5. Oh and I sent up a prayer for your requests.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Wow!!! You found them least all the ones I can remember! Brings back such good memories!

  7. Thanks for bringing back these old commercials...what a hoot! I remember them all. :-)

    (So glad Ginger is doing well...praise God!)

  8. I remember most of these commercials. Oh the childhood memories that come rushing back to watch them again!