Friday, September 17, 2010

Now I Lay Me...

WooHoo! It’s time for Flashback Friday. I am a little late posting but at least it is still Friday. I am in one of those times in my life where I feel like I am sitting still, can’t get it together, but life just keeps on passing me by.

If you would like to join in this fun meme stop over by Linda’s corner at
Mocha With Linda. She has the complete prompt listed there to get you started and then you can return and link up so we can all enjoy your memories. It’s a great way to meet new friends and some great blogging buddies! This week we are remembering BEDTIME!

Sooooo Here we go:

I cannot remember a set bedtime when I was growing up, maybe that is why I am such a night owl now. That is my story and I am sticking to it! We were usually in bed by 10 or 10:30. In my teen years I stayed up later. The only thing I really remember is bedtime did not matter as long as you got up in the morning when the alarm went off. And believe me you hit the floor when it went off, no hitting the snooze button, or else you would hear Dad’s speech about punctuality and not sleeping your life away!

I always had a room of my own, still have the quilt my grandma made me and also the remnants of a blanket I always slept with. I am planning on making a Teddy Bear out of the quilt and let it clutch the blanket.

I can remember early teen years mom and dad had a Shetland sheepdog also known as a Sheltie named Cricket. She was their dog or so they thought. She had a dog bed beside their bed and she would always go to it when they went to bed. She would wait until they were asleep snoring, then she would come padding down the hallway to my room. I would always leave my door ajar, and she would come in and hop up and sleep on the end of my bed. She did this every night until I moved away. She was a good dog.

I don’t remember any special rituals except when I was in grade school I would always recite the following prayer:
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Bless the bed that I lay on.
All four corners round about
When I get in and when I get out.

I really am not sure where that came from considering we did not attend church, but I do remember saying it.

When my daughter was in pre-school she had an 8:30 bedtime, grade school it was 9:00, then high school it was up to her as long as she got up in the morning. Anytime during school if she was hard to get up she had to go to bed 30 minutes earlier that night.

It worked pretty well. When she was young we always went through the routine, read a book, usually one, say prayers, tucked in and then goodnight hugs and kisses.

I have a confession with Janice 99% of the time it was only one book, however the other night when I put Eden Jade to bed we read 4 books. They were short ones! Something about those grandbabies!

We now always sleep with a fan on, not sure if it is the air circulating or the noise.

Glad I stopped by and joined the flashback this week but more important I am glad you stopped by!

until next time… nel


  1. When I was little and we were reading short books, my mum would read us two, that way my sister and I could each choose one.

  2. Fun memories. What a great idea to make the teddy bear with the blanket from your quilt and blanket.

  3. Fun memories...yes, what is it about those grandchildren??? LOL

  4. I sleep year around with a ceiling fan on and a small fan on my night stand. It's partly the noise but mostly age. lol Hot flashes can be rough sometimes.

  5. I always sleep with a fan on, too! What a neat post. I like learning more about you! I also like the teddy bear/blanket idea. :-)

    P.S. Thanks so much for praying for my brother.