Friday, September 10, 2010

And We're Watching...

It’s Flashback Friday once again. This week we are remembering TV’s and TV shows. To get the exact prompt stop by Linda’s at Mocha With Linda. After you finish your post make sure you stop back by Linda’s and link up so all of us can enjoy your memories. It is a great way to meet new blogging buddies. I would like to extend a special thanks to Linda for hosting this fun meme.

And here are my memories for the week:

As long as I remember we always had a television. I can’t remember watching the black and white when I was little, but it was there. It was a big black square thing that was ugly. It sat upon a table that the top twisted.

I remember when we got the colored television. It was a long console model with a radio and phonograph in it. Mom was so proud of it, for several years pictures were always taken in front of it. We still were on the farm, so it was probably 1961 or so.

Through my growing up years I can only remember one TV in our home. And we watched whatever Dad wanted to. You could set your clock by Bonanza, Wrestling and Roller Derby. He never missed them. I always watched Bonanza with him, which was a special time the two of us enjoyed. But I might also mention I had a huge crush on Little Joe!

I remember growing up with The Walton’s, Little House On The Prairie, Here Comes The Brides and Then Came Bronson in my teen years.
And of course The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch and The Monkees.
We did not have a lot of rules when it came to the TV, but we all new if you watching and Dad entered the room, you got out of his chair and asked him what he wanted to watch. And if you were out of the room the TV better be off. The TV was never on when we were eating.

I do not really have any specific memories from childhood. When my ex and I married back in 1982 we took $89 of the money we received and bought a small 13 inch black and white TV at Service Merchandise. We watched it for years until we finally got a used colored one, then we used it as an extra. Sad thing is the marriage ended after 18 years but the TV is still going strong at 28 years. Maybe I need to Ebay it…lolol.
Memories you gotta love ‘em!

Just wanted to say what a good time we are having in Arkansas. Nothing like spending time with grandkids and of course their parents. Headed home middle of next week. I will have limited internet service while here, so please forgive me for not commenting or reading your posts. I will try to catch up when I get home.

until next time… nel


  1. We had a lot more rules too but there was also a lot less tv. We never had a tv in our kitchen until we moved here. We never had the tv on with our own kids while we were eating either. Now that its mostly just hubs and I we sometimes watch while eating. We do not have one in our bedroom here and that took some getting used to but in general I think we fall asleep more easily. Well, my husband does anyway...I've never had trouble falling asleep : )

  2. Glad you are having a good trip.

    Funny how daddies ruled! I remember we could sit in his chair to read or do homework, but not if he was home!

  3. I know that's funny now that you can look back and the tv lasted longer than the marriage. I don't remember Here Comes the Bride, or Then Came Bronson.

  4. Our family had the same TV rules...we watched whatever our dad watched!

    I remember my mother setting up her ironing board in front of the TV. She would iron and watch soap operas! lol

    My parents had a black and white TV for yearrrrs...the didn't get a color TV until they received one as a Christmas gift from me and my hubby and my sis and her hubby!

  5. Enjoyed the memories you shared...I remember those remote controls, so my dad used me and my sister as channel changers!