Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthday Flashbacks...

I know I am late, but better late than never right? It has been a crazy sort of day, and then tonight we went to a gospel concert here in Springfield. We heard Second Generation, Hoppers and Gold City. They played from 6:30 until 10:20. It was awesome!

Ok Birthdays, Flashback Friday was about birthdays this week, so let’s talk about birthdays. Birthdays around our house always was a special day. We always had cake and ice cream, and usually a few cousins would come over. When I became a teenager I always had sleepovers, with several friends. We had a basement with a pool table and a stereo. What more did you need? Oh right, there was always food and pop. My mom would always try to scare us at the windows or at the laundry chute. It was fun times, good memories.

I can remember one in particular that was so cool. I turned seven, and at the time my oldest brother and his wife lived on the farm in a trailer beside our house. So my sister-in-law (at the time) helped get a party together for me. We had balloons and decorations and games. A huge cake, it was so cool, because I got to invite my whole class. There were a lot of kids there along with cousins. It was a lot of fun. Below are a few pictures, would you believe I still have the tea set. It is all there and nothing is broken! The card was from my first admirer, I ran across that while going through some stuff. Paul Mikos, have no idea whatever happened to him. lol Such good memories.

And of course with the good there is always the bad. My nineteenth birthday, my mom was having cake and ice cream and relatives over. But those plans were changed when the tornado came thru our town that afternoon. Our roof was damaged and electricity was out, so no party at the Beavers’ household. We did eat cake by candlelight tho.

Then there was my 24th birthday. I was living in Arkansas by that time. A group of us that hung out in Appleton together decided we were going to the horse races for my birthday. I had never been, and Randy offered to take me, and another couple of friends. The problem is we never got to go. Randy was killed in a freak accident while working and was buried on my birthday. Not a good year.

My 50th birthday was awesome. My daughter and my hubby thru a surprise party and I had no clue until I got there. There were friends and family there and it was a lot of fun despite the tombstone cake and the black all around.

Well there are my birthday stories…. Sorry I am so late! Maybe next week will be better. lol But don’t hold your breath… If you would like to join in the fun link up with Linda over at Mocha with Linda.

until next time… nel


  1. I enjoyed reading your birthday sad to lose a friend on your birthday.

    Your 50th sounds like fun...I've never had a surprise party. And I love the card from your childhood...that was sweet.

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. What fun memories - well most of them. You've had lots of eventful ones - from tornados to funerals to fun parties. I love that you still have the tea set.

    Thanks for not skipping the flashback just because you were a little late!

  3. Nel I loved reading your birthday stories. The 50th sounds fun. They all dressed in black at my 40th. Think they were making me old a little early! lol

  4. :( + :) = LIFE
    good stories,
    loved the card.