Friday, April 30, 2010

Flashback Friday At The Prom...

Linda is hosting Flashback Friday, so if you would like to join in, hop over to her space in blogland at Mocha with Linda and link up, so we can all enjoy reading your memories.

The prompt for this week was:

It's spring. And for many high schoolers, that means PROM!

Share your prom memories. Did your school have a junior prom or just a senior prom? What did you wear? Was there a party after the prom? Did you go with a date or with friends, and if it was a date, was it a one-time date or a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario? Did you go to more than one prom (like, being someone's date at another school or year.) Where was your senior prom held? Any particular songs come to mind when you think of prom? As always, pictures are great!

Sorry ladies, I have no wonderful stories to tell for this one. I did not go to either one of my proms. I was very shy and very quiet in school. I know that is hard to believe, now that you can’t get me to hush. Actually the main reason was no one asked. And that is ok, because most of the guys were either druggies or drinkers. And neither one interested me.

I did get my share of preparing for proms with my daughter though. She only went to 5 yes you heard me right 5. But it was fun. And my best memory of those special times were how when she came home, we sat and talked for at least 2 or 3 hours and she told me all about it. What everyone was wearing and who danced with whom. Special memories, I will never forget!

On the road again… Headed to Kansas City in the morning for the night. My hubby has some union business he has to take care of and lucky me I get to tag along!

I started to look for the song by Willie Nelson “On The Road Again” but I decided all of you could manage to live without hearing it.

I am really loving this life…

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5,6

until next time… nel


  1. I never went to any of my proms either!! :)

  2. I loved how excited my girls got for prom, too! Fun times!!

  3. I thought about writing about my girls proms because they were cuter and more fun for me to write about : )

    Safe travels!

  4. Just reading the title of Willie's song made it start playing over and over in my head. So thank you for not posting it! LOL

    I'm glad you played even though you didn't go to your prom.

  5. I still enjoyed reading your entry for Flashback Friday. The memories of our children sometimes seem even more precious than our own. Have a great time in Kansas City.

  6. Don't feel bad: I didn't go to prom, either. We only had a senior prom. The college I went to had flag try-outs the weekend of prom, so I went there instead. And I'm not sorry I missed it, either!

  7. isn't it fun to watch our kids go and be part of it!!

  8. Thanks for sharing. I think it is such a mistake to elevate the prom into pressure-filled, expensive thing it is now. People can survive without it.

    That's so neat that your daughter loves to share with you! Precious memories.

  9. The sentence I've retained from this post of yours is "I am really loving this life". I'm glad for you, you sound happy and satisfied.
    Have a safe journey!

  10. I went to all the proms, but they weren't quite the "fuss" they are today. Mostly we dressed up and got our hair done, but my parents had such a strict budget I doubt I spent much on either.

    I love this life too! God thought of everything!!