Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hodgepodging Again...

I am so excited, this is my first Hodgepodge in forever.  It is good to be back!
So here we go...

1. What's your best piece of advice for a newly married couple? I'm asking for a friend.
Never quit talking, always always talk to each other.  Never get to busy to talk to each other, tell your partner how you are feeling, good and bad. Be honest!

2. Before we're too far into the new year I wanted to post a question Teresa submitted during the December giveaway. Teresa blogs over at Being Refined As Silver, so everyone go say hi.

Teresa asks, "What were you doing on December 31st, 1999?"and "Did you or your family make preparations for Y2K?"
I believe we were at a Lock-in at our church with a bunch of teenagers.  We were Youth Leaders at the time.  It was a fun time!  We did not make any preparation for Y2K except being at church was the perfect place to be if the world was going to end.

3. According to Global Language Monitor, the most used word of 2014 isn't a word. It's the heart emoji. Huh? How can something that's not a word be the most used word, but I digress. What do you think was your most used word in 2014?
Probably "lol"

4. Speaking of words, it's that time again. Time for Lake Superior University to present a list of words they'd like to see banished (for over-use, mis-use, and general uselessness) in 2015. You can read more about the decision making process here, but this year's top vote getters are-bae (before anyone else), polar vortex, hack, skill set, swag, foodie, curate/curated, friend-raising, enhanced interrogation, cra-cra (as in crazy), takeaway, and -nation (a suffering sports suffix).

Which of these words/phrases would you most like to see banished from everyday speech and why? Is there a word not on the list you'd like to add?
I think "hack" it drives me crazy.  For some crazy reason every time I hear it I think of the word gag. And it has nothing to do with it.  I know crazy.  But I do hate that word~

5.  January is National Hot Tea month? Are you a fan? Do you like flavored teas? How do you take your tea? Have a favorite cup or teapot? How many cups of tea do you consume in a given day? 
I am not a fan of hot tea.  Sweet Ice Tea is the only way it should be drank in my book.

6. Whatever happened to________________________________?
Salerno Butter Cookies.  I used to love these, we always had them when I was growing up.  It may be a Chicago thing. Here is the jingle that went with them.
What is it dear?
I want a Salerno Butter Cookie, mommy
I heard you dear
Salerno cookie coming right up
You can lookie, lookie, lookie
But you'll never find a cookie
With a better butter batter than Salerno
Salerno Butter Cookie!

7. What is one book on your must-read list this winter? 
The Holy Bible - reading God's Word every day.  Just feel like the Lord has been dealing with me about this - that I was not reading as much as I should.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
Life is good.  We have so many advantages over other countries and we still take so much for granted.  Thank you Jesus!

until next time...nel


  1. For the past three years now I've read the Bible through. It was always something I wanted to do, but for whatever reason didn't. Once I did it though, my heart wanted more, and now it is habit. I have followed various plans, one year reading in chronological order. I didn't like that plan as much as some of the more random ordering. Even though I've read the Bible all my life, I have learned so much these past couple of years. I can see how I will never know all there is to know, but it's kind of exciting too. Good luck with your reading!

  2. So true about the must read book with the Bible :) I like hot tea on a cold day, but then it has to be decaffeinated, LOL :)

    I think my most used word last year was "honestly". I think I start almost every other sentence with it.


  3. Hi, Nel!

    It's truly good to have you back.
    I agree with you on the word hack.
    I didn't put it, but it does remind me of a gag or cough.

    I also agree about the Word of God.
    Our church, as a whole, read through the Bible in 2014.
    I have read through the Bible several times, but reading both the New & Old Testaments together just opened it up more.
    This year I am just studying the New Testament.
    I'm doing a bit of inductive study on my own.
    Enjoy your reading!

  4. Hey Nel,
    It's great to have you back with us! I've missed your posts :)

    I've never heard of Salerno Butter cookies, but they sound good... At this point, ANY cookie sounds good!

    Your marriage advice was good. I think, sometimes, we tend to think our partners can read our minds--although, I have to say, after 42 years, my husband knows me pretty well, and usually has a pretty good idea of what I'm thinking!

  5. Never heard of that cookie, but it's a cute jingle.

    The Bible - yep, I'm trying to read it more too.

  6. Oh my, when we moved from Illinois to California we couldn't get Salerno Butter Cookies here. I would buy them in Florida when I visited my dad but haven't even looked for them in a long time. They were really good dipped in tea. Looks like they are available at a Cookie Store online:
    We use to love the Jingle's too!