Friday, September 2, 2011

Here We Go...

Yep that is it here we go...   On the road again!  I think that should be our theme song!  We do love to travel even if it is short trips or adventures.  We are headed to Arkansas, we have to get some spoiling time in.  Plus we have a birthday party to attend, Cain Alan will be 10 years old here in a few days.  He was a little bitty guy when him and his dad joined our family.  Here he is at 3 years old,  

now he is almost as tall as me and weighs in at 109 lbs.  He is playing for the Peewee Football Team and I am so excited they have a game Tuesday night!  So we know what this Grandma and Papa will be doing on Tuesday!  My daughter told me earlier today they were already asking her if they could spend the night tomorrow and Sunday, and her response was Granny may not want you!  Eden's reply was huh?  Granny always wants us...   they know this Granny and Papa pretty good!   Not sure how connections will be... so if I am not here see you at the end of next week!  Have a good one - we will!

Happy Birthday Cain Alan!  We Love You!

until next time... nel


  1. Sounds like you have Wanderlust just like hubby & I do! And nothiing beckons quite like grandchildren.

    Enjoy your birthday boy!

  2. Happy Birthday to Cain Alan!
    The boy looks gorgeous.

  3. We share the same theme song these days it seems...we've been on the go a lot and blogging is tricky. Enjoy your travels and happy birthday to your grandson!