Thursday, May 5, 2011

Graduations Galore...

We are in Arkansas, believe it or not Eden Jade is graduating tonight from Preschool.  She will be a kindergartener come September.  Where does the time go?  I am sure a few pictures will follow.

We are headed home tomorrow then off Saturday morning to Kirksville MO for another graduation.  Stan's grandson Michael is graduating from college, since it is closer to home we will be able to attend! 
Stan's granddaughter Jenny, grandson Tim and his wife Jackie all graduated from college.  Unfortunately they were in Utah and we were not able to make the trip.  We will get caught up on Congratulations shortly!  We are proud of all of them!

After a few days of resting at home we will be off and running back to Arkansas.  Decoration where my Mom and Dad are buried is the 15th.  Plans are already made to be there and visit with family we do not see all the time.
Life is good and I believe Spring is finally here, what more can you ask for?

until next time... nel

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  1. Oh I love those preschool graduations-sweet times!!