Friday, December 3, 2010

O' Christmas Tree...

It is that fun time of the week when Linda over at Mocha With Linda taps into our memory bank and asks us about our childhood among other things. If you would like to join us slide over by Linda’s to get the complete prompt and don’t forget to link up.

This week we are talking about Christmas Decorations…

I tried to scan some pictures in, but for some reason my scanner is not working right, so no pictures tonight. Anyway on with the memories!

We always put our decorations up two weeks before Christmas. Always and forever, my mom was not a big Christmas person but my Dad and I were. We always did the decorating, she helped a little but it was mostly us. Usually we had an artificial tree, but I can remember a couple years where we got a real one. When I was real little I remember the silver tinsel tree with the color wheel. I hated the decorations on it, for along time we had red and white satin balls, you know the kind that would ravel and come loose. Finally we had some pretty different colored glass ones along with some hallmark ones that I had bought.

We did have other decorations, silver garland, we strung it in all the doorways along with mistletoe and we put it on the divider between the front room and kitchen area. There were poles on the divider, which is also where we hung the stockings. And we also put lights up around the windows outside, sometimes inside, depending on how cold it was. It was the old fashioned big bulbs that stayed on all the time. The tree had the smaller blinking lights. Also we always put tinsel on it.  My dad was so picky about the tinsel, you had to do it one at a time.  I guess I get that from him, I am picky also, but I do not do it one strand at a time.  As a kid growing up the only thing I can remember that was special is it was always Dad and I that did them, and when we got done Mom usually had hot chocolate made. And also we always had Christmas music playing in the background.

I can remember there was one decoration I always tried to hide but it seemed like mom always remembered it. It was a Styrofoam rectangular block that she had covered with silver garland, and there was a Mr. & Mrs. Santa on it with a Christmas tree, which were actually cheap candles I think. Then there were also cheap poinsettias stuck in here and there. She thought it was beautiful, me not so much! lol.

Oh well, that is all I have for tonight. I am going to schedule this to post and I think I am going to bed. Happy Memories!

until next time… nel


  1. I've been enjoying reading people's memories of Christmas and decorations, Nel, since most of them are so similar to mine. I remember my mom always wanting us to put the tinsel on one by one, like your dad did, but we kids were always in a hurry to get it on and "done with". I wonder if they still sell tinsel these days? I know garland, but I haven't looked for tinsel in a long time.

    Great memories you have of a very special time of year!!

    enjoy the weekend!


  2. I put my deocrations up real early this year, and I've enjoyed them immensely. There's something so magical about twinkle lights, silent nights and cinnamon laden air.

    Have a blessed blast!

  3. You felt about your mom's favorite Christmas decoration the way I felt about that chintzy plastic-cone angel my Gram loved atop her Christmas Tree. Everybody has their own version of beauty. Mine doesn't run to tacky. I take it yours doesn't, either!

  4. Loved the end. My folks had some pretty tacky things too!

  5. Seems I have something in common with your dad. I need the tinsel put on one strand at a time! I can read the smiles in these flashback friday blogs as everyone takes a trip down memory lane. So heart warming. Enjoyed you post!

  6. We posted the same song! Love it.
    I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back.
    Blessings this Christmas season!