Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Wednesday...

It’s time to stop over by Joyce’s at From This Side Of The Pond and link up for Wednesday Hodgepodge and find those unpredictable questions of the week! A fun time to meet new friends and learn more about your blogging buddies.

So let’s hop to it…

1. What is the most interesting thing you've done in the last year?

Let me think a minute… this is a tricky question, everyone’s definition of interesting is different. Yeah I know, don’t make it harder than it is. Ok I have a couple things I consider interesting. One is working with family genealogy. It is amazing what you find. We went to one of the courthouses in Arkansas and got a copy of the original marriage license for my great grandma and grandpa dated November 8, 1883. Now I thought that was pretty interesting. I could go on and on about the genealogy. Stories I have heard and research I have found, news articles, to me this is interesting. It is part of me, my heritage. One thing I am still working on is I was told my great-great grandma was Indian and part of the Trail of Tears. I would love to find evidence of this. I have several events I am working on trying to track down. It is like working on a big puzzle and I love puzzles.

The other thing I find interesting is my photography. Learning new things and debating on what I want to do with them. I do large poster pictures with verses on them and I do Note cards. I am working on getting some of them together. I just ordered over 500 prints for this project. I can get lost in photography; it is one of my passions. My hubby now knows when I yell STOP it is not an emergency, I saw something to take a picture of.

2.  What is your most meaningful family heirloom?

I always think of a family heirloom being jewelry, however I guess it could be other things. I have to say though; we have one that I hope my granddaughter will also use. When my daughter got married since her grandpa could not be there she took his wedding ring and tied it to her shoe with blue ribbon, so at least a part of him would be there, and she had her something old and something blue. And I hope maybe Eden will carry that on.

I do have a couple things that are very special to me that have been handed down, and I will give them to my daughter one day and hopefully she will pass them on. My mom gave me a dollhouse that her dad built out of piano keys and wood. I wish I had a picture; it is at the house in Arkansas. My mom was young when he built it so I am not sure how old it is, but it is not extravagant, it reminds me of an old country house. It is one room and has a porch on it and a chimney. And I also have the wood table and bench that her dad made. Her and her brothers and sisters ate off it when they were growing up. It makes a wonderful picnic table for under the pavilion. Looking at the dollhouse and the table, he must have been a very talented man.

I also have a ballad that my aunt taught me. She said her great grandpa taught it to her. I have it written down also, but it is something I will pass on. These may not be worth much in money but the heart value is out of this world.

3.  What food festival would you most like to attend?

I have always wanted to attend the Bean Fest at Mountain View, Arkansas.  Pinto Beans and Cornbread, you can’t get much more country than this.  Oh wait yes you can, they also have Outhouse Races.  You can read more about the Bean Fest here.  Mountain View is a beautiful country town and I am sure the Bean Fest would be a lot of fun.  Mountain View also holds the Arkansas Folk Festival every spring, which is always a good time!  A lot of musicians gather around the town square and share their music and pick with each other.

4. you love it or is it a four letter word where you live?

I love snow, not a lot just a good covering maybe 8 or 9 inches. My last winter in Chicago was when we had a big one that lasted forever don’t miss that at all. I love watching it snow it is so peaceful. Can definitely do some good reading, writing, crocheting or just daydreaming when it snows.

5.  Can you ski?  Do you ski?  Are you any good?

Nope I can’t ski. Never have tried never had the desire to try.

6.  What quality in your spouse or best friend are you most thankful for?

The quality I love the most is his caring nature. He is always making sure everything is just the way I want it, or making sure I do not need something else. And I definitely was not use to that. He loves to spoil me. I was never used to someone doing things for me, lifting things or carrying things and he always does that and gets upset with me if I do it myself.

7.  Describe the coziest spot in your home.

I would say probably the sunroom. We have a couple of chairs out there and Patt has all of her plants from the patio in there. It is a nice place to sit and talk or curl up in the chair and watch it snow drinking hot chocolate. Our bedroom is pretty cozy too. Candles all around and the bed is so comfy it has extra padding and is very cozy... enough said!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I have so many random thoughts whirling around in my brain it is hard to land on just one. So we will just talk about Christmas Shopping. I think we are about done with our shopping. Still waiting for it to arrive, but it has started, we received one shipment today. We do have to make a trip to Branson and pick up something for my daughter and hubby, but we are only 45 minutes away. I have done most of my shopping online. We have not put up our decorations yet, we just made it home and he came down with a terrible cold actually the doc said it was a bacterial infection. And I was sick Sunday, the bathroom and me were buddies. Soooo I am hoping we can at least get part of it done this coming weekend.

Well that’s all folks. It is great to be back in the land of blogging for a few weeks anyways.

until next time... nel


  1. I want to go see the Outhouse Races!!!

  2. hahaha outhouse races.... lol
    happy december!

  3. Hi in laws love doing the genealogy research too. They've found some neat stuff. My dad worked on his family's before he died and then my sister put it all into a scrapbook for us kids which I'm really happy to have.

    I'm with you on the online shopping!

  4. I love that your Man spoils you - that's so nice! I am playing along today too!

  5. My aunt does genealogy and found out that we are related to Abraham Lincoln. I think that's pretty cool. The Arkansas festival sounds like tons of fun!! Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  6. Your family heirlooms sound priceless. I'd love to see the dollhouse.

    Your hubby and mine sound like the same kind of men. They are rare, and we are so blessed, aren't we?

  7. Your genealogy stuff sounds incredibly interesting! Hope you all are feeling better soon!

  8. I am with you on the snow! I have been enjoying my time stuck inside the house. Gives me extra time to read and snuggle with my kids! :)

  9. Those outhouse races could be fun to watch! I liked that ballad from your aunt, that would be a very special thing to pass on to your daughter and grandchildren! How interesting with your genealogy too. I know of several other people who are interested and working on theirs in their family, always fascinating to read what they find out. I'm with you about the snow, don't miss it (much) but it is always so pretty to wake up to a winter wonderland (until you have to shovel it or drive in it :)

    enjoy the day and I hope all feel better soon!


  10. Outhouse races, definetly need pictures of that one. I hope their clean outhouses. I can remember one Aunt and Uncle still having an outhouse when I was real young. I guess they really can't be much worse than a porta john.
    Genealogy is fun but time consuming, but when you can find interesting facts it makes it all worthwhile.

  11. I agree: Genealogy is fascinating. I have so much respect for my family based on the challenges they have faced and the legacy they've left.

  12. Outhouse races?! That's funny.

    Especially in conjunction with a BEAN festival!

  13. Love the story of your daughter tying the ring to her shoe. What a wonderful idea!

  14. Oh, goodness...I hope you and your hubby are feeling much better now!