Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flashback Friday - First Dates

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First Dates… hmmm not a lot to say about first dates. I did not date in high school, not what I would consider dating. Our school had a drug problem, of course everyone denied it, but there was. And if you were not one of the cool kids you were one of the good kids, needless to say I was one of the good kids, and to top it off I was very shy and did not have any self-esteem.

After I moved to Arkansas, there was always a group of friends who hung out. We were just always together. I actually can’t ever really remember a date with my first husband. I do remember one time, there were four of us, drove 20 miles to a club called the Golden Arrow. You have to remember this was back in my wild days. We danced a little, drank a lot, then ate at the Waffle House to try and sober up, before driving home. And no back then, we had never heard of a designated driver. We had to stop on the way home in the middle of nowhere, because someone got sick. And my ex and I were trying to prove to each other which one of us were soberest, so we were out trying to walk the yellow line. Stupid, Stupid. Stupid. I did not share this to brag, far from it. It just amazes me every day what Jesus’ Saving Grace can do. How He can take a sinner and give them a new life. He loves us that much. Praise God!

My husband, Stan and I had been online friends for awhile. It was always platonic, just friends, we helped each other thru some difficult times. We started chatting every night. One fall my cousin, Kathy asked me to accompany her to Eureka Springs, and she had a conference to attend. She thought it would give me a chance to get away for a while. So I informed Stan that I would not be online for a few days. His response shocked me, He said, “Why don’t I come down and take you out for dinner?” And I was like, ooooo, ok. I have to admit I was a little nervous, online was ok, but meeting someone, that was scary.

The first night he joined us for dinner. The second night was actually our first date. We went out to eat. And he was such a gentleman. He opened doors and scooted chairs, and was just so sweet. I was not used to this, you have to remember I had been married to a good ‘ol boy.

Stan was like a breath of fresh air. After dinner, we drove up to the Crescent Hotel and caught the carriage ride. We rode around town for 30 – 45 minutes. The weather was beautiful, the stars were shining, and we had such a good time. It felt magical, it felt so right! We then went back to the motel, we were staying at the same one, and we sat out on the bench till 2 a.m. just talking, then he walked me back to my room and kissed me at the door. It was so perfect because he was such a gentleman, and I was so not used to that. 6 months later he proposed. And the rest is history…

until next time... nel


  1. Awww...I loved reading your story. He sounds like a keeper. Isn't God so good to us! To give us such wonderful husbands.

  2. What a sweet story! Thanks for posting & linking up!