Sunday, November 2, 2008

Typical Grandma

Halloween is always such a fun time for the kids. I used to love getting costumes together and figuring out how we could achieve whatever Janice wanted to be. I was looking at pictures the other day and ran across one when we were both dressed as clowns. I had to laugh at the expression on Jan’s face, I am not sure if she was trying to figure out the tongue, or if she was thinking you are really strange. Take a look and decide for yourself.

Kids grow up so fast. So if you have young ones at home, enjoy every single moment. It is a real good idea to keep a journal, and jot things down, cute things they say, or things that they do. Believe me, it is hard to remember some of the stuff as years go by. I am doing a book for Eden, called Grandma’s Story. It will take me years to get it finished, but I will give it to her on a special day. Sorry I am wandering…lolol.

I enjoyed making Eden’s costume this year, she was going to be a mermaid, but decided to be a princess. Her bubba was a cop. He is his daddy made over. Just had to share their pictures too. What can I say… I am a typical Grandma!


  1. Those are great pics! Thanks for commenting on my blog, and please DO sign up to follow it...I would be honored! :o)


  2. They are so cute! And the pic of your little girl is funny because she does look suspicious of the situation. I enjoy reading blogs of women close to my age.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just love seeing who comes my way with each new day. This blogging this has been so much fun!I look forward to future posts!