Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Missing Hodgepodge...

Passing on the Hodgepodge this week and possibly next.  We are in Arkansas for 2 weeks. Our internet is slow, we use a Verizon HotSpot when traveling.  I think the weather is really effecting it! 
My thoughts and prayers are with all those in Moore Oklahoma, and all those effected by the storms.  I look out our back window and see the tree that lost most of its branches and think how lucky we are! I tear up every time I think of the school children in Moore.  My heart breaks for all of those involved.  Such devastation!

Hugging my grand kids a little tighter today and enjoying every minute spent with my daughter. Looking forward to Friday, Janice has a sonogram scheduled, who knows we might find out what it is. :)   Nothing like grandchildren!

until next time...nel

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