Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Birthday James...

Sorry this is lengthy but today I am dedicating this post to my older brother James.  He is the oldest of three children, he was born in 1942 and I being the youngest was born in 1957.  That’s called spacing them out, or maybe more like Surprise!   Fifteen years between us, it is no wonder that his oldest son who is only seven years younger than me was more like a brother.  Okay enough of the history lesson; let’s get back on track and take a walk down memory lane.

My brother was a cute little guy; look at those cute curls on top of his head.  I hope my mom did not put curlers in his hair like she always did mine.  Lol. 

When he was small they lived in Arkansas that is where he lives now, on the old home place.  He is quite the sentimental one whether he wants to admit it or not.  Growing up he and a cousin Jean were always quite close.  They spent a lot of time together over the years.  This one must of been taken out by the barn.

At some point in time the family moved to Colorado to work.  I have heard several stories, but that was before I was ever thought about.

This was taken at Hector where he lives now.  I think this was taken at a birthday party.  Make sure you check out his socks.  Love those James! I am thinking they were not too thrilled with getting pictures taken. 

After Dad returned home from WWII they moved to Illinois.  Dad moved first and found a job then came back and got the rest of the family.  They lived in a trailer park in Des Plaines.  They must have been doing pretty good, look at that cool bike he had. He was a good brother he shared his things. Tom thought he was ever bit as big as James.  

James and Carol met while living at the trailer park.  I bet they could tell some stories.  They were quite a cute couple.

As you can tell even at a young age I was not quite sure about my brother James. Look at that expression.  Lol

This is one of the very few pictures of all of us.  I am thinking this was probably taken over Christmas break since James would have been probably a junior or senior in high school.  He stayed with our Grandma and Dolan and attended high school in Hector.  I can remember asking mom who that guy was that came home at Christmastime and in the summer to mow our yard.  She told me it was my brother and I argued with her that Tom was my only brother.  I still remember that, I couldn't of been very old.

This was taken at Grandma and Dolan’s house.  You can see James car in the background, his pride and joy.

At 22 he was married and a new father.  Boy he looked young! 

And once again they found each other after many moons as they say.  They have been through a lot together but their love is deep and their faith is deeper. 

They finally made it back to the old home place and life moved forward.  

I am so glad that they went their separate ways in high school because they would not be who they are today if they hadn't.  And I am glad to call all of them part of my family.

Do you remember your 50th?  What a time we had.  That was 21 years ago, seems like yesterday!

Nothing like memories...

Part of your crew, hard to get them all together, there is so many now.

I have to say you have a good looking group of kids...where has the time gone?

 I want to take this time to wish my brother a Happy Birthday.  At times we were not very close, in fact I really did not even know who you were, but you have always been there.  I went through stages in my life I know you did not approve of, but you always remembered me in prayer.  I knew that you and Carol were praying for me.  I feel like we are closer now than we have ever been.  I love it that you and Stan enjoy each other’s company.  That means a lot to me.  I just wanted to make sure you knew how important you are to me!  I am praying that you will have a wonderful birthday this year and many, many more!    

And I just wanted you to know I Love You, James!

until next time...nel


  1. What a sweet sweet tribute to your brother! Happy Birthday to him!

  2. Happy Birthday to your brother. He is lucky to have a sister who loves him like you do.

  3. Hi Nel!!! Thanks for letting me read this tribute to your big brother.


    I'm liking that that part of your family lives in Nebraska. I grew up about 35 miles north of Omaha on a farm northwest of Herman in the hills. I have first cousins still there. We go up the old Hwy 71, now mostly called I-49. My sister lives in Center Point, IA, just north of Cedar Rapids, so we'll go there too.

  4. Happy Birthday James!!!! [my brother was born '35 and I was born '49] Years separating us has nothing to do with how close we can become, right?

    PS...enjoyed your Hodgepodge this week. I'm just late in getting around to visit --busy week.